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Ces News & Analysis

The Internet of Things Brings Connected Cars to Life at #CES2014

Internet of things.jpg

The Internet of Things is affecting pretty much everything at the 2014 International CES taking place in Las Vegas. Cars are in the vanguard of this change, as various players try to get their services inside more vehicles, and inside the mind and wallet of the driver. 

With cars now packing 4G, working smoothly with a smartwatch or phone, and with access to masses of data, soon the seat of your car could be just as homey as the couch. 

UX Alert: Is This the Year Natural Computer Interaction Takes Off?

User experience (UX) discussions commonly assume keyboard, mouse or, more recently, touch screen interaction. Arguably, none of these are natural actions. But a raft of new gestural and other “in-the-air” interaction modes being presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and elsewhere suggest that more natural interaction is rapidly progressing beyond touch -- possibly leading to the dramatic reinvention of UX.

Lenovo's Horizon PC and NVIDIA's Shield Demonstrate Evolving PC Trends at #CES2013

 ces_logo_2013.JPGIt looks like the tower case can finally be laid to rest outside the IT environment as Lenovo, NVIDIA and others shoehorn the PC, or streaming access to it, into all kinds of new formats. 

What 21st Century Wonders Will This Year's CES Offer? One Writer's Perspective

As surely as January follows December, the big Consumer Electronics Show (CES) follows the fresh-in-memory holiday shopping season with an overwhelming display of candidates for next year’s presents. What new things are expected at this year’s Extravaganza in Vegas, opening next week?

A Week in Apple: Education and Evolution, not Revolution?

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While everyone else milled around at CES waving new products left, right and center, Apple is quietly getting on with the business of iPad and iPhone development. It also managed to sell rather more Macs than experts predicted.

Ultrabooks Trending at CES Alongside New Tablets and Phones

Ultrabooks Trending at CES Alongside New Tablets and Phones

Las Vegas' annual Consumer Electronics Show shindig starts on January 10 and, alongside the latest batch of smartphones and tablets, it is the new class of PC ultrabooks that will take center stage.

Build Your Enterprise Collaboration Social Graph with for Sharepoint 3.0

Build Your Enterprise Collaboration Social Graph with for Sharepoint 3.0 If you think that social graph and Sharepoint are opposites, think again. Thanks to, Sharepoint 3.0 just got more socially adept. Yes, version 2.2 was recently released, but 3.0 is designed to enhance the social elements of working, while 2.2 focused on basic elements of workflow.

CES: Ballmer Outlines Microsoft's Vision of the Future

ces_logo_2011.jpgMicrosoft (news, site) boss Steve Ballmer's keynote took a look into a varied future for the Seattle giant in the wake of turbulent times.

Microsoft Television to Compete with Apple & Google

Among the announcements expected at this year's CES conference is Microsoft's answer to the Web TV craze. Microsoft Television is rumored to be a “stripped-down version of Windows” for your tube, and will run users approximately US$ 200.

CES Show: Tablets, Televisions and 4G to Suck Up Your Data

CES Show: Tablets, Televisions and 4G to Suck Up Your DataWhile the C in CES (news, site) might stand for consumer, the E should stand for enterprise as all manner of executive gadgets are unveiled at this year's show, helping free up users and data.

Opera Mobile Sports New and Improved SDK

Opera releases new SDK

If Macworld wasn't enough to excite you all, worry not, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off today in Las Vegas and runs through January 11. The all-star lineup includes our dear friends at Opera who, aside from a few exciting happenings around their mobile broswer, remained relatively quiet in 2008. But because they spent the bulk of that down time working on their new SDK (unveiled at CES), we're willing to forgive and forget.

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