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Autonomy Interwoven News & Analysis

Autonomy Extends Acquisition Plans, Hints at Additional Opportunities

autonomy_logo_2009.jpgIt seems as if Autonomy’s (news, site) acquisition of a major US company, which has been under discussion since at least last February when it raised US$ 910.9 million on the money markets, will not be announced this month as expected.

WEM: A Look At Multivariate and A/B Split Web Testing

Once you become immersed in testing your website it’s not hard to get caught in a matrix of never ending variables and what if scenarios. While there are many advanced tools that can help companies evaluate the usability of a website -- a few of which we’ve already covered -- ultimately there are two predominant types of testing methods that can be used: Multivariate and A/B Split Testing.

Today we examine these two testing concepts.

Autonomy Q1 Revenue Jumps 50%, Looking for New Takeover Targets

autonomy_logo_2009.jpg After record breaking revenues in 2009, Autonomy (news, site) has continued its charge by reporting first quarter revenues of US $194.2 million, up 50% on the same quarter last year with 19 sales contracts worth over US $1 million as opposed to 10 in the same quarter last year.

Autonomy Upgrades MediaBin, Adds Meaning To Social Media Assets

Autonomy Upgrades MediaBin, Adds Meaning To Social Media Assets When Autonomy (news, site) bought Interwoven (news, site) in January 2009, it also bought its flagship digital asset management platform MediaBin. Last June MediaBin was released in version 7 and this week it got a makeover as v7.1.

Autonomy Interwoven Combines WCM, Search, Rich Media in Single Platform

Autonomy Interwoven Combines WCM, Search, Rich Media in Single Platform Autonomy (news, site) is announcing major enhancements for its web content management system Autonomy Interwoven. How does integrated WCM, search, optimization and rich media grab you? Exactly.

Autonomy Leads Search and Discovery Market According to IDC

Autonomy Does Mobile Doc Management on the iPhoneA recent IDC research report shows Autonomy (news, site) is leading the search and discovery market in terms of both revenues and market share.

Ektron Snaps Up Former Interwoven CMS Evangelist

With the M&A activity in the content management space not dwindling down despite the economic crisis, it’s only natural to see the content management industry talent hop around. At times, that happens in a fashion resembling the game called “A Cold Wind Blows.”

Recently, web content management system vendor Ektron (news, site) announced that Tom Wentworth joined them as VP of Business Development. Wentworth comes from the Enterprise CMS player Interwoven (news, site), where he was evangelizing various web solutions that fall under the Autonomy Interwoven ECM suite roof for the past 2 some years. Before that, he worked for over 6 years in Interwoven sales engineering roles.

In the new role, Wentworth will report to Ektron’s founder and CEO Bill Rogers, who is counting on Wentworth’s “experience in driving corporate strategy and revenue.” For Wentworth, working for a much smaller vendor should be a welcome change in scenery.

We’ve seen a slew of Interwoven employees leave for other companies before, so this announcement doesn’t come as a surprise. Yet, it does spur a few questions.

Are things that bad at Interwoven that even the most passionate evangelists are looking for the exit sign? Is it the Autonomy acquisition fallout and the inability to effectively use the acquired talent? Is it because of Autonomy’s reportedly far from nurturing corporate culture and the “fear-and-intimidation style of upper management”? Are we about to see Interwoven navigate the CMS waters a la Titanic?

Expect to hear more from Ektron soon. The recently leaked version 8 should officially be making its entrance any day now...though, ahem, some delays there have been raising eyebrows.

Autonomy Interwoven Announces Multichannel Optimization

Autonomy_IWOV_logo_2009.jpgAs we said earlier today, it’s a non-stop flow of news from Autonomy (news, site) so what’s one more?

This post’s news hails from the Meaning Based Marketing side of things. Introduced earlier this week, the new module is called Autonomy Interwoven Multichanel Optimization, and reportedly combines the capabilities of Web content management, contact center, and advanced analytics.

