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HootSuite Further Integrates with GetSatisfaction for Community Management

Enterprise social media management technology provider HootSuite is refreshing its GetSatisfaction app to include integrations with Facebook and Twitter. Users will now have the ability to push and pull content across both platforms from one dashboard. 

SkyDrive Shows Off New Look, Android App Joins the Party

Microsoft has revamped SkyDrive with a new UI and updated the website's design in preparation for the Windows 8 launch, with a SkyDrive Android App launch imminent. 

GageIn Focuses on Easy Information Discovery in Updated Sales Platform

Sales/marketing intelligence provider GageIn has released a major upgrade to its signature platform. GageIn v2.0 features improvements and enhancements to homepage navigation and email functionality, among other changes.

Webinar Redux: Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing

Digital marketing is being disrupted. New technologies, including social media, and increased consumer sophistication are requiring digital marketers to rethink how they engage their audiences.

As detailed in CMSWire's August 8th webinar, “Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing,” by changing their approach to a content- and journey-centric marketing strategy, marketers can weather this change and distance themselves from the competition.

Read on for a recap of the webinar content and to access the full recording of the event.

Mobile Development Platform AnyPresence Debuts with Strong Enterprise Ties

More and more enterprise companies are cluing into the importance of mobile app development platforms and ecosystems, and new player AnyPresence just might have the right mix of security and agility for many businesses.

Hotmail Becoming as Microsoft Changes the Email Game

outlook_logo.PNG Microsoft has claimed over a million sign-ups on the first day of its new email service, with the promise of a far great experience through improved interaction with attachments and wider links to social media. With plans to migrate the millions of Microsoft Hotmail users, will it attract users from Yahoo, Gmail and other services?

iMeet Enterprise Level Video Conferencing Debuts Version 2.0

Longtime audio conferencing heavyweight PGI is ready to launch version 2.0 of its year-old iMeet video conferencing system.

When is an App Not an App? When It's in SharePoint 2013

The recent beta release of SharePoint 2013 brought with it many things. One of those was "apps."

Generis CARA v3.3 Debuts Mobile App for Document Management on Multiple Devices

Information management is going mobile with the Generis CARA v3.3 debut, and it's bringing voice recognition along for the ride.

SharePoint 2013: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

The public beta of SharePoint 2013 is now available for download. Like everyone, we found lots of interesting things in this new version. Here are a few of our favorite things.

Report: Social Tools Lead to Community-Oriented, Flexible Social Businesses

ketchum fedex logo 72112.pngSocial tools in business are moving beyond consumer and brand management, and turning organizations into social businesses. That’s one of the key findings of a new study about the use of social media by businesses. 

Chirp Helps Users Share Content With A Crowd

 chirp_logo_big.pngSharing a photo, document or other content with a bunch of people in a room just got a lot easier thanks to Chirp, using a series of audio tones to spread the link to everyone present. 

SharePoint 2013: 5 Reasons Why the New App Model Will Make Everyone Happy

As I’m sure you’ve heard, on Monday Microsoft officially released the public preview for Office and SharePoint 2013. And although the NDA is still in place (super special people only), there’s a wealth of knowledge now in the public domain for consumption.

Cisco AppHQ Enterprise App Store to Go Cross-Platform #mwdcon

cisco_logo_2010.JPGCisco is close to launching a cross-platform version of its AppHQ enterprise app storefront and managing platform.

A Look Inside the New Microsoft Office App Store

Thumbnail image for Office_2013.jpg Only a few years ago, app stores were an anomaly; now, even my six year old knows how to download and install an app. That simplicity has made the app store so popular with users that it is essentially a necessity for every mobile environment, enterprise application suite and desktop operating system. So, it's not too surprising that Microsoft is embracing the familiar app store concept in its latest incarnations of Windows and Office.

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