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AVG Takes on the Cloud Storage Market With LiveKive

avg_logo_2011.jpgAntivirus vendor AVG (news, site) is broadening its scope by offering cloud storage with its new LiveKive data backup service.

SMB Tech Roll-up: Mobile and Social Media Loom Large in 2011

Winding down the year, this week we have predictions for 2011 from the SMB Group that prominently feature mobile and social computing, Zoho upgrades its CRM is offering again, MS’s Small Business Server goes to RTM and AVG shows companies how to protect themselves.

SMB Tech Roll-up: SMBs Want Collaboration Tools, Data Recovery in the Cloud

There has been quite an amount of research done on SMB technology this week, the most striking showing that SMBs want affordable, sophisticated collaboration tools. Two tools announced this week were the cloud-based BPM from IBM and the security offerings from AVG. There is also a question mark over the usefulness of social media for SMEs in the UK.

Open Text Continues Quilting Exercise With Latest Web CMS Release

Open Text Web Solutions 10

The Open Text Web Solutions group, formerly known as RedDot Web Content Management (WCM), has just put out a new and significant release of their mid-range Web CMS product. Yes, Vignette (when the acquisition is finalized) will take place alongside Web Solutions version 10 in this WCM quilt.

This update brings improvements to the technology stack, more Enterprise CMS and SAP integration patchwork and an updated user interface. But OTEX (news, site) didn’t stop there. Let's see what else they've done.

For Google Apps, The Perpetual Beta is Over

Most of were beginning to believe that Google applications were to be tagged as "beta" forever. Today, Google (news, site) has surprised us by taking the Beta tag off of Google Apps, because they say it reached their "high bar for taking products out of beta". Not quite sure what that high bar is, but there are probably a few enterprises out there glad to see the beta tag gone.

Google Apps has worn the beta tag for the two years it has been in existence, Gmail for five years. But, as Google says, what they consider a beta application doesn't really fit the traditional idea that most of us understand a beta application to be.

To most, beta means it's not ready for production level consumption. This has not been the case for Google Apps. That has been proven with the ever increasing number of enterprises who have adopted either Gmail or Google Apps, or both, as their productivity tools of choice. And from the beginning Google has also provided 24/7 support and offered service level agreements for Google Apps.

What's in a name. A Google Beta by any other name, will work the same. So says Google. The beta tag may be gone from Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk -- enterprise and consumer -- but that's not going to stop Google from enhancing and improving these tools.

They just seem to have made a few nervous enterprises happier. After all, it must be kind of scary to convince management to invest in a production level solution that has "Beta" in its name. 

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