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Pinterest Opts in to Do Not Track

image-pinterestdonottrack-2013.jpgFans of online pinning service Pinterest are about to get an extra dose of personalized recommendations, the company announced, and that means Web tracking. The feature can be turned off, however, and Pinterest will respect the Do Not Track protocol going forward.

Opera Buys Skyfire and Rubs Hands in Glee Over Video Optimization Tech, Network Relationships

Opera Software, maker of Opera browser, has purchased Skyfire Labs, maker of the Skyfire mobile browser. Purchase price was US$ 155 million in cash and performance-related bonuses, and Opera’s aims include the acquisition of Skyfire’s video optimization technology and access to its position within mobile networks.

Firefox 18 Feeds Need for Web Speed

Web browser provider Mozilla is releasing version 18 of its Firefox web browser, with significantly increased speed for Web apps and games among its chief selling points.

Forrester Report Makes Case for a Single Standardized Browser

Analysts at reputed Forrester Research have released a study on making the business case for standardizing on a single browser. The report was commissioned by Microsoft, however, so it takes a bit of a limited approach to the browser question.

Bringing HTML5 to Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is promoting the new software developer kit (SDK) available for the IE10 browser as containing an emulator that allows testing of sites on the Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft says this functionality will help IE10 sites provide the same experience on mobile devices running Windows Phone 8 as they do on PCs and other devices.

New Report Assesses Content Consumption on Mobile Web

Content on 10-inch tablets is mostly shared by email, while content on mini-tablets and the iPhone is more often shared through Facebook. That’s one of the findings of a new report about Content Consumption on the Touch Web.

Chrome Remote Desktop Comes of Age

The lifespan of technology products is far different than that of people. “Childhood,” as represented by beta phase, is measured in months rather than years, and after a year in beta Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop is the latest technology product to put aside childish things and become an adult.

Enliken Helps You Control Your Privacy, Tells You Who is Selling Your Data to Advertisers

Enliken - Data To The People.pngEarlier this month we told you about PrivacyFix, a browser extension that helps put the user in control of their own online privacy. Recently, we learned about another app that not only lets you control your privacy but shows you the data that is being sold to advertisers about you and evaluate its value.

Privacyfix Extension for Chrome, Firefox Puts Users in Control of Their Online Privacy

Privacyfix Extension for Chrome, Firefox Puts Users in Control of Their Online PrivacyWe have become a society intent on not letting Facebook’s privacy settings get the better of us. Thanks to a new browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox, we are a step closer to simplifying our lives.

Are Touchscreens Doomed? PC Sensors Moving Way Ahead

Thumbnail image for kinect.png With a new update for Microsoft's Kinect for Windows and devices like the phenomenal-looking Leap from LeapMotion due soon, do we really need touchscreen PCs? Will future systems skip ahead of phones and tablets with embedded sensors to provide more intuitive interaction and bring back a sense of magic to computing?

Firefox to Challenge IE on Windows 8 ARM Devices

firefox_logo_2011.jpg Microsoft's Internet Explorer market share is back on the rise thanks to its use in Windows Phone 7 smartphones. But it won't have everything its own way as Mozilla plans to bring Firefox to Windows 8 tablets.

Opera 11.50 Introduces Streamlined Interface, Speed Dial Extensions

Opera Software LogoOur favorite cross-platform browser just got leaner and meaner, and grew a few new toys. Opera (news, site) has just released version 11.50, which comes with a few enhancements that might have been inspired by some of Opera's competitors. But when you're at the #5 position in terms of market share, you can take a few liberties with your design and still call it a stroke of genius.

RockMelt Beta Update Includes Gmail Notifier, Enhanced Twitter, Facebook Integration

rockmelt_logo_2010.jpgStill in beta, the new and cool social-themed browser, RockMelt (newssite) adds improved Gmail support, a speedy Chromium core and faster social interactions. Let's have a look.

Internet Explorer 9: A Platform Preview, Not a Beta

internet explorer 8With Microsoft (news, site) rebounding like Dennis Rodman in his prime, can the company pull another Windows 7 or Windows 7 Phone out of its hat with IE9?

t4 SiteManager 7: Accessibility, WebDAV, Cross Browser Support

terminal4.jpg Twelve months, €900,000 in research and a whole lot of feedback from its partners through its recently launched extranet and Irish-based TERMINALFOUR (news, site)  has a completely new edition of its enterprise grade web content management system.

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