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Brightcove News & Analysis

Digital Marketing Briefs: Big Data with Lattice Engines, Live Video Marketing with Brightcove

Digital marketing is all about knowing who your customer is, engaging with them and turning this interaction into revenue for your company. But responding to social media posts isn't the only way to identify who these people are, as can be seen through a couple of this week's digital marketing releases.

Brightcove Nixes HTML5-based Hybrid Video Player, Goes Native for iOS + Android

Citing a dynamic app development marketplace and the speed of innovation, Brightcove has announced it is abandoning its hybird HTML5-based video player in favor of native iOS and Android versions.

DAM Lowdown: Brightcove & ADAM Partner + North Plains Keeps Reinventing

Only a few DAM weeks left in 2012 … and, in recent news from the world of digital asset management, Brightcove gets together with ADAM, DAM Coalition relaunches, Axle stays simple, clouds challenge earth, North Plains buys another company and Santa gets updated.

Brightcove and ADAM Software Partner to Improve DAM Video Capabilities

Media flow and marketing technology software provider ADAM Software has partnered with Brightcove to bring DAM Video services to the cloud platform.

Brightcove Updates App Cloud: New Plug-in Architecture, Push Notifications

The Brightcove App Cloud Mobile Platform aim to make mobile app creation a little easier thanks to some new updates from Brightcove.

Sitecore Enhances Web Experience with Brightcove Video Integration

Video, as every marketer knows, can capture eyeballs and the wallets that come with them. Sitecore understands this and has taken the route of integration with Brightcove to help marketers take their customer experience strategies to the richest media level.

Brightcove Integrates Video Cloud with Web CMS Tools Adobe, Drupal, Atex & More

Cloud content services provider Brightcove is easing the process of adding video to content management workflows with new prebuilt integrations between its Video Cloud platform and nine leading Web CMS tools: Adobe CQ5, Agility, Atex Polopoly, Drupal, Ektron, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, PaperThin CommonSpot, Sitecore, and WordPress.

PaperThin's CommonSpot Web CMS Adds Video Deployment by Brightcove

paperthin_logo_11.jpg Web CMS maker PaperThin has joined companies like WordPress and Sitecore in bringing the power of video hosting giant Brightcove into its platform. The ColdFusion-based CommonSpot WCM will be adding a new Brightcove Video Cloud widget to its existing video production capabilities.

App, Web Video Platform Provider Brightcove Aims for IPO

App, Web Video Platform Provider Brightcove Aims for IPOBrightcove provides the Web muscle for thousands of video content sites and recently launched its own app builder. With these two boom areas under its belt, what better time to go to the stock market?

Kaltura Targets Online Publishers with Open Source Video Platform

Publishers that wish to take advantage of Kaltura's (news, site) open-source video platform to push their own services can now sign up with Kaltura's recently-launched Partner Program. Targeted at resellers, system integrators OEMs, media consultants and marketing agencies, the Partner Program provides a white-label edition of Kaltura's commercial offering.

Brightcove No Longer Just for Videos, Launches New App Cloud Mobile Platform

Brightcove AppcloudMobile applications are the future of content deployment, as evident with the hundreds of thousands of apps for the different mobile platforms. With this, Brightcove (news, site) has evolved from its earlier focus on online video to a fresh product line focused on making content and applications for web and mobile.

Brightcove Expands into Australia, Cites High Demand for Online Video

brightcove_logo_2010.jpgContinuing its expansion in the Asia Pacific region, Brightcove (news, site) has recently announced the launch of its Australia headquarters in Sydney, citing a fast-growing market for on-demand video in the country. Brightcove also announced partnerships with clients in various industries, such as real estate, media and fashion.

Brightcove Takes Its On Demand Video Plaform to South Korea

bBrightcove Opens South Korea HeadquartersBrightcove (newssite) has recently announced the launch of its country office in Seoul, South Korea, capitalizing on the existing infrastructure and the potential market for video-on-demand services. The company has also announced the addition of several key clients from different industries that include online advertising, design and pharmaceuticals.

Ektron Partners for Enterprise Investment Protection

Ektron Partners for Enterprise Investment Protection Ektron (news, site) announced a new Enterprise Technology Partner Program at this week's Synergy Worldwide Customer Conference. The initiative aligns participating companies in their efforts to provide comprehensive products for protecting enterprise technology investments.

Google Challenges Yelp with Places, Check-ins to Follow?

Last year Yelp turned down a US$ 550 million dollar offer from Google, and today remains one of the few companies to have walked away from the famous, primary-colored clutches. Not to be outdone, it looks like Google's answer to the local and location craze is a mobile solution called Google Places. 

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