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Big Data as a Disrupter - Thinking About Big Data Strategically

2014-15-October-Roller-Coaster.jpgAfter riding the roller coaster of hype, Big Data disillusionment has been setting in, driven in part by the inherent fuzziness of exactly what the term means, but also because the term by itself is really descriptive of just a bunch of bits, rather than tangible business benefits. So I’ll try to put some gloss back on big data by putting it in the context of business strategy, which, after all, is the context that matters to the senior executives who have the financial wherewithal to really make big things happen with big data.

Does Your Cyber Security Strategy Include Shadow IT?

Cyber security are words that organizations need to become more familiar with. We may hear it in the news from time to time when there’s a hacking incident, but putting your information at risk doesn’t always manifest itself so publicly. Unless you’re fully informed on the security issues within your organization, chances are your information is already at risk.

Attendees Learn Why Content Matters at #ConFab 2011

confab-oddsize_blog.pngMost content strategists love content, because we love words. But most companies ignore content because the link between words and revenue isn’t always obvious. At Confab 2011, the Content Conference was organized strategically so that attendees were first rallied and supported, then schooled in the business application of content strategy and how we can appeal to a company’s financial side when pitching the merits of better, more efficient content.

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