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IBM: Mobility, Collaborative, Social Business Top CEO Priorities

ibm_logo_2010.jpg Every year, IBM produces a number of reports that gauge how the market for different elements of IT is changing. One of the more useful ones is the study of midmarket CEOs and what they are doing in the IT space. This year, the study shows, they are doing collaboration and mobility.

Forrester: Planning for Risk and Compliance

It’s not an accident that risk and compliance are steadily gaining ground as concerns in the IT industry in light of the financial and regulatory scandals over the past decade. Companies are increasingly turning to enterprise software to help with these problems. But, as Forrester points out in a recent paper, software without planning is just an unnecessary financial burden.

Zoho Provides Link Between CRM, Business Intelligence

 Zoho Provides Link Between CRM, Business IntelligenceLast month, Zoho launched a website builder tool designed to help non-technical users. This month, it continues its quest for simplification by releasing Zoho CRM – Reports integration, which will give Zoho CRM users access to advanced analytics features.

Friend or Foe? How Big Data is Perceived

I really do like it when mainstream media pick up on trends that folks like us have been talking about for some time. To me, it validates its significance, even if some of the topics need to be simplified to appeal to the masses. However, sometimes it annoys me when those in the media get it wrong. Case in point: on Monday, Dennis Overbye for the New York Times wrote a seemingly harmless human interest story about big data.

Enhancements to IBM Smarter Computing Initiative Help Us Work Smarter, Not Harder

Enhancements to IBM Smarter Computing Initiative Help Us Work Smarter, Not HarderBig Data is not indicative of having a bigger brain. In fact, it seems that the bigger your data, the more overwhelmed companies are about developing smarter strategies about how to handle accelerated data growth. Fortunately, IBM has launched a few updates aimed at helping a broader and more diverse set of enterprise customers manage and process growing volumes of data smarter and more efficiently.

IBM Expands SmartCloud, Offers Easier App Building, Moves PaaS to Pilot

ibm_logo_2010.jpg It took a while to figure it out from the press release, but IBM has upgraded its SmartCloud 2.1, which comes with a number of enhancements that is going to make working with Big Blue‘s cloud a lot easier, and to all appearances, a lot more productive.

2012 CODiE Award Winners Include SpringCM, Pervasive, Citrix, Coverity

2012 CODiE Award Winners Include SpringCM, Pervasive, Citrix, CoverityIn the 2012 CODiE Awards for the Business Software Industry, SpringCM, Pervasive Software, Citrix Online and Coverity Inc. get recognized.

Kapow, Informatica Lasso Hard-to-Reach Big Data

Kapow, Informatica Lasso Hard-to-Reach DataThe problem with using data to make critical business decisions is not only that there is so much of it, but, increasingly, it’s in hard-to-reach locations -- social media, Web and cloud apps. Now, Kapow Software and Informatica Corporation are working to do something about that.

Gartner's Cool Vendors for Content Analytics Make It Easier to Learn From Your Data

This week alone, analytics has been a hot topic. Call it what you want -- Business Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis or Social Reporting -- it can all tell you a lot about what’s going online, around your brand and your customers. Big Data isn’t just for information management. It also applies to marketing. This week also brought up Gartner’s Cool Vendors reports, one of which features those in the content analytics space. Let’s take a look at the companies that topped its list.

Sharing is Caring: Learn What Works, What Doesn't #jboye12

At J.Boye 2012, it was made clear that sharing is caring. Whether it’s information about what’s working or what isn’t, it’s essential that everyone from development teams to sales and marketing to community managers share insights so as to help everyone innovate and make improvements. Session after session, valuable information about mobile web strategy, SharePoint development and web governance were shared, giving us great insight on how we can avoid pitfalls and work smarter.

Gartner: Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce Dominate Customer Service Contact MQ

Earlier in the week, we took a look at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Customer Service Contact Centers and found that business applications for the customer service and support (CSS) were obsolete in many cases. Today we will take a look at the companies that made it into the Leaders Quadrant.

Making the Decision Between On-Premises or SaaS Business Intelligence

Investing in business intelligence is a costly affair. Even for larger enterprises, it is not something that is entered into lightly, and before doing so, there are a number of issues that need to be considered before any decision is made. A recent white paper from Birst Software looks at those issues and what business intelligence vendors should be offering.

IBM Adds Navigation to Big Data Analytics With Vivisimo Acquisition

ibm_logo_2010.jpg IBM is the acquisition trail again despite disappointing results for Q1 released last week. The results fell around the European economy, not over IBM commercial strategy. The result is that it looks like it is to keep buying what it needs, this week’s Vivisimo acquisition being a case in point.

IBM's Analytics, Cloud Computing, Smarter Cites Perform, But Europe Drags in Q1

If you were to look at the business pages of any major newspaper in the past couple of days, you’d swear IT was in meltdown. The reactions to the Q1 figures for both IBM and Intel have pushed stock markets down. However, while the stockholders might not be getting what they want -- no tears shed here -- the IT areas that we know, love and like have all performed despite difficult times in Europe.

Autonomy Offers Media Analytics for IDOL With NewsSocial Release #NABShow

Autonomy-logo-200-x-100small.gifAutonomy is back again -- along with HP of course -- for another product release that continues to expand the use of its IDOL server, this time in the media space where it has introduced what has to be one of the first, if not the first, media monitoring and analytics applications in the media vertical.

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