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Bitnami News & Analysis

BitNami Eases Path to the Cloud for Liferay Customers

Installing Liferay on Amazon Web Services (AWS) just became a little easier thanks to a new partnership between Liferay and BitNami.

Deploy Open Source CMS Solutions with BitNami Virtual Appliances

BitNami releases Ubunti-based virtual appliancesOpen Source solutions are becoming even more popular by the day. But that doesn't mean they are any more easier to install and set up. BitNami (news, site) offers a number of new virtual appliances though that should do the trick.

Bitnami Launches 'Modules': Install Multiple Apps on a Single Software Stack

BitNami Open Source CMS Stacks Bitnami provides complete free packages for OSS products like Joomla! and MediaWiki including everything you need to deploy such products on the server, typically Apache, MySQL and PHP and whatever else is required. Bitnami packages include all such necessary components, as well as the OSS product itself, and are designed to drastically ease OSS Web deployment.

The organization has just announced Bitnami Modules, which enables users to install several applications on a single stack. So if you are already running, say, Drupal on a Bitnami stack, and you also want to deploy WordPress, you can now elect to download the WordPress ‘Module’ from Bitnami and run that off the same stack.

Stacks currently on offer as Bitnami packages also include eZ Publish, Liferay, phpBB, DokuWiki and more.

Bitnami's Server Management for Dummies (plus Alfresco Stack Released)

BitNami Open Source CMS Stacks

Bitnami, OSS installation stack champion of the Universe, has just released a stack for the Alfresco Enterprise CMS platform.

Linux and Windows versions of the new stack are available immediately, and an OS/X version is in the pipeline.

Bitnami: Easier Open Source Installation for Free

BitNami Open Source CMS Stacks has officially been launched, offering free installation stacks for a host of open source packages designed to make the deployment of such packages as Drupal and Joomla! infinitely easier for all.

Bitnami: Free Open Source Content Management Stacks

BitNami Open Source CMS Stacks

It’s a kind of ‘Open Source 1.1’. Developers are springing up who build install stacks for open source products like the Drupal Web CMS or Alfresco’s Enterprise CMS; offering packaged versions which automate and greatly simplify the initial deployment, or offer various usability augmentations to these powerful but often occasionally less polished products.

Open source being repackaged in this fashion is something we have covered before — SpikeSource are in this line of business. Bitnami though, they’re taking things up a notch, introducing some welcome competition.

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