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Artificial Intelligence News & Analysis

Google, IBM and the Battle for Automated Customer Experience

Google has pinned its acquisition strategy on data, analytics, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). IBM is very focused in data analysis and levering its own AI technology, Watson, into other areas. All signs point to a looming battle between these two technology giants.

Google Brings Ray Kurzweil Aboard to Lead Engineering

Ray Kurzweil, an author, futurist and inventor, now works for Google.

Deep Learning Aids Speech Analytics, Voice Recognition - Just the Beginning

Advances in an artificial intelligence technique known as deep learning are helping companies like Microsoft and Nuance create powerful speech analytics and voice recognition software at a much quicker pace than ever before.

Microsoft, Nokia Plan the Windows 7 Phone Future

windowsphone_logo_2010.jpgThe two players left holding the Windows Phone 7 (news, site) baby need some big ideas to make a sizeable dent in the market.

The True Nature of a Social Intranet

On the surface, a social intranet might seem to be just an intranet dressed up in rounded corners and pastel colors and with features such as blogs, wikis, activity feeds, ratings, profiles and tagging. Yet, the difference between a social intranet and a traditional intranet is far more profound than that.

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