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Tweet Jam Recap: How Marketers Leverage Big Data + Analytics #CXMChat

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Isn't big data really just anything that won't fit in Excel? However we define it, data is driving more key business decisions than ever before. We hosted a tweet jam using the hashtag CXMChat, and here's how some pretty savvy social media and data marketers see it.

Tweet Jam Reminder: Today - How Marketers Leverage Big Data + Analytics #CXMChat


It's that time again! In just under an hour our latest Tweet Jam will be going live. This time around we'll be diving into everyone's favorite buzzword -- big data. Be sure to tune in as we discuss where it fits in a larger digital marketing strategy, the skills and tools needed to extract insights and what the best data sources are.

For Business, Useful Data is Connected Data

Customer Experience, For Business, Useful Data is Connected DataWe’re all awash with data. Data is all around us, being produced at a faster rate than ever. We collect it, combine it, transform it, store it, transmit it … you get the idea.

How Can Big Data Improve the Customer Experience? [Infographic]

This month as we examine the different ways that big data fits into marketing, we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about the ways big data can help improve the customer experience. It seems obvious, but with so much data it's hard to know what exactly to look for or how to put data into action.

Social Media Marketing: How Big Data is Changing Everything

Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing: How Big Data is Changing EverythingEvery second of every day, Big Data gets bigger. Social media alone generates endless streams of data, flowing in from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites like never before.

Weekend Reads: Bite Sized Big Data + SharePoint Governance Hype

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It's Saturday! What better way to kick off your weekend than taking a little time for yourself to enjoy all the great feature articles you may have missed? This week, we continued our conversation on big data and took a look at how marketers can best capture value from it. We also discussed why the term governance for SharePoint is overhyped and examined the newly released book, "Essential Intranets." So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads!

This Week: How to Win as a Digital Marketer + The Documentum Slam Dunk

The Bionic Man of big data analytics. Here's the trick to bigger, better, stronger, faster digital marketing. 

Top honors for EMC Documentum.  Flexibility, reliability and usability -- just a few of the factors named by Frost & Sullivan when awarding the legacy Enterprise CMS top honors.

Search drives informed decision making. Judging search by criteria like speed or number of results misses the point.

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CMSWire's September Tweet Jam: How Marketers Leverage Big Data + Analytics - Meet the Experts #CXMChat

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It's no secret that many marketers cringe at the very mention of Big Data. Is it because big data is nothing more than a big buzzword and brings no additional value, or is it simply that they're terrified at the prospect of diving into all that data? Either way, big data appears to be here to stay and marketers better learn how to mine the most value from it.

Marketing: The Most Profitable Place for Big Data Analytics

Customer experience, digital Marketing: The Most Profitable Place for Big Data AnalyticsThere’s currently a big talent war being fought between old school advertising agencies and big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

SAP Gets Sexy with Hadoop Partnerships, Big Data Road Trip

Information MAnagement, Analytics,SAP Gets Sexy with Hadoop Partnerships, Big Data RoadtripWhat’s SAP doing at TechCrunch Disrupt -- it’s not exactly an Enterprise audience?

Pentaho v5.0 Offers 'Blended Data' Analytics, Deep MongoDB Integration

Over the past year, business intelligence (BI) vendor Pentaho has been steadily building up its BI suite by adding all kinds of new functionality. With the release of v5.0 today, it has upped its game by simplifying business user access to analytics, providing deep data integration, and advanced MongoDB integration. 

SAP Buys KXEN For Easy-To-Use Predictive Analytics For Business Users

predictive analytics, big data, sap SAP has just announced that it will expand its analytics portfolio with the acquisition of San Francisco-based KXEN, which provides easy-to-use predictive analytics tools for business users. 

Are Marketers Using Data to Its Full Potential? No Way

Customer Experience, Are Marketers Using Data to Its Full Potential? No Way“Big Data” has been an industry buzzword since it burst onto the marketing scene in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, more than a decade later, it remains a confusing buzzword for many marketers.

Cloud Computing: The Democratization of Big Data

Information Management, Cloud Computing: The Democratization of Big DataBig Data and Cloud Computing -- bring those two topics up at your next office party and you’re bound to get more dazed and confused looks than knowing nods. But thanks to the democratization of big data -- opening up data analytics to mainstream information workers and developers, as well as data scientists and engineers -- that’s all about to change.

Bringing Big Data Analytics into Focus for Marketers: 3 Principles to Simplify Your Life

Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Bringing Big Data Analytics into Focus for Marketers - 3 Principles for Simplifying Your LifeHow’s it going with figuring out how you’re going to use “big data” to get more return on your campaigns? Or understand which customers to target for upsells or new products? Or increase overall usability of your mobile and web channels?

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