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Autonomy News & Analysis

HP to Acquire Autonomy? Prepares to Drop PCs for more Information Management

Could it really be true? Is HP (news, site) really in the market for enterprise information management giant Autonomy (newssite)?

Autonomy's Figures Up 16% Pushed by Cloud Computing, Iron Mountain, Aurasma

In a financial reporting season that can’t have disappointed anyone, Autonomy has been no exception. The British infrastructure software company reported revenues of US$ 256 million for the second quarter of 2011, up 16% from the same quarter in the previous year.

Adobe, SDL Lead Forrester Wave for Online Customer Experience (CXM)

The Forrester Wave: Web Content Management for Online Customer Experience (CXM) has just arrived and it reads like a who's who of web content management. Seems there are few WCM vendors who don't make some attempt to support the delivery of a complete online customer experience, but most still have a lot of work to do. Who leads and who challenges? Read on.

GRC Roll-up: Microsoft Office Security Enhanced, Autonomy Closes Iron Mountain Buy

This week, Microsoft announced that it will be enhancing the security of Office with the acquisition of Prodiance, kCura upgrades its e-Discovery platform, Autonomy closes acquisition of Iron Mountain’s digital assets and gets DoD certification for Records Manager, while Aveska offers governance for unstructured content in SharePoint.

Autonomy Gets DoD 5015.02 Certification for Records Manager

autonomy_logo_2009.jpg Autonomy has been working on getting the DoD 5015.02 certification for its Records Manager for quite some time. Finally, it has achieved it and can now go gunning for the really big contracts in not just the Department of Defense, but also across all other government and federal agencies.

Symantec Buys Clearwell, Consolidating Storage, E-Discovery Position

Leaving aside any irritation about the timing of the announcement -- why Friday? --   the news that Symantec (news, site) has agreed to buy Clearwell for US$ 390 million has to be the deal of the week on all kinds of levels.

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Buys Iron Mountain’s Digital Assets; Security Hole in Android?

This week, SAP brings business analytics to GRC, researchers in Germany say they have identified a security hole in Android, Autonomy has bought the digital assets of Iron Mountain, VMWare has been on the acquisition trail and Compliance 360 releases Universal Assessments.

Autonomy Gains Compliance, e-Discovery, Analytics with Acquisition from Iron Mountain

Autonomy-logosmall-200-x-100.gifAutonomy (news, site) announced today that it is acquiring Iron Mountain’s archiving, e-discovery and online backup business for US$ 380 million in cash. This acquisition makes Autonomy big. How big? According to company statistics, Autonomy is now responsible for 25 petabytes of customer data and over 25,000 customers, who will now have Autonomy's advanced  technology for information governance in private clouds.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Office 365 Public Beta Unveiled, Nuxeo Adds Google Search Appliance

This week, Microsoft finally gave the world a look at Office 365 in beta, Oracle pulls the plug on commercial ambitions for OpenOffice, Nuxeo adds a Google Search Appliance connector, Autonomy extends its reach in the health sector and there are two releases from AuraPortal and Visioneer.

A Look at How Enterprise CMS Vendors Support Collaboration

As our month's focus on enterprise collaboration draws to a close, we know now that collaboration is the act of working together towards a common goal and enterprise collaboration is a group of people working to achieve the goals agreed upon by those in an enterprise. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a large number of Enterprise CMS vendors develop software products to help people in the enterprise do just that.

Coding in the Cloud: eXo Introduces Java PaaS Development Tools

exo_logo_2010.jpg One thing is certain about eXo’s newest announcement: There isn’t room for even one more buzzword. The company, known for its enterprise portal platform, has announced a private beta of its (wait for it) "cloud hosted social development platform for quickly developing  and deploying mashups in Java platform-as-a-service environments." That’s pretty impressive buzzword density. The announcement might be good for invoking a sarcastic snicker about overzealous marketing teams, if the verbiage didn’t describe exactly what eXo (newssite) has managed to create. 

KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge ManagementEach year KMWorld (news, site) publishes a list of the cream of the crop in knowledge management. "100 companies That Matter" includes favorites from practitioners, analysts, theorists and customers, recognizing orgs whose innovations have had significant impact on the constituency chain as a whole. 

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy’s Social Media e-Discovery, Modulo Brings Risk Manager to Cloud

This week has seen a considerable amount of cloud action among vendors including Modulo, which has taken its risk manager into the cloud; Iron Mountain, which offers medical records access in the cloud; and Compliance 360 has added flexible reporting to its platform. Autonomy, meanwhile, offers e-Discovery across social media.

Autonomy Cites IDOL Shift to Cloud for Revenue Jump, Acquisition Delayed Again

autonomy_logo_2009.jpg Autonomy (news, site) has just closed a very good year with the release of its final figures for 2010. While CEO Dr. Mike Lynch might be smiling, those of us in the media waiting for an announcement on Autonomy’s acquisition target are slightly less happy -- Lynch indicated that there would be delay in the deal because of changes at the target company.

KnowledgeLake Puts SharePoint 2010 on the FAST Track

First week of the New Year and already there are updates for SharePoint 2010. This time they comes from KnowledgeLake (news, site) who have announced that they have added FAST search technology support to their Imaging for SharePoint software.

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