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Dynamics CRM Goes Mobile, Extends Social Capabilities

CRM is nothing really unless it can adapt to business users’ changing marketplace. Microsoft, since the release of Dynamics CRM online last year, committed itself to providing agile CRM and preparing companies for the release by flagging changes 90 days in advance. It has now flagged that it is making Dynamics CRM mobile.

IBM Adds Two Companies, Expands Analytics Reach, Builds Mobile Software Portfolio

ibm_logo_2010.jpg IBM is spending like there’s no tomorrow. Two more companies have just landed in its net, both of which will grow its analytics business on one hand – particularly its Smart Commerce drive – and on the other hand its mobile communications strategy.

SharePoint Upgrade Supports iPad Mobile Business Intelligence ...Sort of

The latest SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update from Microsoft came with a surprise for iPad users: Select mobile business Intelligence reports and scorecards can now be viewed via the Safari Browser running Apple iOS 5.

Forrester: 10 Ways Business Intelligence is Evolving

All of the changes taking place in the business intelligence space make it difficult to pinpoint exactly where it is going. Forrester recently looked into the question and found that the relationship between users of business intelligence applications and the IT departments that are providing business intelligence tools is being turned upside down.

Jaspersoft Unveils First Business Intelligence for Platform-as-a-Service

js_logo_2012.png Jaspersoft announced that its business intelligence (BI) software will be integrated with Red Hat's OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Information Management 2011: Analytics, Business Intelligence, BPM

Information management in the enterprise has clearly been a matter of considerable concern over the past year. Even leaving aside SharePoint 2010 (which we will look at in another post), interest in it has been intense. Here is a list of subjects that appear to have hit the spot. There are dozens more that could be included, but these are the ones that caught our attention.

EMC Study Reveals Few Firms Maximize Value of Data, Employee Skills Lacking

EMC_logo_2010.jpg Data is an increasingly important player in the success of modern businesses. A new study by EMC suggests that few are adequately prepared to deal with this new reality. The EMC Data Science Study validates what many already suspected: Companies are not using their data to its full potential and the people who can help them are in short supply.

Will IBM's Rometty Continue Buying Spree for Smarter Cities After Curam?

ibm_logo_2010.jpg By September this year, the acquisition machine that is IBM appeared to have run out of steam. However, its acquisition of social enterprise management vendor Curam this week is just the latest in a series of "buys" that indicates Big Blue is back in buying mode.

Android Users Getting Instagram App Soon and Faster Facebook Now


Android users have millions of apps to enjoy, but there's still some envy for iOS's best-in-class products. Another of those pins will fall down soon, with the upcoming release of mega-popular photo app Instagram while a faster updated Facebook app is out now.

Jaspersoft Brings Big Data Analytics to Non-Technical Users

jaspersoftLogo.gif Open source business intelligence provider Jaspersoft has announced a new version of its platform, version 4.5. The latest release brings big data to the masses with a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily connect to popular big data solutions like Hadoop.

Gartner: 10 Predictions for 2012, IT Departments to Adapt or be Swept Aside

If you thought the people in IT moaned a lot, then you won’t be able to hear yourself think once they get through this year’s Gartner’s IT predictions. The bottom line is that IT departments will have to adapt to working in the wider enterprise rather than within a narrow IT niche, or face elimination.

HP, Autonomy Releases Focus on Big Data, Social Intelligence

While everyone had been expecting speedy action following the Autonomy acquisition, HP’s release today (Tuesday, November 29) of a new platform to process unstructured information based on IDOL has to be a record.

Pentaho's Business Intelligence Suite Has New Name, Bag of Big Data Tricks

pentahoLogosmall.jpgPentaho, a provider of an open-source business intelligence (BI) platform, has announced its latest release. Like the rest of the information management world, the company is squarely focused on supporting -- yes, you guessed it -- big data.

IBM Completes Acquisition of Q1 Labs, Boosts Security Offering

In a move to leverage advanced analytics to help differentiate its products, IBM said today it completed acquisition of Waltham, Mass.-based Q1 Labs and created a new Security Systems Division with former CEO of the acquired group, Brendan Hannigan, serving as GM. 

The acquisition comes with the promise of adding “greater intelligence” to new product offerings, as Q1 Labs provides advanced analytics to detect and flag suspicious or abnormal events. Q1 was a private company, and financial terms were not disclosed.

IBM Beats Oracle, Microsoft to Cloud with Big Data Analytics

ibm_logo_2010.jpg If the release of an iPad app that gives users access to Big Data analytics and Cognos was interesting in the mobile space, the announcement that IBM is making Info Sphere BigInsights on SmartCloud should have the effect of shaking up the big data market a little bit.

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