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Plinky: Revival of the Blog or Just another Micro-Stream?

Plinky: Revival of the Blog or Just another Micro-Stream The decrease in RSS in favor of lifestreaming and micro-posting has, according to some, turned the Internet into a wasteland of incomplete sentences and bad acronyms. A far cry from what was once a watering hole for both the established and budding writer, today’s wordsmith may find their online writing experience saturated in services that seem to encourage the familiar saying, “less is more.”

Here to reinstate the power of creativity -- and, you know, actual writing -- is none other than Jason Shellen, the guy responsible for a little thing you may have heard about called Google Reader. His new steeze? A “content encouragement” tool called Plinky.

TypePad Connect Keeps Single Sign-On Dream Alive

TypePad Connect Adds Sign-In Options Last December, TypePad Connect was announced as a way to bring a new level of visibility into blog posts, comments and other action taking place on weblogs. The commenting system offered by TypePad allowed your blog to have threaded comments, commenter profile pictures and allowed blog owners to block spam comments and read/reply to comments within email.

The blogging platform provider has now announced that you can easily sign into TypePad Connect with less fuss by using an existing account you probably already have including Yahoo, Google, Blogger, AIM, Vox and many more.

Systems Alliance Bends to Popular Trends With New Release

siteexecutive upgrades with enhancement pack 4

Last April, Systems Alliance released an enhancement pack for SiteExecutive, a mere four months after the content management application had been made available. Attempting to comply with current Web trends, the enhancement added social capabilities. Sort of.

This week, Systems Alliance has released yet another set of upgrades geared toward popular Web practices. Enhancement Pack 4 includes Framework for developing dynamic content, a blog application, automatic spam reduction and a ton of other improvements requested by the SiteExecutive community.

Feel Like Switching Platforms? Google Makes It Easy

Announcing the Google Blog Converters project! 

Tired of Blogger? Want to move to WordPress? Or vice versa? Problem solved! Google's new Open Source project enables you to easily move blog posts and comments from service to service. 

Movable Type Motion: A New Social Application

Movable Type Pro Releases Motion

We all love our micro-blogging applications. We Tweet, we Tumble, we Pownce (or at least we did Pownce),  we feed our friends. Now thanks to Movable Type we are in Motion. They have released a beta for their new social application, Motion, for licensed users of Movable Type Pro.

Microsoft's New Open Source Web CMS

Microsoft releases open source content management software called Oxite.jpg

Yes, Microsoft has SharePoint. And it's the most talked about and controversial content management system out there today. Everyone seems to have it. Many actually use it.

But having SharePoint isn't enough. The company has just announced an open source web content managment platform (or blogging engine depending on how you slice these things) called Oxite. This new bundle of .NET code may be designed to take on the likes of WordPress, but will it do more than create a small sputter?

Six Apart Nabs Pownce Micro-Blog Platform, Shuts It Down

Six Apart Buys Micro Blog Platform Pounce, Shuts It Down

It must be interesting working over at Six Apart these days. They reported a 16 employee layoff and a management pay cut a few weeks ago. But things can’t be all that bad. They just announced the purchase of the micro-blogging platform Pownce — keeping several key people and the technology.

How To: Running WordPress with SQL Anywhere

SQL Anywhere is a simple, powerful database with some interesting features. It has a small footprint, is self-managed and fully functional, and it provides many of the features of an enterprise database but can run on commodity hardware with a minimal amount of administration.

In addition, SQL Anywhere offers high performance, bi-directional synchronization that allows you to easily integrate your database application with your existing enterprise data center -- and this last point could just be key for your corporate blogging infrastructure.

In this technical article we show you how to modify a WordPress install such that it runs against a SQL Anywhere database.

WordPress 2.7: From Blog Platform to Web CMS

WordPress 2.7 New Features

Now on their third beta release, the WordPress team is promising big things with version 2.7. After completing the first round of bug fixes from the beta 1 and beta 2 releases, the WordPress team is making sure that the full public release is a quality release with minimal issues.

Six Apart Hit by Downturn, Lays Off 8% of Staff

Six Apart, the producer of blogging platform Movable Type, has announced layoffs of up to 8% of its full time staff. The company behind other popular products and services such as MT Pro, Vox and TypePad is a force in the blogging world. Movable Type is a very popular blogging platform, powering many Weblogs on the Internet.

In addition to laying off 16 employees, the entire management staff is taking a 15% pay cut.

Are You a Hacker Target? Google Will Tell You

Yes, Google’s got your back — especially, if you’re a WordPress fanatic. A new security feature from Google Webmaster Tools is in the works.

The big G plans to test out this feature starting with WordPress-powered sites aiming to alert Webmasters on whether their Web sites have any vulnerabilities and, therefore, can be easily hacked.

GoDaddy Goes Simple Social Media Route

GoDaddy SmartSpace

Not as Web-savvy as you’d like to be? Well, GoDaddy just solved that problem with the release of SmartSpace — an inexpensive, no-skills-needed tool for building instant Web sites complete with your popular social media widgets of choice.

Blogosphere Not Useful for 89% of Workforce

We reported recently about the slowed growth of the blogging industry. A new report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project may shed some additional light on the subject.

The study reported that networked workers, those who use the Internet or email at work — which is 62% of American adults — said such technologies are a “mixed blessing for them.” Reading blogs at work was reported by only 11% of those surveyed. A mere 2% of the employed Internet users said they blog at work.

iBlogger, New Mobile Blogging Platform, Released

illumineX Software iPhone iBlogger Mobile Blogging

IllumineX, Inc., a developer of mobile software for the iPhone, has recently released a new blogging application for the iPhone called iBlogger. Compatible with the most popular blog engines, iBlogger might be worth the cost to blog on the move, considering that mobile blogging is constantly growing in popularity.

Is the Blogosphere Shrinking?

Technorati: Blogosphere Shrinking?

In the past, we’ve highlighted the growing popularity of blogging. But, as it turns out, there’s a big difference between reading and writing.

Recently, Technorati released its 5th annual State of the Blogosphere report. While it notes that 133 million blogs have been indexed since 2002, it also shows that only 1.1% of them — 1.5 million blogs — have been updated in the last seven days.

To assert that blogging is a mainstream activity may be a bit of exaggeration. People may have blogs, but they may not actually be blogging.

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