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Playing with Gamification: Employee and Consumer Perspectives

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We've discussed gamification a lot lately. Why it works for many organizations. Why it may not work. Where a major research firm thinks it's going.

So we cast our gamification fishing lines to find companies who swear by the concept of motivating customers and employees. And we got a couple bites.

Gamification: Game With the Concept?

Next year will be the year gamification fails. It’s a concept built on hype, and 80 percent of all programs will die by 2014, according to Gartner

Rajat Paharia disagrees — 100 percent. The founder of Bunchball, a provider of online gamification solutions, he thinks it is only logical, in a data-driven world, that organizations implement gamification strategies to motivate employees and customers, and recognize, reward and encourage a deeper learning of concepts for better business outcomes.

Which side of the gamification hemisphere are you on? Is it a fad or here to stay? We caught up this week with a few industry insiders to find out what they had to say.

Game On: NICE Systems and Bunchball Gamify Workforce Optimization Solutions

NICE Systems Gamification

Can enterprise call center employees be motivated by gamification techniques? Performance optimization provider NICE Systems and gamification vendor Bunchball think so, and have formed a partnership to help improve performance among customer-facing and back office employees by using virtual challenges, contests and quests.

Bunchball Unveils Nitro 5.0 Gamification Platform, with 'Consumer Level' Usability

Gamification is no game, as competition heats up between companies offering game-like techniques to increase customer and employee engagement. In its latest move to keep up with the accelerated pace of this field, Bunchball released this week the next generation of its Nitro gamification platform. 

Game On: Bunchball Releases Nitro Gamification for IBM Connections #ibmconnect

IBM’s social software platform for businesses, Connections, is bursting with new features and add-ons. Now there’s one more, with the announcement this week by gamification vendor Bunchball of its first Nitro for IBM Connections. 

Bunchball Launches Nitro for Salesforce: Expands Gamification Reach to Customer Service

Gamification solution provider Bunchball has released Nitro for Salesforce, a product designed to enhance customer support services and sales teams engagement.

Bunchball Launches New Gamification Products To Engage Employees, Customers

bunchball logo 61912.pngCan game-like techniques improve business problems like software adoption or sales productivity? Bunchball thinks so. The gamification solutions provider has announced two new product lines to motivate employees and customers.

Conversion of a Gamification Skeptic: CRM Adoption and a Clean House

shutterstock_44892922.jpg The cynical technology journalist in me comes out when the topic of gamification is raised. First of all, “gamification” is a silly, made-up word. When I see it, I want to reach for my red editor’s pencil.

The other aspect of it that makes me look on the concept with a jaundiced eye is the way it’s being applied seemingly willy-nilly, often in exactly the wrong way.

Jive Brings Game Mechanics to Its Collaboration Offering #JW11

 Jive Brings Game Mechanics to Its Collaboration Offering #JW11The JiveWorld 11 Conference brings several new tie-ups. Jive is getting together with Bunchball to add game mechanics to its offering, while Wrike will add its project management tool to Jive's store.

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