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Attensity Analyze 6.0 Develops Business Intelligence from Customer Intelligence

attensity_logo.JPGWhen we last spoke about Attensity, we addressed its partnership with Twitter. Today, the customer experience management (CEM) provider has released Attensity Analyze 6.0, a customer analytics and engagement application.

CIOs Will Move Enterprises to Cloud, IBM Research Shows

ibm_logo_2010.jpg With some research, you get the sense that, in some way, the conclusions are loaded in favor of the company that sponsored the research. With IBM’s (news, site) recent Essential CIO study, which identifies a massive move to the cloud in the next five years, the conclusions are so wide and favor so many different companies that you have to conclude that Big Blue has tapped into some very interesting trends around the position of CIO.

Microsoft Accelerates Dynamics CRM Release Cycle to Expand Functionality Quicker

Without saying why, Microsoft (news, site) has announced that it is accelerating its Dynamics CRM release cycle in a new Statement of Direction (SoD) that envisages releases on a biennial basis rather than on the current three-year cycle that it currently uses.

Panorama Necto Adds a Social Dimension to Business Intelligence

Social networking is often considered an important source of business intelligence, both for the conversations and for the connections among like-minded individuals and organizations. Panorama Software's (news, site) recently launched Necto is a socially-enabled BI solution that lets business users track relevant conversations and discussions in social networks, and will get users connected with other individuals looking for similar data insights.

Deloitte Buys SaaS Business Intelligence Vendor Oco

deloittesmall.jpgIn a move that it said demonstrated its commitment to the managed analytics marketplace, Deloitte (news, site) acquired "substantially all" of the assets of SaaS business intelligence vendor Oco Inc. Financial terms were not disclosed.

EMC Announces Cloud Storage Updates, Hadoop based BI Software#emcworld

You can't expect EMC (news, site) to hold a major conference and not get a steady steam of partner announcements and a few of their own. Here is a look at some of the news coming out of EMC World this week.

This Week: Information Strategy is in the Conversation Age

Tackling Enterprise Information Management (EIM) this week we looked at the importance of collaboration and reliable data for better business intelligence, how adaptive case management serves the public good and how to create your SharePoint governance plan.

At the ever provocative J. Boye conference in Philadelphia we encountered bold thinkers and even bolder implementers of grand ideas. Innovator Jon Udell talked about how Tags are Information Services, Bob Boiko explored the role of Conversations in your information strategy and a few others expounded on how to create an effective digital marketing strategy.

Other news this week we saw SDL acquire Calamares, then CityGrid Media bought BuzzLabs and plenty of rumors that Facebook would grab Skype.

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IBM Launches Coremetrics Lifecycle for Deep Online Marketing

With the launch this week of Coremetrics Lifecycle, Big Blue (news, site) continues to expand its Smarter Commerce initiative, which it outlined at last month's Impact conference and also builds on the Coremetrics acquisition last year that caused some excitement at the time.

Oracle Introduces iPhone/iPad Support for Business Intelligence Suite

Oracle_logo_2010.jpg While this week’s upgrade to Oracle’s (news, site) Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition suite adds out-of-the-box iPhone and iPad support, Oracle also completes a process that it started last summer when it upgraded the suite from 10g to 11g.

BI & Analysis: Better Results with Collaboration, Reliable Data

In The Ever-Expanding Importance of Analytics: True Intelligence for Business, I initiated an analysis of the current state of “business intelligence" -- the kind of intelligence that truly benefits enterprises derives from classic definitions of the word: Learning, understanding and applying knowledge and experience to new situations to make better decisions. Until recently, BI has mostly derived from practices and technology that address structured data and business processes inside the firewall. BI will now have to include unstructured or content sources in analytics, to add in missing subtleties, context and insight that cannot be pulled from structured data sources.

Now let's further analyze new directions for business intelligence and analytics. 

LogiXML Release Offers BI Development for Any Mobile Device

If LogiXML (newssite) recently identified the lack of agility of many business intelligence solutions as one of the reasons for many users’ dissatisfaction with BI vendors, its release of Logi Mobile, a major enhancement to its BI platform Logi Info, will help somewhat with the agile BI development for mobile devices.

The Ever-Expanding Importance of Analytics: True Intelligence for Business

“Intelligence” is a word much bandied about in enterprises. Frankly few enterprises use it properly to denote what constitutes authentic intelligence.

Zylab's E-Discovery Software Identifies Information Stored in Audio Files

zyLab_logo_2009.jpg A quick look back at our coverage of e-Discovery in recent times will show one glaring hole. That hole is audio e-Discovery, which hasn’t been covered because a solution has not been available. Until now, that is, with the release of Zylab’s Audio Search Bundle.

Business Intelligence Spending Grows, But Many Enterprises Unhappy with Vendors

While Gartner (news, site) has estimated that the global business intelligence (BI) market continued to grow at rates considerably higher than other areas of IT last year, research from LogiXML, which produces web-based BI product, shows that many companies and users are far from happy with the performance of the products they are using.

Community Highlights - New Collaboration Skills Needed, Tag Management, Best Path to Mobile Apps

CMSWire community contributors work in the trenches of information management, enterprise collaboration and web engagement. In this weekly aggregation we highlight a few of the most impactful community articles.

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