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BBC's Adoption of Semantic Web Technologies: An Interview

The BBC’s website for the 2010 World Cup was notable for the raw amount of rich information that it contained. Every player on every team in every group had their own web page, and the ease with which you could navigate from one piece of content to the next was remarkable. Within the Semantic Web community, the website was notable for one more reason: it was made possible by the BBC’s embrace of Semantic Web technologies.

How Semantic Technology Will Be Used During the Olympics #semtech

screenshot-semtechlogo-2012.jpgSemantic Web technology is slowly changing the way people use the Internet, and Semtech 2012 is a prime showcase for the best minds in linked data, enterprise solutions and interactive Web experiences.

Adobe Sees Tablet Use Overtaking Phones, Will the Digital Olympics Change Our Media Habits Forever?

A recent Adobe survey sees tablet Internet use overtaking smartphones by next year, with tablet-originated data usage running some ten times faster than that of phones. Will the tablet become the dominant form of web access, and what will the upcoming Olympics do to shake up viewing habits?

BBC's Global iPlayer iPad App Offers Catch-Up With 60 Years of TV

BBC's Global iPlayer iPad App Offers Catch Up With 60 Years of TVThe BBC's iPlayer (news, site) helped drag its home British audience into the video-on-demand age. Now it's going global with both current ouput and decades of classic shows on offer.

YouTube to Battle Amazon, Netflix in Video Streaming War

youtube_logo_2010.JPGYouTube (news, site) plans to spend big bucks in an attempt to raise its service from pushing video clips to full-length movies.

BBC Cuts Sites and Content in Massive Overhaul

bbc_logo_2011.jpgThe British Broadcasting Corporation (news, site) has expanded its online presence wildly and enthusiastically for years, but with government belt-tightening and competitive pressure, the time has come to scale back.

Swimming Through Sentiment Analysis with Lexalytics

Swimming Through Sentiment Analysis with Lexalytics Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but add the web in the mix and it's not uncommon for companies to find themselves buried under a hill of negative sentiment. Enter Lexalytics (news, site), a company that helps keep track of what's being said and how it's being said. 

AOP 2010 Digital Publishing Awards, Guardian Dominates

aop-awards-207x123_1641.gifRecently, the Association of Online Publishers (AOP), an organization based in the UK that represents digital publishing companies that create original, branded, quality content, announced the recipients of its Digital Publishing Awards for 2010.

Social Media Minute: Google's New App Store, Access to the Internet is a Right

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Is Either Gender More Social Online?
  • Facebook Shows Strong Presence In Asia/Middle East
  • Google Launches an App Store for Google Apps
  • General Public Believes in Wide-Reaching and Open Internet

Microsoft Supports Eclipse IDE For Azure, Windows7, Silverlight

First Microsoft's Interoperability Team announced a PHP Toolkit, then we saw Microsoft throw their support behind the Foundation, and we hear rumors of a new open source content management system. So now what?

Well the Microsoft Interoperability Team has announced support for the open source IDE Eclipse. At the Eclipse Summit Europe, they offered up a few new solutions in partnership with open source companies Tasktop Technologies and Soyatec:

  • An Enhanced Developer Experience for Eclipse on Windows 7
  • Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse
  • Windows Azure Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Java
  • Eclipse Tools for Silverlight

Microsoft provides funding and architectural guidance on the projects.

According to Microsoft, the goal here is to "help developers using the Eclipse platform take advantage of the new features in Windows 7 and Window Server 2008 R2, and reinforce Java and PHP interoperability with Windows Azure and Microsoft Silverlight."

You can get all the details on these four projects on Microsoft's Interoperability blog.

And while these projects sound interesting, there's another one underway that caught our attention: Microsoft has joined up with IBM, Zend Technologies, and others to work on a new open source, cloud interoperability project.

Called Simple API for Cloud Application Services, this project is designed to help create basic cloud applications that will run in all of the major cloud platforms. This would include the Amazon Web Services, even though Amazon is not part of the project. 

Ephox Simplifies Web Content Accessibility and Authoring

Ephox Simplifies Web Content Accessibility and AuthoringThe hardest part of writing web content is making it standards compliant to allow all visitors to use your site and for those with mobile devices to view it properly. The latest version of Ephox's (news, site) EditLive! allows even non-technical users to create standards-compliant content, accessible to all.

BBC Grossly Under Estimates Web Revenues, Yet Layoffs Loom

BBC Worldwide

If you think your company failed to recognize the merit of its website until recently, you’re not alone. The British Broadcasting Company is taking another look at its online efforts and investing new monies after reports showed that its website has earned nearly four percent of its total revenues in just 18 months.

Initially, they had aimed at securing 10 percent of revenues from their online property, over time, but now according to BBC Worldwide Chief Executive John Smith, “we have [probably] under-egged the extent to which we will see more of our revenues coming from the Internet.”

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