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Good News for B2B Marketers to Share with the C-Suite

Marketers are usually a paranoid bunch, we've come to learn. Will I go extinct? Does my work even matter?

Bizo says it does. Its annual State of B2B Lead Nurturing Report revealed 60 percent of marketers deliver at least 20 percent of B2B company revenues — and almost 25 percent contribute more than 40 percent. 

"Marketing organizations everywhere are taking on more influential roles when it comes to supporting company revenue growth targets," Jennifer Agustin, senior director of marketing at Bizo, told CMSWire. "Data like this supports the idea that marketing is more accountable than ever, and can play a more active and strategic role in the way companies are run."

Bizo's B2B Marketing Solution Targets Anonymous Site Visitors

No one does this. 

That is Bizo's claim on a new tool that it says defines a new era of marketing automation beyond the email inbox. The unique part?

Marketers have the ability to nurture their anonymous website visitors that have not yet provided an email address. It's a patent-pending Multi-Channel Nurturing solution that Bizo says helps B2B marketers use online display and social ads to engage known prospects and convert anonymous website visitors.

In Digital Experiences, Real Time Service Counts: LivePerson Study

What do customers want in their digital experiences? A new report from real time customer engagement firm LivePerson offers some answers.

Oracle Partners with Bizo to Add Display, Social Ads to Multi-Channel Campaigns

Oracle continues to integrate the Eloqua technology it bought nearly a year ago. As it does, it's extending some of the existing Eloqua capability by partnering with Bizo to run multi-channel campaigns that include display ads and social media.

Multi-channel campaigns help create a seamless customer experience across email, social media and other platforms.

Marketing Funnel Analytics for the New Customer Experience

Marketing Funnel Analytics for the New Customer ExperienceIf the customer journey has rendered the marketing funnel obsolete, can advanced web analytics bring it back to life, while helping marketers better understand and improve the customer experience? Thanks to Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics, new reporting capabilities in the Bizo Marketing Platform, marketers can identify and measure the impact of display advertising at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Bizo Data Solutions Integrates, Optimizes Digital Experience (DX)

Bizo_logo.png Yesterday, Katie Ingram wrote that by utilizing both marketing automation and digital marketing, companies can begin to grow alongside the consumer so that they can go where the customer goes. Today, Bizo introduces a new Data Solutions platform designed to let B2B companies better understand and engage with target audiences across their entire marketing funnel. We love it when the fates align.

Digital Savvy CMOs Talk About the Future of Digital Marketing

Think having a Chief Marketing Officer is just an empty figurehead, created to shift blame onto when companies fail to meet their online goals and attract the attention of new customers? Think again. 

In 2013 I Wish ...


BYOD becomes the norm in most companies as they embrace new ways to work and new mobile devices. Companies focus on making employees productive no matter where they are.

Companies move further and further away from the "stack," whether that's Microsoft, Oracle or Salesforce, and become more comfortable choosing best of breed technologies for their needs, including HR, CRM, ERP, Finance, Content Management and Collaboration. Open standards allows for easy integration. -- Whitney Bouck, General Manager, Box Enterprise at Box


No More Free Google Apps for Businesses

Bad news for many -- Google has killed off its free Apps suite for businesses, but luckily those that already have accounts set up are in the clear.

Bizo's Social Retargeting Helps Marketers Close the Social Media Gap

Bizo's Social Retargeting Helps Marketers Close the Social Media GapIf you’re a social media marketer you know about the gap -- the massive space between engagement and conversions. Thanks to some new features in its self-service marketing platform, Bizo aims to help marketers close the social ROI gap.

Marketers Prepare for Social Media Without Effective Measurement in Place

Marketers Prepare for Social Media Without Effective Measurement in PlaceMarketers are gearing up for what they hope is a busy fall. According to a recent survey by Bizo, not only are marketers busy getting ready for a season full of planning, closing sales and executing campaigns, they are using social platforms to do so.

Bizo, ComScore Reveal Index to Showcase Consumer Analytics

Bizo, ComScore Reveal Index to Showcase Consumer AnalyticsRecently we talked about Nielsen’s new Online Campaign Ratings, slated to launch next week. Having secured exclusive access to Facebook’s user data, Nielsen’s news was bound to fire up the competition. As if on cue, Bizo and comScore have teamed to launch an index that aims to provide “unprecedented insight” into business audiences. Offers Customized URL Shortening for Free now for another announcement in the white-hot world of....URL shortening? Yep. In the second URL shortener announcement this week, (news, site) is announcing that its Pro service, which lets organizations set up custom short domains, is now going to be free. 

Bizo Launches URL Shortner with Business Demographic Insight

Bizo_logo.pngIs your URL shortener failing to meet your business needs? Enter Bizo Switchboard. The folks at Bizo have introduced the open beta of their product, designed to provide third party-certified, anonymous business demographic data on more than 85 million business professionals.

Report Reveals Which People, What Industries Click On Online Ads

Bizo_logo.pngWhen you think about the different industries your company targets with its advertising, do you know for sure who is more likely to take action? Thanks to a new report by Bizo, we all know. As it turns outs, those working in the legal, retail and software industries are most likely to do what an online ad asks them to do.

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