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Content Strategy: 5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Blog

Back in April, we mentioned that CEOs needed to blog more. Though more have ventured into the blog-o-sphere, there is still room for improvement when it comes to the corporate blog. From messaging to monitoring, blogs are not just about the written word. What your blog says once it’s published can speak volumes.

WordPress for Windows Phone 7 App Is Available

WordPress is truly going mobile. They have launched apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone. Now the application for Windows Phone 7 is also available.

The Golden Age of Blogging?

Remember when blogging was cool and new? Now it is only cool, as we reach the peak of blogging with 14% of Americans doing it. This is what data from a recent Pew Report shows.

Six Apart Faces Troubled Times, Asks for US$ 2M Loan

Once upon a time, Six Apart (news, site) played in the big leagues. The blog software provider raised over US $22 million, landed the cover of an issue of Fortune, bought and sold companies for profit, etc. But the tides have done what they do best, turning the company's tune somber with reports of serious financial trouble. 

CEM: BlogWorld Dips Its Toe in Customer Engagement Strategy #bwe10

Guest contributor Blake Landau brings us a summary of the past few days at the BlogWorld 2010 Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Engagement is the word, but as is usually the case, the vision is exceeding the realities.

Microsoft and Partner for Windows Live

Microsoft and Partner for Windows LiveToday Microsoft (news, site) gave Live Spaces, its homegrown blogging platform, a huge booster seat by announcing a partnership with WordPress. Automatic Software's massively popular solution will now be default for Windows Live. 

Six Apart Update: Movable Type's Future Lies in Japan

Following the recent acquisition of Six Apart many speculated -- often pessimistically -- about the future of the once ground-breaking Movable Type (MT) software. We sat down with the current MT product manager for a chat about the details. Here's what we learned.

Six Apart Acquired. Farewell Movable Type?

logo-six-apart-2010.jpg Say hello to SAY Media, Inc. The new company is a combination of media advertising player VideoEgg and Moveable Type's maker, Six Apart. The acquisition and new company formation have just been announced. Company reps assert that the combined media network now reaches more than 345 million unique visitors. Not much was said about the Movable Type web publishing software which launched Six Apart nine years ago this month. Speculation abounds.

Six Apart Kills Vox, Continues to Deny Merger

Six Apart Kills Vox, Continues to Deny Merger There's no easy way to say it: Vox, Six Apart's (news, site) blogging/social network platform, is dead.

In yet another move that screams of the merger Six Apart continues to deny, Vox will be officially kaput on September 30th.

Top 3 Usability Tips for Building Better Blogs, Maximizing Engagement

In 2005, Jakob Nielsen shared what he considered to be the top 10 design mistakes of what was once called the ‘weblog.’ Strikingly, five years later, most (if not all) of them still remain true in the world of the engaged web.

The Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers in Technical Communications

In March MindTouch (newssite) announced their list for the most powerful voices in open source. Today, they bring us a new list: the most influential bloggers in technical communications

Squarespace Thinks Big With $38.5 Million in Funding

squarespace_logo_2010.jpgSquarespace (news, site) offers a slick, well-drilled Web publishing and blogging experience. What can it achieve with a bundle of investment in the bank?

Note: See our Squarespace CMS Review for product details.

CMS Review: Squarespace - SaaS Web Publishing, Blogging Platform

squarespace-logo.jpgIn the hyper-competitive market of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web content management, vendors are desperate to stand out. Squarespace (news, site) differentiates its offering through in-line editing capabilities, an extensive embeddable widgets library, strong iPhone support and dynamic scalability behind the scenes. Sound like your cup of tea? Read on.

WordPress 3.0 Nears, Aims to Woo the Enterprise

WordPress 3.0 Draws Near, New Features AboundBig things are happening in the world of WordPress (news, site): the platform turned 7 last month, the dev team kicked out two release candidates in rapid succession, and is now readying the highly anticipated version 3.0. Enterprise clients are in their sites. Let's take a look at just how.

WordPress Gets Social with New Like and Reblog Features

WordPress Gets Social with New Like and Reblog FeaturesResharing is caring. Today's example comes from the team, as they've just added a Like and Reblog feature to the popular publishing platform. As you might've guessed, these new perks look and behave like those within Facebook.

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