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The Road From Big Data to Decision Just Got Shorter - Teradata's Aster Paves the Way

Information Management, Analytics, The Road From Big Data to Decision Just Got Shorter, Teradata's Aster Paves The WayHey CIO, it’s OK to breath now; those Big Data-informed insights you've been promising to everyone may finally become a reality.

Work4 Exploits Facebook's Graph Search - Who's Next?

Customer Experience, Work4 Exploits Facebook's Graph Search - Who's Next?Think the only person that can solicit you on Facebook is a friend or friend of a friend? Think again.

Is Your Company Too Risk Averse About Big Data

It is easy for governance, risk and audit practitioners to worry about privacy and other risks to the extent that they become a negative influence on their company. Their fear can inhibit an organization from seizing the opportunities presented by what is called “Big Data”.

Splunk Spins Machine Data Exhaust Into Gold, On & Off The Cloud #splunkconf

Tell Splunk users that Big Data is a bust, and they’ll, more than likely, tell you you’re nuts.  

Big Data Bits Featuring BMC Software, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and WANdisco

big data, information management, big data bitsBig Data keeps getting bigger, but Big Data vendors seem to have it under control. They keep upgrading Hadoop’s performance, making it run faster, and releasing distributions that are more stable, Enterprise-worthy, and ready for real time. 

The Familiar New Challenge of Big Data

megan murray, big data, decision makingNot too many years ago, I was challenged to hear this phrase from a very senior enterprise leader. "Being a good leader means being able to make smart decisions with very little information." It struck me as reckless cowboy bravado then. It just seems hopefully foolish now, though I absolutely understand the world from which that notion came. I think of that leader sometimes and wonder how they might be dealing with data overload, and how it is changing their world.

How Analytics Can Support Intranet Management

taken from, intranet analytics, social business A lot of the big data noise revolves around how marketers use data analytics to improve marketing performance. But how do these tools and techniques effect what is going on behind the scenes?

Weekend Reads: Data Science Needs Storytellers + The Quality vs. Quantity Debate

Customer Experience, Weekend Reads: Content Quality v Quantity + The SharePoint 2013 IntranetSummer has officially ended and we are kicking off this fall season with a list of some must read features for you to enjoy this weekend. In the customer experience space, we talked content quality vs quantity and the magic 8 ball of customer-focused analytics. Over in information management, we learned about the sexiest part of data and in social business we looked at the SharePoint 2013 Intranet. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads.

Microsoft Adds Q+A Search, Improved 3D Data Mapping To Office 365 Analytics

Microsoft has just upped the ante again in the productivity suite space with the addition of a bunch of new features to its Power BI for Office 365. Among the new additions is natural language search and 3D mapping visualizations, which combined will bring impressive 3D analytics visualizations to Office 365 users.

Marketers Are Slowly But Surely Embracing Big Data Analytics

big data analytics, digital marketingCompared to other professions, marketing has been something of a laggard in terms of adopting analytics technology that relies on big data.

IBM's Mark Heid on Digital Marketing, Big Data Hype, The Role of Context

Customer Experience, IBM's Mark Heid Talks Digital Marketing, Big Data Hype, The Role of ContextIt was the best of digital marketing times, it was the worst of digital marketing times. The opportunity for marketers to know their customers has never been greater and the potential is growing by the day. Between social media, online forums, purchase histories, mobile data -- customers are practically (and literally) drawing a map to their doors. But how do marketers unravel this mass of data to derive actionable insights?

4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Share Data with Sales

Customer Experience, 4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Share Data with SalesSales and marketing share the same business goals -- shouldn't they share the data that helps achieve them?

Read Between the Lines: Discovering the Hidden Customer

Customer Experience, Read Between the Lines:  Discovering the Hidden ConsumerWhat does the movie Groundhog Day have to do with digital marketing?

Are You Putting Productivity Ahead of Security in the Cloud?


All this talk about big data this month has us questioning the security of it all, especially when data lives in cloud, as most of it does now. A new report from SkyHigh about the risk cloud services present to organization sheds new light on our concerns. 

Data's Never Ending Story #GD13

shutterstock_154950653.jpg At Global Directions, the future of data is endless. There’s a new paradigm for creative discovery at our fingertips and it can unlock amazing opportunities in our genes, within the customer life cycle and everything in between. Whether it’s big, smart or fast, the exponential increase in computing power and intelligence has infinitely impacted information management for the enterprise (and beyond).

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