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IBM Upgrades DB2, InfoSphere Warehouse to v10 for Better Big Data Analytics

IBM continues to pursue its Big Data ambitions, this time with an upgrade to its flagship DB2 to v10 along with InfoSphere Warehouse 10 that integrates with Big Data systems and compresses data into tighter spaces.

Moving Beyond the Gamification Hype

Almost from the moment we are born and conscious of our surroundings, we embrace games. From peek-a-boo to sports to hours immersed in a digital world battling elves, humans love games. Unless you happen to be a professional athlete, playing games is probably limited to a few stolen hours each week. However, that may be changing, thanks to gamification.

Tibco and Attivio Introduce Solution for Better Insights into All Your Data

attivioLogo.jpgAs information volume and diversity continues to expand, many organizations are struggling with how gain a view that both holistic and consumable. Enterprise middleware provider TIBCO and data integration vendor Attivio have announced a new partnership that provides at least one solution.

Track Your Social Footprint: Give Your Brand Advocates Insight

Track Your Social Footprint: Give Your Brand Advocates InsightWhen it comes to big data, just how much of it is used to leverage your site’s analytics? Thanks to the Dachis Group and its new SaaS product, Advocate Insight, you can monitor and measure the daily interactions in an effort to identify a brand’s most passionate and engaged customers across their social footprint.

IGLOO Adds Social Analytics Through MicroStrategy Integration

IGLOO continues to develop its social networking suite and this time it’s with the help of MicroStrategy, which provides business intelligence and which will integrate its reporting and analytics into the suite. With it, users will be able to track participation in activities in social intranets or extranets.

Office 365: Is SharePoint Online a Good Business Move?

You may recall earlier in the month that Microsoft announced that it was making Office 365 cheaper by up to 20%. With low-level entry barriers for its competitors such as Google and Zoho, it’s not unlikely that those prices will drop again, especially as Microsoft says it is cutting internal costs. But even with the reduced pricing, is Office 365 – and, in particular, SharePoint Online -- really for you.

EMC Greenplum Open Sources Big Data Apps, Acquires Pivotal Labs

“What Java did for the Internet, they (EMC Greenplum) will do for the web.” That’s a pretty profound proclamation, especially when you consider who’s making it; none other than Scott McNealy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, where Java was created in the early 1990’s.

Perceptive Enterprise CMS Integrates With Microsoft Dynamics AX

Right since way back when and just after Microsoft released Dynamics AX, Perceptive got cozy with AX. First it integrated its ImageNow product, and now it has announced release of Interact for Dynamics that makes content offered through document capture and retrieval technology accessible from any AX 2012 list page or detail screen.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Promises Big Data, Business Intelligence Solutions

Microsoft has officially launched the release to manufacturing (RTM) version of SQL Server 2012 with a virtual conference and free downloads. SQL Server 2012 is heavily focused around three key themes and the company is positioning it as one of the most significant updates to the platform to date.

Panorama's Necto Partners with Microsoft SQL Server to Strengthen Business Intelligence

Yesterday's release of Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 brought with it integration with business intelligence (BI) solution provider Panorama's socially enabled BI solution, Necto.

Forrester: Customer Experience Management and 13 Emerging CRM Trends

If you’re not entirely sure that your company has developed the correct Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy or technologies, you would not be alone. According to recent research from Forrester, despite widespread adoption and deployment, many IT and business people says they are struggling.

GageIn, Yammer Integrate Social Networking & Business Intelligence

You all know that Yammer is one of the most widely known enterprise social networking tools and that it has been steadily adding new capabilities that offer more than the standard micro-messaging. Today, it adds some much needed social business intelligence through a new partnership with GageIn.

Gartner's Business Intelligence Magic Quadrant Dominated by Acquisitions, Specialty Vendors

Earlier this week we saw that increasing enterprise demands for different kinds of business intelligence is stretching vendors to come up with software that will keep business users happy. The result is a software space that is currently characterized by innovation and change, according to Gartner’s recent Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence 2012.

Gartner: Business Intelligence Vendors Challenged to Meet Enterprise Needs

Despite difficult economic times, the business intelligence (BI) market continues to grow. According to Gartner’s recently published Magic Quadrant for BI, while the market will grow at a compound rate of 8.1% annually until 2015, because the number of different things that enterprises are looking for BI solutions to do is also growing, vendors are struggling.

Laserfiche v8.3 Gets Analytics With Datawatch Report Mining

Laserfiche v8.3 Gets Analytics With Datawatch Report Mining While Laserfiche’s v8.3 release in late November added a bunch of new functions, analytics wasn’t one of them. This week, it has announced that Datawatch has joined its Professional Developer Program (PDP), which will add analytics functionality to the November enhancements.

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