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Social Data Blooming into Social Intelligence

Social Data Blooming into Social IntelligenceSocial media sites are spinning off huge amounts of data that companies are eagerly attempting to integrate into their own systems. All that information is now being combined into what’s known as social intelligence, a recent Altimeter report has found.

Forrester: Clear Strategies, Objectives Needed to Deliver Superior Mobile Experiences

Customer Experience: Forrester Analytics Mobile MarketingA report from Forrester Research showed too few businesses employ analytics solutions to measure mobile experiences and identified a shortage of clear mobile strategies and objectives.

The Data Management Problem and the RedPoint Global Solution

Customer Experience: Analytics and Data Management with RedPoint GlobalIn marketing, data is an important tool for engagement, improving the customer experience and targeting, but sometimes it’s not as manageable as marketers would like. Marketers don't have to spend a lot of resources and time sorting this data by themselves; there are platforms and products to help with this task.

Dale Renner is the founder and CEO of one such company, RedPoint Global, and he spoke to CMSWire about this problem and his company’s solution.

Cloudera Delivers Sentry Security For Hadoop: Regulated Enterprises Can Now Ask Big Data Questions

cloudera, big data, information management,Cloudera challenges enterprises to ask bigger questions, and why not? This is the age of Big Data, after all.

Predicting Customer Behavior with Analytics Begins with a Plan

Companies collect a lot of information about their customers’ behaviors. How much of that data is actually used to improve upon the customer experience? According to a recent survey by Alteryx and AbsolutData, customer analytics is used primarily for customer-focused sales and marketing activities, but much of that data is unstructured, making it hard to access, work with and blend that information into workflows.

Tealium Integrates with Splunk for Rich Data Analytics

Tealium Integrates with Splunk for Website Data Analytics

Splunk, a big data and analytics vendor, has integrated the Tealium tag management system into its Enterprise 5 system so customers can collect visitor interaction data from websites and mobile apps.

Datastax Makes it Easier for Developers to be Productive + Wins US$ 45 Million Investment

Datastax enterprise, information management, cassandra,Larry Ellison probably won’t be celebrating Apache Cassandra’s fifth birthday today. Instead he’s likely to be peering into a metaphorical window to see which of his customers have come to the party since a number of them have, or are in the process of, abandoning Oracle’s RDMS in favor of Datastax’s Enterprise edition.


IBM Earnings Up Over Q1, But Still Point to Weak Market

Information Management: IBM Q2 EarningsIBM is generally considered the weather vane for the global tech industry and after last night's release of its Q2 figures it was firmly pointing to unsettled weather ahead for everyone. The figures were slightly better than those of Q1, but they were still well down even if the company bravely raised its forecast for the entire year.

Alteryx + Tableau = Big Data Insights, No Data Scientist, No IT Intervention Required

Alteryx and Tableau Big Data InsightsDrum this into your head: Big Data insights lead to better decision making. Big Data insights lead to better decision making. Big Data … 

Microsoft Restructured: One CEO To Rule Them All - Windows, Cloud, Mobile, Business

 If you’re not a fan of centralized decision making overseen by a single CEO then the restructuring plan that Microsoft announced yesterday probably won’t impress you. However, IT and business analysts have cautiously welcomed the move, even if many are unsure how Steve Ballmer is going to put everything he plans in place.

Microsoft Restructuring: No Obvious Bloodstains, But Will It Be More Agile?

Microsoft RestructuringIt's leaner, it's meaner and, undoubtedly, Steve Ballmer is hoping that Microsoft will become a real killing machine. Not that we should expect blood on the production floors at Redmond -- at least not immediately. The killings Ballmer is looking for right now are in sales. Lots and lots of sales, and across all product lines.

Microsoft's 8 Business Priorities - For Now

With the rumor mill about Microsoft and possible announcements on restructuring now in overdrive, Microsoft has been using its Worldwide Partner conference in Texas to outline its business priorities.

The Enterprise Just Got Smarter: SAP & GIS Giant Esri Team To Deliver New Value

SAP partners with Esri for GIS Business SmartsIf a picture is worth a thousand words how about a map? Or better yet, a map that has rich analytic, sentiment and transactional data attached to vital points on it?

2013 - The Summer of (Strange) Love, Courtesy of the Cloud

Summer of Cloud Computing LoveJune 2013 will go down as a pivotal moment in computing history. Not because any paradigm-shifting technology was introduced (though Hadoop’s new operating system is pretty impressive) but because the way vendors now play the game has fundamentally shifted.

Microsoft Adds Heavyweight Business Intelligence to Office 365 #WPC13

Microsoft Business Intelligence Power View in Office 365.jpgMicrosoft has addressed the rather patchy business intelligence functionality in Office 365 this week with the announcement that it is launching Power BI for Office 365 later this summer. Power BI will be a cloud-based suite built on a number of existing Microsoft intelligence apps with an Excel-based authoring environment.

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