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What 2013 Will Bring to the Enterprise [Infographic]

With less than a month until we celebrate a new year, we can't help but look ahead with some curiosity about what 2013 will mean for mobile, social business and the enterprise overall. We looked into our crystal ball and consulted some well known sources for some insight into what we could experience going forward. And then we represented it visually!

Pentaho 4.8 Brings Mobile BI to the iPad, Interactive Analytics Tools

Business analytics provider Pentaho has released faster big data analytics and BI tools for the iPad with its Pentaho 4.8 suite.

SAP Partners to Deliver Power of Hadoop, Speed of In-Memory Computing #stratany2012

SAP delivers efficient processing of massive data sets with real-time insights.

IBM Updates SmartCloud Analytics, Expands InfoSphere Big Data Capabilities #ibmiod

IBM has several announcements from its Information on Demand 2012 conference in Las Vegas this week, and as the name of the event implies, many are big data and BI oriented.

Mobile Business Intelligence: Putting Information in the Palm of Your Hand

Businesses are making it increasingly easy for their workers to access business intelligence on the go. While the benefits of this trend can be felt enterprise-wide, how will it help those working in risk management?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Beefs up Social Insights Analytics, Partners with TrendSpottr & Lexalytics

Now that Salesforce Marketing Cloud has added several new Social Insight Partners, it's clear that the company is ready to push forward from simply listening to the social stream to turning it into real action.

Getting Fuzzy: The Line Between Social, Big Data and Predictive Analytics

The term “Social” means different things to different people. Same for “Big Data” (believe it or not, some people even use it as a verb). And while in one sense their precise definitions don’t matter, if you’re using them as labels, they do. We need some clarification. Now, before their meanings get lost and become irretrievable.

Eloqua Launches Customized Marketing Automation Solution For Asset Management Market

Now that Eloqua has become a publicly traded company, it has taken a logical next step by offering a new automated marketing tool focused on financial investors.

Marketing Needs to Get Smarter When It Comes to Lead Management Optimization

How effectively does marketing support sales in generating the right quality and quantity of leads to fill the pipeline with legitimate sales opportunities? It may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer, but it’s a question that the folks at CSO Insights have sought an answer to for the past eight years. Each year they conduct an annual Lead Management Optimization (LMO) study focused on understanding how, and how effectively, marketing is supporting sales in their efforts to hit their revenue targets.

Kapow Katalyst v9.1: Big Data, Social Information Integration

Kapow Offers Enterprises Big Data, Social Information Integration with Katalyst v9.1 Hate to begin another post by telling you that you've gotta get your Big Data up to speed, but this one will have to start there. The problem is: how you do that? Data management technology vendor Kapow has taken this on in this week’s upgrade to its Kapow Katalyst platform, by offering enterprises easy ways to integrate Big Data applications.

New Oracle BI Release Makes Data Analytics Mobile, Visual, Actionable #oow

Oracle is rolling out Oracle Business Intelligence Release Notable features of the latest Oracle BI release, introduced at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, include a new mobile user experience and visualization features.

Box Beefs Up Security, Management Features for Enterprises

box_logo_2012.PNGBox is adding new features designed to make enterprise-wide adoption of its cloud-based online content-sharing service irresistible. 

Oracle Intros New Financial Analysis Apps for Better Customer Insights

Oracle Financial Services has introduced a suite of applications to help financial services companies obtain and manage a more complete view of customer relationships.

Jaspersoft Forms Hadoop Partner Ecosystem, Including IBM, Cloudera & Talend

Jaspersoft Forms Hadoop Partner Ecosystem Business intelligence (BI) tool and services provider Jaspersoft is continuing to show its commitment to supporting non-traditional data sources for analytics. The company has announced its new Hadoop Partner Ecosystem, and it includes a few big names for the continuously expanding Hadoop market.

IBM Improves Customer Experience With Business Intelligence And Smarter Commerce

IBM Improves Customer Experience With Business Intelligence And Smarter CommerceWithout smarter commerce there can be no smarter planet, and IBM is very attached to its smarter planter strategy. While it has done a lot over recent months with analytics and business intelligence to create smart cities, it hasn’t been as vocal with smart commerce releases. So today’s releases for Smarter Commerce are well worth a look.

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