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Big Data News & Analysis

History in the Making: Datastax's Plan to Devour a Slice of Oracle's Pie

Repeat after me: Legacy databases weren’t built to power online businesses. Legacy databases weren’t built to power online businesses. Legacy databases....

Might seem obvious, but still, it needs to be said.

Spotting the Digital Analytics Trends at X Change

Every year's X Change conference surfaces what is first and foremost in the minds of the leading digital analytics practitioners and this year's was no different.

HP's New Digital Marketing Hub Uncovers Real-Time Customer Drivers

HP Autonomy is releasing a new marketing analytics hub that it describes as a milestone in its efforts to carve out a larger slice of the marketing analytics pie. It's not just a new release, but also the development of a new ecosystem that pulls together HP technology and its partners in a way it hasn’t managed to do before.

Alteryx + Revolution Analytics Partner to Deliver First Class Business Intelligence to All

What’s the difference between the best solution money can buy and the best solution? It may very well be nothing more than the price.

The End Of Spray & Pray Marketing and Big Data Hairballs

Fresh Off The Press: Lisa Arthur’s new book, Big Data Marketing: Engage Your Customers More Effectively And Drive Value paves the way to a bright, enlightened world of customer experience.

Big Data Bits Featuring Bersin by Deloitte, Facebook, IBM, MapR, MongoDB, Pivotal

Go Big Data, or be left behind, that was the chorus we heard over the last 10 days. We listened as industry analysts told us how leveraging Big Data and Analytics could help grow the bottom line; we learned how Facebook’s Graph Search might help you get found by recruiters (at the expense of your privacy); we watched Big Data vendors buy what they didn't want to build (or couldn't build fast enough); and we saw a NoSQL vendor with great promise get a humongous investment.

Retailers Wonder: Browse Now, Buy Later?

Fewer consumers made the transition from browsers to shoppers last month, according to metrics released today by San Francisco-based Euclid, a company that specializes in in-store retail analytics. 

Has IBM Just Changed the Big Data Analytics Market?

IBM has just pushed competition for big data analytics business up a notch with the opening of its new Accelerated Discovery Lab (ADL). While most vendors are happy to provide big data analytics applications, or functionality, for their customers, Big Blue is offering its customers an entire research lab to help them draw meaning from their data. 

Why DAM Still Matters [Infographic]

So far this month we've been making a case for DAM. We've compared the need for digital asset management to the necessity of one's kitchen, and listed the direct benefits implementing a DAM system can afford you. If you're still not convinced that DAM is still relevant, we've got more information. You might even call it DAMning. (Okay, I'll stop that now.)

The Road From Big Data to Decision Just Got Shorter - Teradata's Aster Paves the Way

Information Management, Analytics, The Road From Big Data to Decision Just Got Shorter, Teradata's Aster Paves The WayHey CIO, it’s OK to breath now; those Big Data-informed insights you've been promising to everyone may finally become a reality.

Work4 Exploits Facebook's Graph Search - Who's Next?

Customer Experience, Work4 Exploits Facebook's Graph Search - Who's Next?Think the only person that can solicit you on Facebook is a friend or friend of a friend? Think again.

Is Your Company Too Risk Averse About Big Data

It is easy for governance, risk and audit practitioners to worry about privacy and other risks to the extent that they become a negative influence on their company. Their fear can inhibit an organization from seizing the opportunities presented by what is called “Big Data”.

Splunk Spins Machine Data Exhaust Into Gold, On & Off The Cloud #splunkconf

Tell Splunk users that Big Data is a bust, and they’ll, more than likely, tell you you’re nuts.  

Big Data Bits Featuring BMC Software, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and WANdisco

big data, information management, big data bitsBig Data keeps getting bigger, but Big Data vendors seem to have it under control. They keep upgrading Hadoop’s performance, making it run faster, and releasing distributions that are more stable, Enterprise-worthy, and ready for real time. 

The Familiar New Challenge of Big Data

megan murray, big data, decision makingNot too many years ago, I was challenged to hear this phrase from a very senior enterprise leader. "Being a good leader means being able to make smart decisions with very little information." It struck me as reckless cowboy bravado then. It just seems hopefully foolish now, though I absolutely understand the world from which that notion came. I think of that leader sometimes and wonder how they might be dealing with data overload, and how it is changing their world.

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