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'Big Content,' Big Deal? What Acquia, Alfresco, Alta Plana, Bloomfire, EMC IIG, Gartner Say

The first time I heard the term Big Content, I thought “Oh brother, Are Web CMS and ECM vendors actually sticking the word 'Big' in front of 'Content' in an attempt to jump onto the Big Data bandwagon?” 

Alteryx Receives US$ 12 Million to Expand Reach of Data Analytics Platform

Business intelligence and strategic analytics provider, Alteryx has announced US$ 12 million in funding that will be used to help with company growth.

SAP Launches HANA Enterprise Cloud, Integrates OpenText ECM Suite with SAP Business Suite

Just in time for its Sapphire Now conference this week, SAP has released a deluge of product and partnership updates including the debut of HANA Enterprise Cloud and HANA powered OpenText for SAP Solutions.

FirstRain Turns Customer Analytics into Actions for Salesforce

Customer intelligence provider FirstRain, whose name invokes nourishing precipitation after a dry spell, is looking to refresh productivity in Salesforce through the release of a new set of integrated customer analytics. 

What is Big Data? Anything that Won't Fit in Excel #emetrics

Just ask a statistician. Big data is simply anything that won't fit in Excel.

Teradata Delivers the Power of Big Data To Its Customers In A Highly Consumable Way

Big Data is the new oil, the new gold, the new Californium Isotope … add your own metaphor. You’ve heard it said before, and you’ll hear it said again and again. 

Tableau Puts Data Visualization in Everyone's Hands - Adds 90+ New Features with v8.0 Release

There are people who have the time and talent necessary to stare at columns and rows of data, plug in variables and use sophisticated software tools to help them understand and solve problems and visualize results.

And there are people who don’t.

Kapow Software Unveils Newest Big Data Integration Platform 'For the Masses'

Big Data is going big time. In the latest of a string of recent announcements by Big Data vendors, Kapow Software has unveiled the new version 9.2 of its Big Data Integration Platform, which the company says is the first such platform to “mine all information channels, deliver key insights from dynamic data sources” and automate responses. 

Information Builders Offers Social Media Analytics Solution

You know all those posts and conversations you have on Facebook and other social sites? Combined with the social interactions of zillions of other users, they contain the gold in a new gold rush, where analytics and business intelligence (BI) software can mine them for rich nuggets of insight into how you think, act and buy. Now, BI and analytics provider Information Builders has launched its new gold sifter, called WebFOCUS Social Media Analytics.  

How Well Are Companies Measuring Business Performance?

It seems hard to believe that anything to do with data, content management and business performance management could be 20-years-old. But it is. To mark the 20th anniversary of the Balanced Scorecard, the Advanced Performance Institute and Actuate carried out a survey of over 3000 companies worldwide to find out how well they did at measuring and managing their business performance.

FirstRain Offers Mobile Customer Intelligence Apps Built on Salesforce Touch

There was a time when if your enterprise had an application that offered insights into customer behaviour, the sales and marketing teams were happy. Now, workers want customer intelligence. On the back of that FirstRain has developed a new app that enables enterprises to build customer intelligence apps for any device from Salesforce’s Touch platform.

Panorama Adds Recommendation Engine, Improved Collaboration to BI Solution

Recommendation systems have been popular for years in social networks, online booksellers and other sites. Now, Toronto-based Panorama Software has unveiled a new version of its Necto business intelligence (BI) solution that incorporates a recommendation engine to help drive discovery.

Ensighten Teams Up with iJento to Provide Marketers Better Customer Intelligence #AdobeSummit

Tag-management software provider, Ensighten has announced a partnership with iJento, a digital multi-channel customer intelligence solutions provider. Through this partnership, the two companies will combine solutions to provide marketers with a full picture of customer interactions across channels. 

Can Digital Analytics, Marketing, IT and BI Get Along in the World of Big Data?

A disconnect exists between digital marketing and IT that's fueled in part by software promising IT-free solutions. But the truth isn't that simple.

Anametrix Marketing Analytics Debuts iOS, Android, BlackBerry Apps

As 2013 surges ahead, companies looking for mobile marketing analytics providers might have to add Anametrix to their lists because the company has released mobile app versions for the iOS, Android and Blackberry systems.

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