According to the company release, the new module provides organizations with three primary capabilities: active “listening” across all customer interactions, testing across all formats of customer interactions and delivery of a targeted customer experience based on understanding. Autonomy claims this translates to organizations being able to respond to all forms of customer interactions across multiple channels including social media, the Web, contact center, email and in-store.

The module comes after a report by Forrester Research, which found U.S. online consumers who move from channel to channel are largely dissatisfied with their experiences.

“Regardless of which pairs they start with, customer experience professionals need to design experiences that provide users with the three C's: choice, consistency, and continuity,” Adele Sage, Forrester analyst and author of the report wrote.

Will Autonomy’s new module provide the missing link? Follow our coverage closely here and tell us what you think.

Autonomy Adds Workflow to iManage WorkSite Doc Management

Autonomy Adds Workflow to Doc Management With iManage Worksite

It's a non-stop flow of news from Autonomy (news, site)†these days. Most recently, the company announced the integration of its document management product, iManage WorkSite, with Autonomy's workflow.

It doesn't come as a surprise that the new module -- iManage Workflow Manager -- is built on Autonomy's meaning-based technology.

Autonomy Interwoven Enhances Personalization, Profiling Offerings

Autonomy Pushes Meaning Based Marketing With New Solutions

Marketers have always been concerned about delivering personalized content to the right audience. And here is yet another development of a content management solution that aims to solve that problem.

This time it comes from Autonomy Interwoven (news, site ) coupled with their concept of Meaning Based Marketing (MBM).

Autonomy Does Mobile Doc Management on the iPhone

Autonomy Does Mobile Doc Management on the iPhoneAre you a lawyer, always on the go, needing to work on documents with remote teams when you aren't in the office? You probably aren't alone. And that's likely why Autonomy (news, site) has come out with a document management solution for the iPhone.

Marketing Management With Moderandiís SaaS Solution

growth panel_logo_2009.jpg Here come the Marketeers! Hot on the heels of last week’s launch of SDL Tridion’s (news, site) Unified Online Marketing Suite, Moderandi, an Arizona-based web applications developer, has today launched a new marketing platform called Growth Panel.

Targeting the small-to-medium (SMB) sized business market, this SaaS solution enables marketeers and consultants create plans and manage marketing projects in the cloud.

Moderandi says that this new platform fills a gap in the market that is not being properly serviced, notably for SMBs, who have neither the cash, nor the bandwidth to develop an all-inclusive marketing campaign.

SDL Tridion Named Leader in Web CMS for External Sites

SDL Tridion Named Leader in Web CMS for External SitesThe Forrester Wave for Web Content Management For External Sites, Q2 2009 is out and there are 10 web content management vendors on the list that we all know and love well. SDL†Tridion (news, site) took the top honors this time with Interwoven and FatWire close behind.

Why are these three vendors at the top and who else is on the list? Let's take a look.

Tridion, Like Sitecore and Interwoven, Now Offer an Online Marketing Suite

Tridion, Like Sitecore and Interwoven, Now Offer an Online Marketing SuiteIf marketers are finding it difficult at the moment to decide what Web CMS they should be using, then the launch of SDL Tridion’s (news, site) Unified Online Marketing Suite is going to make things that little bit more difficult.

In the past six weeks alone SDL Tridion 2009 and two other marketing suites have entered the market: Sitecore (news, site) and Interwoven (news, site). All three focus on providing solutions that will penetrate customers’ markets where no other solution has gone before.

Star Trek reference’s aside, this is serious business especially considering over 80% of the world’s data is unstructured, coming in the form of social media, blogs, twitter posts, instant messaging, e-mails, documents, videos and rich media.

Autonomy Interwoven Spices Up DAM With Virage MediaBin 7

Autonomy Interwoven Relases Virage MediaBin 7 DAM System

It's been a busy few months for Autonomy Interwoven (news, site).Last week, it unveiled a new solution that provides analytics for social media.

This week, it's turn for MediaBin -- their Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution -- to get a once-over, which comes in the form of meaning-based Virage MediaBin 7, a solution that automatically retrieves, analyzes and processes audio, video and graphic content.

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