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Savo's Digital Postcards, CDNify's Free SSL and More


There's plenty of news to share this week: Showpad's new features, Brainshark's new filters, Widen's integration with ProofHQ and CDNify's free SSL.

Welcome Real-time launches its location service and Savo reveals digital postcards. Plus, Good Technology's newest Mobility Index Report is out and TouchConnect offers ways to move customers to self-service. Teams Up with Wowza on Live Video Streaming Teams Up with Wowza on Live Video StreamingContent delivery start up is now in the video business. Streaming media service provider Wowza has been named as a partner on a project that will provide video streaming that takes advantage of the distributed network of servers.

Product Content Platform Shotfarm Partners with Content Delivery Network Akamai

shotfarm, akamai, content delivery network, customer experience, retailers Shotfarm, which hosts product content for the retail industry, has joined content delivery network (CDN) Akamai’s NetAlliance partner program, giving the retailer/manufacturer platform the support of a global media distribution network. 

Contentful Debuts Cloud Based CMS in Beta

Contentful Debuts Cloud Based CMS in BetaDevelopers of the now in beta Web CMS Contentful have just launched their cloud based system, and it could be a product that portends the future of CMSes.

Limelight Orchestrate 2.0 Released for Publishers + Marketers

Content delivery vendor Limelight hosts video, provides content management, delivery, performance and cloud storage with Orchestrate 2.0.

Providing multiple format content to various devices in real time is a feature many technology providers are striving for in a mobile world, and Limelight Orchestrate 2.0 has been released for doing just that. Debuts with Pay Per Use Content Delivery, Takes on Amazon CloudFront

Websites needing to speed up dynamic content delivery now have another usage based content delivery network from a company called (and it's patterned a bit after Amazon CloudFront).

Tealium Speeds Tag Management Delivery Network with a Multi-CDN Architecture

Enterprise tag management technology provider Tealium is moving from a traditional single-CDN (content delivery network) to a multi-CDN architecture. Tealium says the new architecture will optimize performance and speed of its tag management delivery network.

Does NoSQL Equal No Security?

Big data and the tools to manage it have become an almost constant topic of discussion, and NoSQL, a general category of non-relational data storage tools designed to store large volumes of loosely structured data, is frequently at the center of these conversations. However, not everyone is enamored with NoSQL. A recent report by Information Week, “Why NoSQL Equals No Security,” suggests that security is barely an afterthought in NoSQL repositories. Is this a valid assessment or just a bit more hyperbole in a market that seems to gravitate toward tabloid style sensationalism?

Amazon AWS Opens Up for Dynamic Web Content on CloudFront


Amazon's CloudFront has long let users host and distribute the static content elements for websites. Now the service can play host to dynamic content as well, adding support for the full scope of a dynamic, content-rich site or service with access to EC2 applications.

CMSWire Tweet Jam: Meet the Customer Experience Panelists #CXMChat

We are a little less than one full day away from our October tweet jam. This month we cover three important elements of customer experience: Content, Community and Commerce. Take a gander at who will be there and what we'll be talking about.

Google's Page Speed Service Raises Concerns Among Webmasters

Google (news, site) recently unveiled its Page Optimization Service, promising anywhere from 20% to 65% page speed improvement. Currently on a free, limited trial, the service supposedly improves page delivery and loading time by distributing the load across Google servers worldwide. But at what cost?

Cotendo's Content Acceleration Service Targets Mobile Devices

contendosmall.PNGThe use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has grown rapidly over the last decade, allowing consumers to become constantly connected. Despite the enormous market potential, the mobile experience that many organizations provide is nothing less than painfully slow -- a definite negative in the impatient world of the web. Content delivery network (CDN) provider Cotendo (newssite) has announced an offering that might help. Cotendo has announced an extension of its web acceleration service, the Mobile Acceleration Suite (MAS), that can significantly reduce page load times on mobile devices. 

Blaze Optimizes Website Performance for Mobile

blazeLogo.JPG Canadian startup Blaze Software, founded in 2010 and based in Ottawa, has announced the launch of its cloud-based Web Performance Optimization (WPO) service. Blaze’s WPO promises to optimize web front ends for organizations struggling to provide ever-elusive responsiveness in increasingly rich web applications with a growing set of delivery channels including tablets, smart phones, laptops and traditional computing devices. After a year of development and beta use by a subset of customers, Blaze and its services launch today.

IBM, Akamai Speed Up Web Apps, Cloud Computing with WebSphere Application Accelerator

The rise in demand for mobile applications and web applications can put a strain on data centers and bandwidth. To address the need to improve performance in cloud computing, IBM (news, site) and Akamai (news, site) have developed the WebSphere Application Accelerator, which will improve performance of web and cloud applications through distributed computing.

Cotendo Introduces Web 2.0-Style Content Delivery Network

cotendoLogo.JPG Cotendo, a site acceleration and content delivery network (CDN), announced the general availability of a cloud-based CDN, Cloudlet. The CDN provides better support for targeted and personalized content, a necessity for Web 2.0 style sites.

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