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Jaspersoft Brings Big Data Analytics to Non-Technical Users

jaspersoftLogo.gif Open source business intelligence provider Jaspersoft has announced a new version of its platform, version 4.5. The latest release brings big data to the masses with a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily connect to popular big data solutions like Hadoop.

Gartner: 10 Predictions for 2012, IT Departments to Adapt or be Swept Aside

If you thought the people in IT moaned a lot, then you won’t be able to hear yourself think once they get through this year’s Gartner’s IT predictions. The bottom line is that IT departments will have to adapt to working in the wider enterprise rather than within a narrow IT niche, or face elimination.

HP, Autonomy Releases Focus on Big Data, Social Intelligence

While everyone had been expecting speedy action following the Autonomy acquisition, HP’s release today (Tuesday, November 29) of a new platform to process unstructured information based on IDOL has to be a record.

Pentaho's Business Intelligence Suite Has New Name, Bag of Big Data Tricks

pentahoLogosmall.jpgPentaho, a provider of an open-source business intelligence (BI) platform, has announced its latest release. Like the rest of the information management world, the company is squarely focused on supporting -- yes, you guessed it -- big data.

IBM Completes Acquisition of Q1 Labs, Boosts Security Offering

In a move to leverage advanced analytics to help differentiate its products, IBM said today it completed acquisition of Waltham, Mass.-based Q1 Labs and created a new Security Systems Division with former CEO of the acquired group, Brendan Hannigan, serving as GM. 

The acquisition comes with the promise of adding “greater intelligence” to new product offerings, as Q1 Labs provides advanced analytics to detect and flag suspicious or abnormal events. Q1 was a private company, and financial terms were not disclosed.

IBM Beats Oracle, Microsoft to Cloud with Big Data Analytics

ibm_logo_2010.jpg If the release of an iPad app that gives users access to Big Data analytics and Cognos was interesting in the mobile space, the announcement that IBM is making Info Sphere BigInsights on SmartCloud should have the effect of shaking up the big data market a little bit.

Mobile Entree 3.0 Mobilizes SharePoint and Business Intelligence

Enterprise software is following the consumer market and is going down a path of increased mobility. As a result, enterprise-focused software solutions need to be able to adapt to provide information at the right time, to mobile devices. This is why H3 Solutions is releasing new capabilities to Mobile Entree that will enable mobile users to see SharePoint performance data and enable HTML5-powered offline-capable mobile app creation.

What's new in the latest release of Mobile Entree? The mobile-focused list includes:

EMC, Microsoft, OpenText Among Gartner Enterprise CMS Magic Quadrant Leaders

In yesterday’s look at this year’s Gartner’s enterprise CMS Magic Quadrant, we saw how growing pressure on enterprises to achieve better productivity has seen many turn to enterprise content management systems to achieve that. Today we look at the companies that made it into the Leaders Quadrant as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Panorama Puts Its Business Intelligence Platform on Tablet PCs

Managers looking for full business intelligence including real-time trend analysis on the go need look no further after Panorama Software announced Monday that its Necto BI 3.0 business intelligence platform is now available on Windows-based tablet PCs. The Toronto-based company said enterprise users have access to the full capabilities of Necto’s socially-enabled business intelligence platforms that seamlessly connect people, insights and data.

People Insights Improve Customer Experience, Give Companies an InsideView

InsideView.pngUnlike robots and automated machines, people are complex. They don’t always return your phone calls. They don’t always read your emails. And they don’t always tell you why, leaving you to wonder if your sales pitch was off or if they weren’t interested.  InsideView’s People Insights promises to change this, offering business professionals a comprehensive view of social, professional and company insights on the people with whom they do business.

iPad App Offers Mobility to Cognos, IBM Big Data

What’s new on the iTunes web site may be of interest to IBM Big Data users, especially those with the iPad “second screen” now gaining in popularity among business users. A new app optimized for the iPad, dubbed "Cognos Mobile" from the IBM Business Analytics division is available for free download. The group said its new app makes it easier to explore data on the go with location-aware analytics.

Infragistics Offers Visual Business Intelligence Web Parts for your SharePoint Data

Sometimes it's easier to get a better idea of what's going on if you see it in a chart or some other type of visual. Infragistics works to help you do this with your SharePoint data with the release of NetAdvantage for SharePoint.

Jaspersoft, Red Hat Offer a Data-to-Dashboard Business Intelligence Solution

Jaspersoft BI Suite, a commercial open source data-to-dashboards solution, now combines Red Hat's data virtualization technology with Jaspersoft's analysis and dashboarding services.

Microsoft Announces Mobile Business Intelligence Strategy

The collective gasps regarding Microsoft’s announcement that it was developing its own Hadoop distribution (hot on the heels of Oracle’s NoSQL about-face) might have drowned out another newsworthy announcement from the Microsoft SQL Pass conference. Microsoft detailed its mobile business intelligence roadmap, and surprise, surprise, it’s not all about Windows 8.

Forrester: Technology Trends for the Enterprise Architect to Watch

Forrester_logo_2009.jpgIt’s not easy being an enterprise architect. They go by many names. You may know them as an information architect or business analyst or that guy in IT. No matter what you refer to them as, their job is not easy.

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