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Software AG Buys Up JackBe for Data Visualizations

Software AG Buys Up JackBe for Data Visualizations
Business process management vendor Software AG has announced a real time analytics and data visualization tool it created with the help of recently acquired JackBe, makers of the Presto enterprise mashup system.

Yes Virginia, You Too Can Learn To Work with Big Data

Big Data, Analytics, Information Management,Yes Virginia, You Too Can Learn To Work with Big DataTo many of us, Big Data is still a bit of a mystery. It’s something that “other” people work with, not us. And for some reason, we believe those “other” people are geniuses and that we’d have to have years of schooling to do what they do.

Guess what? We’re wrong. 

Big Data Bits: Featuring Facebook, Apache Giraph, Continuuity, LucidWorks, Hortonworks & Infochimps

Big Data, Analytics, Information Management,Big Data Bits Featuring Facebook, Apache Giraf, Continuuity, LucidWorks, Hortonworks & InfochimpsThere’s always plenty of news in the Big Data world and, try as we might, we can’t cover it all; so we’re highlighting a few of the items that made us take notice and offering a wee-bit of context around it. 

Google Offers Automatic Cloud Storage Data Encryption, But Is Data Safer On Premises?

google, cloud computing, cloud storage, eim, information managementGoogle continues to add to the appeal of its cloud storage capabilities, this time with the announcement that users’ data that is placed in its Cloud Storage system will be encrypted by default.

IBM Cranks Up Big Data Analytics Training Programs As Government Continues Cloud Moves [Infographic]

IBM is clearly concerned about the big data skills shortage. It has announced the addition of another 9 universities to its big data training program. The economic importance of the program was also underlined this week by the announcement that it has just secured a US$ 1 billion federal contract for cloud computing.

End the BI Platform Obsession: 10 Key Principles to Building Empowering Solutions

Information Management,Why it's Time to End the BI Platform Obsession: 10 Key Principles to Building Empowering Solutions It’s hard to admit after 25 years that the business intelligence (BI) stacks we all worked to build are failing us, but to make progress, we must. If we, as technologists, take a hard look at what we’ve learned from the current generation of big data and other analytics technology and keep the following principles in mind, we can build empowering solutions.

CSC Buys Infochimps for Big Data, Analytics Expertise

Infochimps bought by CSC, big dataConsolidation in the big data space continues with the announcement by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) that it has bought Infochimps, a provider of big data PaaS based in Texas. Infochimps is a relative minnow compared with CSC, but seems like CSC was quite keen on getting it.

Sexy Enough To Be A Data Scientist? Here's What It Takes & Where To Begin [Infographic]

 “Data Scientist” is the sexiest job of the 21st century. The Harvard Business Review made this claim last October and it seems that everyone (including your grandmother) has been repeating it ever since. 

NICE Systems Acquires Causata for Big Data Insights Across the Web, Call Center

NICE Systems, big data, acquisition, causata From the NICE Systems' website

Digital customers leave a huge trail of data, and analyzing that Big Data has become a big deal for anyone looking to understand them. This week, Israel-based NICE Systems announced it was buying San Mateo, California-based Causata, whose real-time Big Data analytics technology can increase NICE’s ability to provide insights for customer interaction in contact centers and elsewhere. 

Could Brinqa, the Facebook For Data, Predict Trouble Long Before It Occurs?

Brinqa, information management, facebook for data, big data, risk managementForget, for a minute, the politics around surveillance whistle blower Edward Snowden and consider instead why the NSA didn't know that he might one day cause trouble for them. "The data points might have been there,” says Amad Fida, CEO of Brinqa, a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Platform, “but without context and correlation they might not have identified risk."

HP Extends Vertica Big Data Reach With Logi's Embedded Analytics Visualization

big data, hp, analytics HP continues to expand the reach of its big data capabilities with the announcement that it has partnered with Logi Analtyics to provide enterprises with the possibility of performing analytics on a massive scale.

IBM To Furlough Hardware Division Workers As Revenues Dive

More trouble for IBM. According to reports, IBM is forcing the employees in its hardware business to take a week off with only one-third pay to cut costs as sales plummet. During that week, which is due at the end of this month, executives will not be paid either.

Kofax Buys Kapow to Move into Big Data Integration Space

Kofax analytics for Capture, customer experience, big data

Kofax Analytics for Capture

Kofax has been making some serious moves to position itself in the big data market in recent months. In the latest move, it has announced the acquisition of data integration software vendor Kapow for US$ 47.5 million.

Building the Business Case for Information Governance - Contrasting Risk, Value

The Big Data movement has legions of companies showing renewed interest in harnessing the value of information. Followers of this trend know that the 3 Vs of Big Data (Volume, Variety and Velocity) have converged to make it feasible to utilize predictive analytics on everything from social media content to influenza outbreak data. The excitement is both palpable and justified because companies can now analyze data in minutes compared to what would've been practically impossible just a few years ago.

Market Intelligence Provider FirstRain Unveils New Big Data Tool, Market Insights

Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, FirstRain Market Insights.png Every up-to-date marketing department these days has to have Big Data analysis and visualization tools. Market intelligence provider FirstRain has released a new suite of tools in this category, a solution called Market Insights that builds on the company's existing Big Data analytical offerings and integrates with’s Sales Cloud, Microsoft’s SharePoint and other platforms.

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