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Acquia + Alfresco Join Forces for Agile, Dynamic, Multichannel Content Delivery

In the world of multichannel content delivery and management, partnerships are being formed at an astounding rate. Today, Alfresco and Acquia have announced a new partnership that will see the two open source platforms working together to provide advanced multichannel content management.

WebFocus Cloud Express Business Intelligence Debuts for Governments

WebFocus Cloud Express Business Intelligence Debuts for GovernmentsAnalytics provider Information Builders has debuted a version of its WebFocus BI system just for governments, and the WebFocus Cloud Express will be part of the UK's G-Cloud Framework.

Ektron Gets Financing for Global, Mobile, Cloud Expansion

Ektron Managed Cloud.png
Ektron's visualization of its Managed Cloud, from its website.

Web CMS and customer experience management provider Ektron is ready to boost its global sales/marketing programs and its mobile/cloud offerings, thanks to a new infusion of outside investment. This round of financing, the third in the company’s 15-year history, brings the total outside funding to US$ 4.5 million. 

SDL CEO Mark Lancaster on Saas, Partners + CXM #sdlinnovate

SDL CEO Mark Lancaster on Saas, Partners + CXM #sdlinnovateSDL has developed a global CXM strategy, will slowly transition to a Sass model for some products, and work harder to build up partner relationships, SDL CEO Mark Lancaster said at the SDL Innovate conference this week.

HP and Google Team Up to Put Squeeze on Microsoft with SMB IT in a Box #HPDiscover

Thumbnail image for HP_Logo_2013.jpeg

If Microsoft was feeling the pressure on its Office division before HP Discover, yesterday’s announcement that HP and Google are teaming up to provide SMB IT in a Box will aggravate the problem. The bottom line is that the new partnership offers small businesses ways to avoid buying Office.

HP-Autonomy Releases Marketing Cloud For Agile Digital Marketing #HPDiscover

HP-Autonomy Releases Marketing Cloud ForAgile Digital Marketing  #HPDiscover , cxm, customer experience, digital marketingWhile there has been a number of releases already out of Discover, one that is really going to create a stir both inside and outside HP is the new Autonomy Marketing Cloud, which was just made public this afternoon.

Will HP's Discover Conference Point To Change in HP Fortunes? #HPDiscover

HP Discover ConferenceIf the run-up to HP’s bi-annual Discover conference in Las Vegas has been quiet, it is possibly because no one really knows what to expect. However, there’s already indications of significant product releases and pointers to HP’s plans for the coming year.

HP Kicks Off Discover with CXM, Mobile, Printer Joy #HPDiscover

With Discover just opening the shutters, HP has already announced a couple of releases that will muscle-up its cloud offering, and offer around-the-clock access to data anywhere and anytime. Given that CEO Meg Whitman sees cloud computing as one of the four key elements in the HP recovery bid, both releases are of interest.

IBM Updates Cloud Services on Heels of SoftLayer Buy

 IBM Updates Cloud Services on Heels of SoftLayer Buy

After IBM shelled out US$ 2 billion for cloud computing vendor SoftLayer, the company has begun updating its existing cloud and big data offerings within its PureSystems segment of products.

SAP Buys hybris to Deliver Cutting Edge Customer Experience, E-Commerce

sap acquires e-commerce platform vendor hybris to expand customer experience platform

Enterprise application mega-vendor SAP has just pushed further into the customer experience management space with the announcement that it is buying Swiss-based e-commerce platform vendor hybris for an undisclosed sum.

Cloudera Unveils Big Data Search, No Special Training Required

Cloudera Unveils Big Data SearchShhh ... don’t tell anyone, but many CIO’s say they’re afraid of Big Data.

Is Microsoft Undergoing a Mid-Life Crisis?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.jpg
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Will the Microsoft of a few years from now resemble today’s model? New reports suggest that changes are underway. 

IBM Buys SoftLayer For Estimated US$ 2 Billion, Beefs Up Cloud Offerings

IBM buys SoftLayer.jpgWhile there are many different flavours of cloud computing, with hybrid cloud deployments currently the flavour of the day, IBM is muscling its way to the top of the cloud heap through the acquisition of cloud providers. Today, it continues that push with the announcement that it is buying SoftLayer for a reported US$ 2 billion.

Ektron Offers Web Content Management Hosting with Managed Cloud

Ektron Offers Cloud Version of Web Content Management Platform

Ektron has joined the list of WCM providers offering a hosted version of its own web content management platform.

Centrify for Office 365 Simplifies Deployment, Gives IT More Control

Thumbnail image for brand_centrify.gif

Office 365 has been gaining momentum. Last week Office 365 Home Premium Edition passed the 1 million subscription mark. Before that it was reported that one in five of Microsoft’s enterprise customers have now subscribed to Office 365, up from one in seven a year ago. With more companies embracing Office 365, IT departments are likely to face additional challenges of deploying, supporting and managing access to cloud hosted versions of Office's server platforms. Enter Centrify for Office 365.

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