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Oracle Commerce, Social + Eloqua Integration Update #oow13

Oracle Commerce, Social + Eloqua Integration Update #oow13Larry Ellison may have embraced the cloud, but the reality is it still takes at least a year or more to integrate complex enterprise technology, and we've got updates on the status of tools like ATG Web Commerce, Eloqua, Vitrue and Involver.

Oracle Combines ATG, Endeca Products into Oracle Commerce

oracle logo 71012.pngOracle is combining two of its products, Oracle ATG Commerce and Oracle Endeca, into a single solution called Oracle Commerce. The new Commerce is designed to centrally manage customer engagement strategies, provide personalized user experiences and offer scalability that can meet demands.

Oracle Speaks Out on its Customer Experience Strategy

We knew Oracle was working on a customer experience management (CXM) strategy, the last few acquisitions were clear evidence of that. Now, the enterprise solutions giant is speaking out, announcing its plans.

Oracle Plans to Unify Commerce and CRM via US$1 Billion ATG Acquisition

Oracle_logo_2010.jpgOracle (news, site) continues its charge to buy what it hasn’t already developed itself. This time, in its ninth acquisition of 2010, it has just agreed to buy e-commerce company ATG Technology for close to US$ 1 billion.

ATG, Get Your JHTML Experience

Clearly I've been part of the wrong conversations for the past, errr several years, but the amount of times I've heard the word "ATG" in this time frame can be counted on just one finger.

Art Technology Group are on the wires today and this time its for what they call Guided, Adaptive Customer Experience. We did used to call this Personalization, but with Scenarios instead of Rules, and Experience instead of Visit, we're all moving onto to much loftier destinations.

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