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Mobile Security For Businesses: Lookout Jumps Onboard

Mobile Enterprise, Mobile Security For Businesses: Lookout Jumps OnboardMobile users in business are worried about security. This much we know. A recent survey found that data loss was a greater concern to IT than malware (75% versus 47%). 

The New Promise of Corporate Portals: The Future of Corporate Portals

Social Business, Intranets, The New Promise of Corporate Portals: The Future of Corporate PortalsAs summer draws to an end, so does my three-part series, The New Promise of Corporate Portals. This month, we get to the hard stuff -- the future.

SharePoint and Office 365: Enterprise Mobile Evolution

Mobile enterprise, social business,SharePoint and Office 365: Enterprise Mobile EvolutionJust a year ago analysts were saying that SharePoint was failing in supporting mobile, and now Microsoft is releasing Android Apps for SharePoint. A lot has changed since the release of SharePoint 2013.

New Report Shows That the Long-Sought Future of Work Is Here

Chess Media Group ,social business, enterprise collaborationFrom the Chess Media Group's "The Future of Work" report

Virtually everyone reading this article has heard, for years, that the way we work is changing. Now, a new report tries to quantify the changes through a survey of employees actually using the new collaboration technologies.

Building a Mobile App for SharePoint? Not So Fast!

Mobile Enterprise: Building a Mobile App for SharePointWith the recent mobile device explosion, we are seeing business users becoming increasingly more mobile. Many companies want to make the most of their SharePoint investments by giving their employees mobile access to important documents and content stored in SharePoint.

Infrascale Enables SharePoint BYOD Strategies Through FileLocker Native Mobile Apps

SharePoint and FileLocker connector.jpg

SharePoint connecting to FileLocker

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategies are starting to dovetail with SharePoint, as enterprises struggle to balance a need for security with demand for access. Platform-as-a-Service vendor Infrascale has released a possible solution with the availability of SharePoint connectors for its FileLocker enterprise collaboration solution.

The Mobile Enterprise: What Access is Right for Your Company

Enterprise Mobile Digital ExperienceHow do you access your intranet when not in your office, at your desk? Does your VPN allow you secure access to your workplace network from any device, or do you need VPN client software on an "issued" work laptop?

Trends in Enterprise Mobile App Development [Infographic]

As we tackled in the ins and outs of the mobile digital experience, this month, something was made terribly clear -- it's already here. Consumers are devouring mobile, employees are flocking to mobile apps and devices, and your company's ability to adapt, adopt and strategize for the mobile web, mobile apps and the overall mobile experience is critical. 

5 Things You Should Know About Your Mobile Consumers + How to Use that Data

Customer Experience: Mobile Data into Big DataAmericans check their smart phones an average of 150 times per day so it’s no wonder that nearly every business is scrambling to figure out their place in the mobile ecosystem. Is an app the answer? An SMS campaign? IVR? All of the above? Luckily today’s mobile technologies and marketing channels provide businesses with troves of data that can aid in determining what's coming next and help define your brand’s mobile strategy.

Managing Mobile in the Enterprise [Infographic]

If you're struggling to manage mobile at work, you may need to look at all the ways that mobile has infiltrated the lives of your employees. It's no longer just about which device they use, but also about the types of apps they use.

Mobile Killed the Enterprise Social Network Star: The Unintended Consequence of Stronger Employee Connections

Mobile Killed Enterprise Social Network StarHave you ever accomplished something absolutely amazing, only to be shocked by the unintended consequences months or years down the road? “I didn't see that coming” is the battle cry of the high-achieving enterprise employee who creates better than expected outcomes that give unannounced and unwelcome life to sneaky consequences that are byproducts of any successful program.

Bracing for the E-Discovery Dangers of BYOD

E-Discovery Dangers of BYODIn today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are increasingly permitting their employees to use their own devices, such as smart phones and iPads, to perform business functions. Known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), this trend has revolutionized employee work habits. 

The Mobile Enterprise: Implementing Tomorrow's Solutions Today

Mobile Security Mobile Collaboration.jpgAs 2013 progresses, two mobility issues, namely security and collaboration, are becoming increasingly intertwined. Security has always been at the forefront of corporate mobility concerns. However, providing the right access is no longer enough; employees expect to be able to collaborate as they would at their desks. Enabling better interconnectivity -- securely -- will be a hot topic for some time to come.

Endpoint Back Up: Unify, Empower and Analyze


Regardless of whether your company allows employees to bring their own device or not, chances are you still have devices to manage. The amount of information that flows across devices can be staggering. It’s estimated that corporate endpoint data doubles in size every 14 months. How are you securing your company’s data?

Securing Enterprise Collaboration, BlackBerry-Style on iOS and Android

blackberry 10 secure work space, ios, android

As recently promised, BlackBerry has released its secure workspace app to enable workers to share content safely on almost any device. Will playing nicely with ecosystem rivals help BB's bank-end sales, or will the move put another nail in its hardware strategy?

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