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Going Global with Social CRM, Aprimo Offers Advice

Putting the Global in Social CRMAll marketing is local, except when it’s global. Thanks to social media and targeted advertising, marketers can now reach a much wider audience than ever before. How can you ensure that you’re reaching the right audience with the right message?

Aprimo Relationship Manager 6.6 Offers Advanced Campaign Analytics & New Data Visualization Tools

Aprimo, a provider of cloud-based integrated marketing management solutions, is adding new features including digital messaging and social network segmentation to the upcoming version 6.6 of its Aprimo Relationship Manager (ARM) 6.6 application.

Aprimo Digital Messaging Center Provides a Single Location to Manage Cross-Channel Marketing

Marketing automation provider Aprimo has released its Digital Messaging Center, a cloud based hub for combining marketing tools with social media, analytics and CRM systems.

Aprimo Enables Interactive Inbound Marketing Within Salesforce

Aprimo, a provider of cloud-based automated marketing solutions, is releasing Aprimo Service to Sales, a new interactive inbound marketing application that works with

Getting CEOs to "Like" Social Media

Does your organization’s CEO have an active presence on social media? Does she blog? Does he tweet? As social media becomes a natural part of our daily lives and our marketing strategies, it seems that CEOs aren’t embracing the platform. But they should. Here’s why.

Marketing Automation: Eloqua's IPO Raises $90+ Million, Gets Positive Response

Eloqua Ltd., a privately held provider of marketing automation software, became a publicly traded company today on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol ELOQ.

The company’s IPO offered 8 million common shares at $11.50 each, which at the time of publishing were up 13% to $13.08. Eloqua is challenged in the marketing automation space by the likes of Act-On, Aprimo, Marketo, Net-Results, SilverPop and others.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Yahoo, SDL, Blackbaud, Percussion and SAY Media (07-July-12)

Start off Summer with a new gig — we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

How Nanotargeting Harnesses Big Data to Improve Customer Conversations

When the New York Times writes about nanotargeting, you could say it’s kind of a big deal. But just because nanotargeting has received some impressive press doesn’t mean that everyone knows what it does or how to use it effectively.

The Future of Social Business is the Socialization of Data

The Future of Social Business is the Socialization of DataIf you haven’t noticed, there is a disconnection within social business. On one hand, there are companies that have become socially advanced. Employees are empowered, knowledge workers are mobile and the C-suite is a champion of change. But on the other hand, there are companies that are still operating within closed culture. Sharing is discouraged, work is done in silos and people still gather around an actual water cooler.

Aprimo Manages Multi-Channel Marketing in Real Time

aprimo_crm_logosmall.gifSay what you will about the personalized experience, according to Aprimo, but by 2013, more than half of Fortune 500 companies will have context-aware computing initiatives, making it possible to anticipate users’ needs so that they are shown appropriate and customized content. If you’d rather not risk being unprepared, than you might want to learn more about Real-Time Interaction Manager, Aprimo’s new Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solution.

How, Why to Integrate SMS into Your Mobile Engagement Strategy

Recently we talked about how Aprimo has made integrating SMS marketing strategies easier for its customers. While the mobile experience is multifaceted and includes many ways to connect and engage with users, for many the mobile experience can overwhelm and make it harder to gain access to information. Mobile messaging is not only guaranteed to reach more people, it has the potential to engage them as well.

Aprimo Adds SMS, Leverages Power of the Text Message

Aprimo Adds SMS, Leverages Power of the Text Message You have a lot of tools in your marketing toolbox that allow you to connect with your followers, fans and customers. Yet, when you consider the most popular communication technologies, it isn’t social media or email. It’s mobile messaging.

#OMSDC: The Ten Imperatives of the Marketing Revolution

OMS_Logo_2010.jpgStefan Marsland, manager of global digital strategy at Aprimo led us through the Ten Imperatives of the Marketing Revolution at the Online Marketing Summit today.Though he may have only been at Aprimo for three weeks, he has spent more than 4 years using Aprimo’s digital marketing strategies and integrated marketing software. As a result, Marsland was able to lend his insight about the company’s strategies from a marketer’s perspective, making it particularly applicable to the audience.

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