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Forrester Wave for WCM: Integration is Key for Great Digital Experiences

The latest WCM Wave from Forrester has hit the market and the key focus is on integration. It's time for a vendor deep dive.

HP Board Avoids the Axe - For Now

We knew yesterday’s annual meeting of the HP board was going to be instructive. After the botched Autonomy deal and three CEOs in as many years, observers were watching closely to see what investors would do with their first chance to express their opinions since the whole Autonomy accountancy malpractice claim and counter claim. At the end of the meeting, the board remains in place and it will be business as usual -- for a few weeks anyway.

HP Autonomy's IDOL May Be Used by Fraud Investigators to Examine HP-Autonomy Deal

Prime-time television drama doesn’t get better than this. By December last it looked like there was little more to be said about the the HP-Autonomy dispute until the court hearings. But like an IT cornucopia, it just keeps giving. Late last night it was revealed that the Serious Fraud Office that is investigating the scandal in the UK is -- wait for it -- using Autonomy software.

HP's Autonomy Upgrades Augmented Reality Aurasma App for Social Sharing, Improved Image Recognition

In all the strife around HP, the Autonomy acquisition and the fuss around trying to integrate Autonomy’s principal product IDOL into HP’s portfolio, it is often forgotten that Autonomy had other products. One of them was the augmented reality platform Aurasma, which today enters v2.0.

Forrester Wave for Online Testing: Maxymiser, Adobe, Autonomy Among Leaders

According to the a new Forrester Wave report, online testing technology is undergoing a rapid evolution where it is becoming a core competency of digital marketers, while leading online testing platform providers are starting to follow the lead of digital marketing vendors by offering functionality that support multiple channels and create consumer profiles.

HP Information Optimizer, Autonomy IDOL Integrate For e-Discovery

HP Autonomy has announced several significant enhancements to its market-leading e-Discovery offering, helping organizations automate and simplify processing of large, diverse data sets.

Reports of HP Dumping Autonomy Just Rumors - For Now

It’s taken the rumor-mill longer than usual to crank up this year. However, it’s finally shifted-up a few gears as we now hear whispers that HP has found buyers for Autonomy and EDS. We stress again that this is the rumor mill in full operation, so proceed with caution.

HP May Dump Unprofitable Business Units, Government Investigating Autonomy

Having only just entered the New Year, HP is already making news with indications that it may drop business units that are not performing, while the US Justice Department formally began investigations into Autonomy.

A Look Back at Content Management 2012

Need to add more websites to your growing company or just testing out a few systems to make a short list of new Web CMS candidates? We've gathered up a few highlights from the past year to help nail down a few contenders.

Acquisition Action 2012: Microsoft Gobbles Up Yammer, Facebook Snaps-up Instagram

Economically, we still haven’t left the Great Recession behind. It’s everywhere; in every enterprise balance sheet, in every merger and acquisition, in R&D departments on both sides of the Atlantic. That said, it hasn’t really dampened enthusiasm for buy-outs and there were many this year across the entire IT spectrum.

Whitman Foresees HP Growth On IT Innovation, Autonomy, Big Data, Infrastructure Key #HPDiscover

Even with all the product releases around Big Data, or signs that HP is finally beginning to integrate Autonomy technology into its portfolio, one event that everyone was waiting to see, and maybe even looking for inspiration from, was the keynote speech by CEO Meg Whitman.

HP Underlines Big Data Strategy With Vertica, Hadoop Upgrades, Extends AppSystem #HPDiscover

Earlier on we took a look at HP’s upgrade to its Marketing Performance Suite, which combined technologies from Autonomy and HP. Another set of announcements from today’s proceedings at HPDiscover in Frankfurt cover HP’s future take on Big Data and how it is going to tackle it.

HP, Autonomy Combine Technology: Advanced Marketing, CXM Analysis #HPDiscover

Autonomy and HP have been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks, but today's release of an upgraded Marketing Performance Suite gives some kind of indication of where HP might be going with Autonomy’s IDOL technology -- if only it could get this nasty accounting issue out of the way.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Quest's Email Analysis, Google Super-Sizes Gmail Through Drive

This week was a quiet one -- with the Thanksgiving Weekend and the US only slowly waking up. That said, there are a few things to announce in the document management space -- Google enabled super-sized Gmail attachments, Cabinet released an iPad app, Quest just announced a new version of MessageStats, and OpenText made Autonomy customers an offer.

HP Investors Sue Over Autonomy Deal, Accounting Practices Spotlighted

The HP-Autonomy snowball just keeps gathering momentum. It was predictable that once HP accused the former CEO of Autonomy of dodgy accounting practices, the lawyers would step in. But it seems that the legal mud will be flying in all directions as an investor jumps in to grab the salvage of the HP-Autonomy business wreck.

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