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KnowledgeTree Ships Document Management Tools, Analytics; Salesforce Integration Soon

KnowledgeTree joins the list of companies that are now providing analytics to help existing and future companies deal with the massive mountain of data that is entering their repositories daily. Its release today of analytics offerings, along with some smart tools, should extend its reach and add another market differentiator.

IBM Buys Algorithmics, Offers Risk Analytics, GRC to Finance Sector

ibm_logo_2010.jpg Just as everyone was grabbing their hats and coats, and running out the door for the Labor Day weekend, IBM announced its second acquisition in as many days. This time it was Canadian-based Algorithmics for the relatively paltry sum of US$ 387 million, and again it is in the analytics space.

IBM Buys i2, Offers Big Data Analytics to 'Smarter Cities'

 IBM Buys i2, Offers Big Data Analytics to ‘Smarter Cities’ IBM’s Big Data portfolio just got bigger. Big Blue has announced that it is to buy UK-based i2, which provides intelligence and analytics for crime prevention and fraud.

Cloud9 Merges Business Intelligence with Process Management in New Suite

cloud9LogoNew2.pngIt used to be that forecasting was reserved for weather and stocks, but thanks to Cloud9’s new Sales Performance Suite, which features a new forecasting solution, users have the ability to actively managing their sales performance in an effort to accurately forecast sales.

HP, Autonomy: Information Management, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Money

There has been speculation over the past five days as to the significance of HP’s announcement that it intends to buy UK-based Autonomy for US$ 10.7 billion. Questions over the wisdom of the deal are rife, but ultimately, the answer to the general question as to what it is all about was provided by HP CEO Léo Apotheker in the initial announcement.

Tentative Facebook Redesign is Good for Pages, Bad for Users

facebook_logo_10.jpgIn recent months, the Facebook team has been on a quest to pack more information into the homepage. The latest composition removes the Most Recent tab from the news feed and replaces it with a real-time activity feed inside the Chat sidebar, slamming users with more information whether they like it or not. 

SharePoint in the Enterprise: Best Uses, Trends, Tools & Strategies

I recently attended and spoke at the SharePoint Saturday: The Conference this August 2011. My presentation was around real world applications on SharePoint: ideas, trends we’re seeing and actually uses. I also had the opportunity to speak with several experts in the field, and some current and future consumers of SharePoint. Here’s what most of the buzz was about.

ComScore, eXelate Help Qualify, Verify Online Data Segments

ComScore, eXelate Help Qualify, Verify Online Data SegmentsRecently, we’ve seen a number of digital marketing intelligence vendors target audiences intentionally based on their behaviors. First Nielsen, then Bizo, now eXelate.

Customizing SharePoint: Start with the Solution or the Business Problem?

Before you begin adding customization tools to SharePoint to create a solution for your business, you must understand your company’s business problem. In this article, I cover a few important areas you need to address before you look at technology.

Pentaho Adds More Big Data Source to Business Intelligence Suite

Open source business intelligence provider Pentaho (news, site) has announced that it is supporting substantially more big data sources natively such as the latest distribution of Hadoop and many other NoSQL sources. The expansion of data sources should make it easier for Pentaho’s users to connect these repositories and analyze their ever-expanding stores of data.

Elcom CommunityManager.Net 7.5 Sneak Peak: Improved Web Publishing

Elcom CommunityManager.Net 7.5 Sneak Peak: Much Improved Web PublishingAustralian based enterprise content management provider, Elcom (news, site), has a released a super secret (well not that secret) preview of what’s coming in its 7.5 release of CommunityManager.NET at the end of August. We couldn’t resist the urge to look.

IBM Lab to Exploit Potential of Cloud, Mobile, Analytics Services

IBM Lab to Exploit Potential of Cloud, Mobile, Analytics Services IBM (news, site) is looking to build on its recent acquisitions. In recent weeks, we’ve seen it announce the release of products built around Coremetrics and Unica on one hand, and Netezza on the other. It has now announced a new services lab that will enable clients to expand their real-time analytics and software automation products.

Attivio Embraces Extreme Information

Attivio Embraces Extreme Information Attivio (news, site) announced modules for its Active Intelligence Engine (AIE). The new modules enhance Attivio’s AIE platform with better support for big data and recommendation and classification engines.

IBM Offers Government Social Collaboration, Extends Power of Big Data Offerings

IBM_logo_2009.jpg In information management at the moment, two of the real buzzwords are cloud computing and Big Data. In both areas, IBM (news, site) is a contender for top spot, with two simultaneous, separate, but related developments. One is the launch of cloud-based collaboration services for government, the other is that it has upped the speed at which Big Data can be managed.

IBM Q2 Earnings Report Reveals Strong Performance in Growth Markets, Cloud Services and Business Intelligence

It's the time for earnings report calls. And as IBM (news, site) posts US$ 26.7 billion in quarterly revenue, we learn that much of the 15% nominal increase over the same quarter last year was from operations in growth markets, as well as software and services like cloud computing.

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