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Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Google’s Marketplace Puts Everything in the Cloud

So, the announement of the Google Marketplace was a pretty big deal, wouldn’t you say?

The excitement revolving around the new development goes to show how ready and willing most of us are to pack up and move to the cloud, and the Google brand is obviously going to play a major part in getting us there. Gets Document Compare Capabilities via TextFlow adds workflow and branding capability

At the end of 2009, Nordic River released the API of its TextFlow application, designed to let developers integrate TextFlow into third-party solutions.

This week, they’ve united TextFlow (news, site) with (news, site) in an effort to integrate the input management tool into’s content management and collaboration solution. Now users can compare and merge multiple versions of the same document. Adds New Collaboration Tools to Mobile Platform Adds New Collaboration Tools to Mobile PlatformThere's a huge mobile market out there and Box (news, site) wants them to know they are adding tools to support them. They've released a set of collaboration tools for their mobile platform that let's you work when you want, from where you want.'s New File Viewer Previews Everything (almost) Says Preview Everything with New File ViewerToday, online storage service (news, site) says their users can preview and interact with all their stored files from within their browser of choice. How nice.  

Google (Finally) Opens Docs to Document Management

Google Docs Gets Shared Folders and Multiple File UploadGoogle Docs takes the next step towards becoming a true document management system. Google has just announced that it will start rolling out the ability for users to store documents of any file type within the system. And you won't have to convert your files to do it. Wrapped Up 2009 with Enhancements, An Acquisition and Record Revenues Wrapped Up 2009 with New Products, An Acquisition and Record RevenuesWho says bashing SharePoint won't get you anywhere? Not (news, site) who has announced a record year revenue wise for 2009. and Have a Cloud Connection and Connect Clouds What do you get when you mix an online storage service with customer relationship management superstar Integration that allows customers to access their files from directly within their CRM platform, that’s what. (news, site) recently announced the launch of their handy new application, which also includes support for their OpenBox platform, granting users access to integrated services such as Zoho and eFax. Voila: 



Integration with is nothing new, and's announcement demonstrates the growing trend toward providing applications on existing Software-as-a-Service platforms. is currently offering unlimited storage for companies that sign up for the service, and an Enterprise level account will run you about US$ 25 per month. Adds Another US$ 7.1 m In Funding Adds Another US$ 7.1 m In Funding It may be that the US$ 7.1 million  (news, site) has just raised will continue its campaign to cut as large a piece of the SharePoint pie as it can, or it may just be that the money is exactly what the company says it for -- day to day operations.

However, given the constant sniping about SharePoint over the past months, it seems unlikely that this funding won’t be used for even a little bit more of the same. This time the backers are Draper Fisher Jurvetson -- who backed Box before -- as well as California-based US Venture Partners. Strengthens Document Management Play, Acquires Increo Strengthens Document Management Play, Acquires Increo Strengthens Document Management Play, Acquires (news, site) has taken steps to up the battle for supremacy over SharePoint. They have acquired Increo Solutions, adding some capabilities to their online document management solution that SharePoint does not have.

Box.Net Offers an API for iPhone Application Developers

Box.Net Offers an API for iPhone Application Developers (news, site)  has just gone mobile with the launch of a new API that will allow iPhone developers to integrate with its content management and collaboration platform.

And while OpenBox Mobile is only available forthe iPhone, the company says that it is looking at extending support to Palm webOS, Android and Blackberry.

With OpenBox Mobile, has opened up a whole new level of collaboration for iPhone users offering the ability to access all their files, share those files with anyone they chose and store as much content as they wish without breaching their iPhone limits. Launch a Web Meeting Directly from a Document

Want to share files and ideas at the same time? Now you can, thanks to’s (news, site) new partnership with Fuze Meeting. The effort aims to integrate real-time online meeting and collaboration directly from within the service.

Users can share screenshots and more with real time video presentations giving individuals the opportunity to come together, as well as the ability to review and comment. Aims for a Chunk of SharePoint's Market Aims for a Chunk of SharePoint's (news, site) is gunning for SharePoint users in a big way, holding up a mirror to all of the product's foibles and failings. But for all the marketing mayhem they are putting out, there's still a little recognition that SharePoint is a viable option -- in some instances.

Revizr Balances Document Collaboration, Control with New SaaS Solution

revizor_logo_2009.gif Anyone who regularly has to produce any kind of written content in the course of their working day will understand this -- changing text without an apparent reason is very, very annoying.

It is maybe with this in mind that Sacramento-based Edit Connection has released a new document collaboration website that lets you look, but doesn’t let you touch -- unless, of course, the author allows it.

It is this difference from wikis that will probably get most of the attention. Revizr allows numerous document collaborators make suggestions on changes to be made, but leaves the ultimate decision on those changes to the document creator. Adds Branding and Workflow Capabilities adds workflow and branding capabilityLast we reported, (news, site) was busy implementing a full-text search functionality for their Box business customers. Having focused on helping business manage their documents more efficiently, now turns their attention to helping businesses look more official.

Today they introduce new branding and workflow tools aimed at helping Box users increase and better manage the value of their business content. We spoke recently with Jen Grant, Vice President of Marketing at about these branding initiatives. She says that it's "a way to extend your [company's] brand across platforms."

Online Workspace Solution To Offer Full-Text Search Announces Full-Text Search for Business CustomersIn February, (news,site) released a new interface that let users utilize activity streams and user profiles to view participants' file history. Then they added an online text editor so that users could create and edit documents directly on the website. Today, they have announced that Box business users can conduct full-text searches.

This online document storage service is becoming about much more than just storage.

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