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Blackberry 10 News & Analysis

BlackBerry 10 Events Signal RIM's New Dawn Around the World

rim_logo_2013.jpgWhile the big show in New York is just moments away, the company is staging events around the world to help get the message out about the new BlackBerry 10 OS and phones.

RIM's Super Bowl Advert to Launch the BlackBerry 10

rimlogo.jpgTreading in the footsteps of the legendary Apple advert, RIM will take one of the hyper expensive Super Bowl ad slots to start the marketing campaign for BlackBerry 10. Will it promise a user revolution or be nice to the big brother of enterprise?

Viber for BlackBerry Updated, HD Voice Calls Previewed

Anyone looking for a Skype alternative or simply needing a free call and text app for their BlackBerry? The very popular Viber may be the perfect choice.

BlackBerry 10 Has the Apps, Still Needs a Miracle

RIM, makers of the once dominant BlackBerry smartphone ecosystem, is ready to launch its new device lineup, and it looks like it will at least have some apps to show off when it does. Unfortunately for RIM, it won't be enough. There's always a bit of excitement over a new smartphone, and because RIM has such an extensive smartphone history, it's for sure the case with the BlackBerry 10 imminent launch.

RIM Treads Water as First Images of the BlackBerry Z10 Appear

rimlogo.jpg In a mixed day of news for RIM, the company lost customers, made a small profit and beat street estimates, but proved that pretty much no mobile company can keep a secret as the name and image of its upcoming BB10 phone appeared online. 

RIM Unveiling BlackBerry 10 at New York Event in January

rimlogo.jpg RIM's BlackBerry 10 OS and smartphones will get their first proper public unveiling at a New York event at the end of next January, marking what it hopes will be a major turnaround in the company's fortunes.

New BlackBerry 10 Pics Leak as the CEO Says RIM Has Only One Shot

bb10_logo.JPG More pictures of the test version of BlackBerry's BB10 smartphone are now out in the wild, as RIM's boss Thorsten Heins and other troops are sent out to butter up the press ahead of next year's launch. 

Microsoft, RIM Licensing Deal To Improve Blackberry 10 Video Capabilities

Last week Meg Whitman slapped down any speculation that HP would buy struggling RIM. Instead, she said HP would make its own smartphone way. That doesn’t mean that RIM will not undergo a renaissance, and the announcement of a licensing agreement with Microsoft could be part of that.

IBM May Be Interested in RIM's Enterprise Business

Both Reuters and Bloomberg report that IBM is considering a bid for the enterprise division of Research in Motion (RIM). Is it true?

BlackBerry Planning A New Tablet and Smartphones for 2013

rimlogo.jpgThere are many questions over RIM's ability to deliver BlackBerry 10 OS and the new device hardware. However, if it does achieve its aims, a leaked roadmap shows where these new devices are headed, even as new current-gen models launch around the world. 

RIM's Losses Mount as BlackBerry 10 Slips to 2013

rimlogo.jpg       More losses, more redundancies and the pushing back of the already-delayed BlackBerry 10 keep the company firmly on the  back foot, and, perhaps, looking for an exit.


Mobile Customer Experience: Native Apps vs Web Apps, You've Got Options

Native apps, the bouncing icons that dot your smartphone screen, have dominated the mobile computing landscape. Programmed purely for your device’s operating system, they complete highly specified tasks in an attractive manner on a less powerful device. However, there’s another way. HTML5, CSS3 and updates to JavaScript are making feature rich mobile computing available through your mobile Web browser; they’re called Web apps and you don’t download them to your phone, you access them over the Web. But the native app/web app comparison is far from one-to-one. And when deciding whether to pursue one or the other for your business, there is much to consider.

3 Ways SharePoint 2010 Supports eDiscovery

Sharepoint 2010_logo_2010.jpgA few months ago we outlined the ways that new features of SharePoint 2010 help evolve document management processes. This week, we’re showing you how SharePoint 2010 enhances eDiscovery.

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