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2014 Action Item: Did B2B Marketers Become More Agile?

2015-6-January-to do list.jpg

It was just a year ago that B2B marketers had a clean slate, the whole year in front of them.

Now it's over. 2014's gone. No second chances.

We caught up this time last year with industry insiders about some absolute must-dos for 2014. Starting today, we catch up with some of them again to see, well, if B2B marketers DID the must-dos.

We begin with Carla Johnson, president of Type A Communications out of Parker, Colo. Johnson's message last year to B2B marketers was to become agile.

"Why, how and what marketers need to perform in our roles has never changed so much or at such a significant rate as it is now," Johnson told CMSWire last year.

Developers, IT Decision Makers Worlds Apart on Mobile


Developers and senior IT decision makers have differing views of mobile maturity and its development in their organizations. That's not surprising.

But this much difference?

Appcelerator, a mobile enterprise platform provider, and IDC recently surveyed 8,010 mobile developers and 121 IT decision makers. They found vastly differing opinions on where mobile is and where it's going.

"Same planet, different world," Brad Hipps, Appcelerator's vice president of marketing, told CMSWire. "They really have diametrically opposed views of what's happening."

Use Purpose-Driven Content to Create Buyer Experiences

2014-09-September-Buy-Now.jpgIt’s no secret that the information pools that buyers can tap are overflowing. It’s time, however, that we start looking at the customer buying process with a different perspective and begin focusing on purpose-driven content that creates distinguishing experiences for audiences.

What Apple is Cooking Up: iPhone 6 and iWatch Rumors

Only Apple could get away with it.

Thirty years after Steve Jobs unveiled the first Macintosh at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, Calif., Apple is back home. Tomorrow it's expected to launch the iPhone 6, and possibly even unveil its latest entry into the Internet of Things, a wearable computer called the iWatch. 

As usual, the invitation to the two-hour media event that starts at 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT) tomorrow sheds little light on what will happen. But speculation about the iWatch was fueled by the fact that Apple extended invitations to top fashion editors and bloggers.

The invitation simply states, “Wish we could say more."

2014 Must-Do: Become Agile in B2B Marketing

customer experience, 2014 Must-Do: Become Agile in B2B Marketing

What do you need in B2B marketing this year? OK, we know. Sales. Leads. Conversions. ROI. Pats on the back from those occupying the C-suite.

But to eat those slices of cake, you need to be agile first, said Carla Johnson, principal at Type A Communications, a Parker, Colo.-based firm that provides marketing strategies.

"Why, how and what marketers need to perform in our roles has never changed so much or at such a significant rate as it is now," Johnson told CMSWire.

In this, the second part of our "2014 Must-Do" series, we look at B2B marketing. Yesterday, we discussed getting back to basics in Web CMS.

Big Data Gets Smart, Personalization Gets Personal

Customer Experience, Big Data Gets Smart, Personalization Gets Personal and the Future Looks BrightFor the last few years, “mobile” has topped every trend-forecasting list across industries -- with experts hailing each incoming year “The Year of Mobile.” We could spend an entire article debating whether 2013 was actually the year that mobile truly broke through. There’s certainly no shortage of compelling statistics illustrating the impressive, accelerated growth of smartphone adoption and content consumption over the last 12 months.

2014 Wish List ... from Carla Johnson

2014 Wish List ... from Carla Johnson In 2014, I wish that experiences will become an integral part of content marketing. One of the main purposes of content marketing is to build meaningful relationships with our audiences, and I would like to see that come to fruition through more in-person experiences. It’s what will truly bring brand stories to life.

In 2014, I wish that organizations would realize that teaching their own employees their brand story is 10 times more important than telling the marketplace. If you want your story to mean something, then teach it to the people who will make it real for customers. Lots of companies are telling stories these days; few companies are living them to the point of ingraining them into every corner of their organization that they can. -- Carla Johnson, principal, Type A Communications

Title image by Amodiovalerio Verde (Flickr).

B2B Social Media Marketing: Buyers Navigate to Peers, Tech May Not Be Answer

customer experience, B2B Social Media Marketing: Buyers Navigate to Peers, Tech May Not Be Answer

B2B marketers on social media need to know something before starting any campaign: Their potential buyers are focused and living and breathing in the same platform as their peers. 

It’s one of the messages from Carla Johnson, principal at Type A Communications, who catches up with CMSWire in the second part of our series this week on B2B social marketing challenges.

Breaking Bad: How Technology is Changing Media & Entertainment

how tech changes media & entertainment.jpgInspired by the recent Emmy awards broadcast, and with a nod to the awesome Best Drama winner Breaking Bad, this month I take a look at the impact of technology innovation on the Media and Entertainment industry and what it will take for those companies to win the “IT Emmy.”

What the Right Brain Brings to Content Marketing

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” -- George Bernard Shaw.

What Marketing Can Learn from IT about Content

Marketing sets the tone and pace for content strategy, but there’s a great deal marketers can learn from their IT counterparts.

Future Prediction: Lose the Consumer, Risk Losing the Enterprise

As we move into a new year, one thing is certain for enterprise IT: the consumerization of enterprise technology is not a trend ... it's a reality.

Web Experience: Designing for the Right Amount of Information

There is a growing need for a much more professional and scientific approach to the management of information. 

Aussie Police Warn Against Apple Maps iPhone App Use

maps_app_icon.jpgApple's beleaguered Maps app users get another warning, this time from Australian Police, called out to rescue several lost travellers in recent months trying to navigate a Victoria State National Park. 

HootSuite Adds Apps to Manage Content in WordPress, Vimeo; Introduces New Marketing Apps

The social media engagement platform HootSuite has added five new apps to its directory, giving users creative freedom with the content they publish.

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