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Microsoft Takes Office to the Chrome Store

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Only two weeks after Office landed on iPad and about eight weeks since it made it easy to find through the launch of, Microsoft is chasing users wherever it can find them -- and in this case it's Chrome Web Store, right in the middle of Google’s own stomping ground.

It also appears to have quietly retired its Scroogled campaign.

It would probably be a bit silly to overestimate the real impact of this, given that users were always able to access Office apps through the in the Chrome browser. But with a new CEO on board, any sign of changes in the way Microsoft is doing business should be paid attention to. 

Google and HP Introduce New Chromebook 11 For the Mass Market


Recent Chromebooks have been high-end affairs to attract the technorati, but HP's latest offering is firmly at the budget, experimental or student crowd with a modest specification and fun looks for under $280. 

Google Announces Chrome Offline Apps to Challenge the Desktop


While celebrating the fifth birthday of Google Chrome, the company has announced a new wave of apps to turn its cloud- and web-based service into one that could soon challenge the likes of Windows and other desktop operating systems. 

Document Mgt Roll-up: Google Offers Access to Office Docs, Hyland + DocuSign Partner

Chrome Office Viewer beta.jpg Chrome Office Viewer (Beta)

Some interesting new releases this week in the document management space, not least of which is the new ability offered by Google to open and edit Office documents using Chrome. In other news, Hyland and DocuSign have inked a new partnership, Microsoft has outlined the future roadmap for Yammer with some interesting document capabilities and M-Files has been ISO certified. 

PC Users Can Talk To Chrome While Google+ Gets A Mobile Browser Update


Google has turned the taps on its update stream after last week's I/O event. You can now talk to your PC's Chrome browser for Google searches, while mobile users get a new version of Google+ to play with that's more in line with the card-based update of the recent PC browser update. 

Google+ Hangout Brings Unified Communications Across Android, Chrome and iOS


Google's I/0 event keynote is in full swing with announcements for developers, gadget lovers and social media users. A cross-platform Hangouts app is one of the highlights, bringing its various communications apps together. 

Goodbye, Rockmelt Social Browser; Hello, Rockmelt Website, Mobile Apps

When it was first introduced in late 2010, the Rockmelt social browser seemed like a next step -- instead of connecting with friends on social sites, users could connect with them directly through the browser. Rockmelt was “a browser,” co-founder Eric Vishria said at the time, “that does more than just navigate pages.” But next steps can go in unforeseen directions, and the company announced this week that it will soon "end-of-life" its social browser.  

Browser Wars: Google Dumps WebKit for Blink, Opera Jumps Aboard

The browser wars have taken a new direction. Google has announced that it will split off a new rendering engine from the open source WebKit that is used in its Chrome browser and Chrome OS, as well as in Apple’s Safari and others. The new open source engine is called Blink, and now Opera has announced it will also go Blink.

Early Build of Windows Blue Appears Online As Microsoft Pushes the Pace

windows8_logo.PNG An early build of Windows Blue, the first upgrade for Windows 8, somewhere between a service pack and Windows 9, has leaked online allowing users a peek at what Microsoft plans for its evolved user interface. Will it make any difference to the depressed PC market in a mobile-obsessed world?

Google Goes Hi-Spec With A New Chromebook Pixel Notebook

cb_pixel_thumb.jpg Google's new addition to the Chromebook range boosts it way out of the cheap-and-functional category into the Ultrabook class of sexy and desirable. But will that be enough to boost uptake of Google and partner's Chrome-powered devices?. 

Adobe Releases Flash Player Security Updates for Mac, Windows, Android + IE 10

Malicious Flash Player content has been circulating, and Adobe has responded with an emergency security update for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and various browser systems.

HP Enters the Chromebook Market, Pavilion-Style for $330

hp_pav_thumb.jpg While HP's Pavilion Chromebook is effectively one of Google's low-spec PCs cased in the usual Pavilion stylings, the message to Microsoft is clear, 'You aren't the only game in town.' And with Chromebook sales on the rise, it could be a smart move as Google's OS gains momentum.

Android Notifications Making Their Way to the Desktop in Chrome?

chrome_logo_2013.jpg The latest test version of the Chromium browser has a neat new feature that could see the Google Now notifications from Android devices pass over to Google's desktop browser. 

Our Take on Time Magazine's Top 10 Lists for Gadgets and Apps

It’s that time of year again. In lieu of sending everyone a new sweater, publications’ gifts to their readers are “best of the year” lists. This year’s end-of-year summaries from Time magazine, one of the most venerable list-makers, include compilations of Top 10 Gadgets and Top 10 Apps. 

Google Chrome Update Boosts User Privacy with Do Not Track Feature

Users of the Google Chrome browser now have more privacy options available to them. Access to permissions settings has been eased and Chrome now offers a “do not track” feature.

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