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Marketing Needs to Get Smarter When It Comes to Lead Management Optimization

How effectively does marketing support sales in generating the right quality and quantity of leads to fill the pipeline with legitimate sales opportunities? It may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer, but it’s a question that the folks at CSO Insights have sought an answer to for the past eight years. Each year they conduct an annual Lead Management Optimization (LMO) study focused on understanding how, and how effectively, marketing is supporting sales in their efforts to hit their revenue targets.

Kapow Katalyst v9.1: Big Data, Social Information Integration

Kapow Offers Enterprises Big Data, Social Information Integration with Katalyst v9.1 Hate to begin another post by telling you that you've gotta get your Big Data up to speed, but this one will have to start there. The problem is: how you do that? Data management technology vendor Kapow has taken this on in this week’s upgrade to its Kapow Katalyst platform, by offering enterprises easy ways to integrate Big Data applications.

New Oracle BI Release Makes Data Analytics Mobile, Visual, Actionable #oow

Oracle is rolling out Oracle Business Intelligence Release Notable features of the latest Oracle BI release, introduced at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, include a new mobile user experience and visualization features.

Box Beefs Up Security, Management Features for Enterprises

box_logo_2012.PNGBox is adding new features designed to make enterprise-wide adoption of its cloud-based online content-sharing service irresistible. 

Oracle Intros New Financial Analysis Apps for Better Customer Insights

Oracle Financial Services has introduced a suite of applications to help financial services companies obtain and manage a more complete view of customer relationships.

Jaspersoft Forms Hadoop Partner Ecosystem, Including IBM, Cloudera & Talend

Jaspersoft Forms Hadoop Partner Ecosystem Business intelligence (BI) tool and services provider Jaspersoft is continuing to show its commitment to supporting non-traditional data sources for analytics. The company has announced its new Hadoop Partner Ecosystem, and it includes a few big names for the continuously expanding Hadoop market.

IBM Improves Customer Experience With Business Intelligence And Smarter Commerce

IBM Improves Customer Experience With Business Intelligence And Smarter CommerceWithout smarter commerce there can be no smarter planet, and IBM is very attached to its smarter planter strategy. While it has done a lot over recent months with analytics and business intelligence to create smart cities, it hasn’t been as vocal with smart commerce releases. So today’s releases for Smarter Commerce are well worth a look.

The What and Why of Semantic Web Technologies

In my first article on The Semantic Web and the Modern Enterprise, I introduced the vision of the Semantic Web. I also discussed how the progress made while working towards that vision provides a strong foundation to help enterprises better deal with their information management challenges. In this article, we’ll take a high-level look at what the core Semantic Web technologies are, why they’re different from conventional technology approaches and how they deliver tangible benefits for enterprise information management.

Quest Leapfrogs Business - IT Gap with Toad Business Intelligence Suite

Quest_logo_2010.jpg Following on last week's unstructured data management product launch, Quest has just announced a new business intelligence tool that aims to build a bridge between business analysts who create data, and data consumers that use that data to make decisions.

Survey Says More Companies Hide from Social Media for Customer Support

It's an interesting dichotomy -- as more CIOs embrace social media, more companies are shying away from it for customer service.

The Social Science of Your Social Business #socialintel2012

The science of digital media proposes to translate abstract qualities into numerical values. Influence, sentiment and loyalty are all major factors in determining the impact of social media on your business, because hard numbers and ROI come later. Should we really rely on these algorithms, and will we ever be able to trust them completely?

Social Media... or Science Fiction? #socialintel2012

From Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe's opening address to the closing keynote by Michael Procopio, a motif of science fiction flickered through the two-day Social Media Intelligence Conference last week. Volpe used Star Wars to contextualize her assertions while Procopio referred to Blade Runner and Star Trek as the opposing futures that draw closer (one grim, one glossy). It's tough to deny the similarities when our augmentations of reality are already beginning to blur with reality itself. Younger generations are fluent in completely new, visual languages that weren't even possible to theorize just five years ago. And believe it or not, so are you.

Evernote Aims at SMBs With New Business-Class Product

 evernote_logo.gifFour years after starting up, Evernote's business model has evolved and scaled-up along with the company itself, to offer larger groups of the workers the power to collaborate. Enter Evernote Business to cater for bigger customers. 

Forrester: Customer Analytics Limited by Human Resources, Data Integration Issues

How do you know if your customer analytics is having an impact? Forrester sets out to examine just that in a recently released report.

Jaspersoft's Big Data Study Confirms Lack of Skilled Data Scientists

Business intelligence platform provider Jaspersoft has released a new survey that examines how companies across the globe are using big data analytics. Although many studies indicate the challenge of managing rapidly growing data volumes paralyzes many companies into inaction, Jaspersoft’s research tells a different story.

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