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Introduction to CMIS4DAM: The Key to DAM Interoperability

Despite 2013 being generally acknowledged as the time when both DAM users and software providers saw the need for improved interoperability, very little has happened towards making that goal become a reality. The DAM industry is guilty of self-obsessed and narcissistic behavior or (at best) an apathetic and fatalistic attitude that assumes interoperability is someone else's problem which might never get solved anyway. System developers are more interested in telling you how brilliant their products are; consultants and analysts highlight the issue, but do not offer any solutions.

Meanwhile, the ongoing DAM interoperability crisis smoulders away and users whose assets are sourced from another system (whether another DAM or a different class of enterprise application entirely) continue to grapple with complex and expensive custom integration projects that try to fill a void which should be occupied by a definitive industry-wide standard.

This Week: Redefining Social + The Human Element of Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping the Customer Journey
Technology helps organizations design and build better customer experiences, but there's something to be said for the human element -- both customer and business -- that can't be forgotten, or replaced.

Redefining Social
Everyone wants to have a social enterprise, but many can't define what that really means. Read Symon Garfield's definition of social business for one perspective.

To Move to the Cloud or Not
Here are 4 reasons not to move to SharePoint in the Cloud. For those who implement the OASIS CMIS content interoperability standard, working with cloud-based enterprise content management system is now easier.

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OASIS Approves Updated CMIS Standard

Oasis.pngEnterprise content management (ECM) systems now have an updated version of the standard for sharing information.

CMIS and SharePoint 2013: Native Support for Better Interoperability

With the new year comes a new release of the CMIS 1.1 standard. Let's take a look at how SharePoint 2013 has improved support for the standard and why this should matter to you.

OpenCms 8.5 Released: Adds CMIS Standards, Solr Integration

opencms[_logo_2009.pngAlkacon Software's OpenCms released version 8.5, a major update that includes inline editing, Solr integration and adoption of CMIS standards.

Generis CARA: Manage Content in Documentum, SharePoint & More

If you use Documentum for your enterprise content management platform -- or SharePoint, Alfresco, Oracle, or maybe a mix of these -- then you might be interested in having a look at Generis CARA. CARA is a browser-based document management interface that works with both CMIS and repository specific extensions and it's a pretty slick tool. Let's take a look.

The Oasis Web Experience Management Initiative (WEMI) Kicks Off in Copenhagen

Step aside CMIS for a few minutes, the new Web Experience Management Initiative (WEMI) needs a little attention. The first face-to-face meeting was recently held in Copenhagen and there were plenty of Web CMS vendors in attendance -- a sign that many are ready to play nice.

An Introduction to WEMI and the Future of the Online Experience

wemi.png Like people, computers often lose a few things in translation, some of the minutiae more significant than others. The growth and interconnectivity of our global community in many ways parallels the spawning of an equally giant network of online communications systems, all attempting to speak with each other and share information, yet without common ground. It seems the web needs a translator, and for the team behind OASIS’s recently announced WEMI (Web Experience Interoperability Initiative) committee, the call to action comes none too soon.

Magnolia 4.5 Promises Multichannel Management, One Step Closer to v. 5

We're at version 4.4.6 and counting for Magnolia's latest milepost to the whopping 5.0 upgrade. But we first have to get to v. 4.5 and that release is now promised for the end of this month for the top tier, open source Enterprise Content Management System.

Liferay Impresses With 6.1 Release

Liferay Impresses With 6.1 ReleaseOpen source portal provider Liferay has finally released the latest version of its platform, version 6.1 Community Edition. We were able to see a preview of 6.1 at the Liferay West Coast Symposium back in September, and the official release did not disappoint.

CMIS Deep Dive, Roadmap & SharePoint's Implementation #spc11

At last week’s SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, I attended the “CMIS Deep Dive and Roadmap” session, which was led by Adam Harmetz, Program Manager at Microsoft and Microsoft’s lead CMIS rep; Mike Mahon, President and CEO of Zia Consulting; and Ryan McVeigh, Director at Zia Consulting and CMIS Secretary and Technical Editor. The talk opened up with Adam giving a brief overview of what CMIS is and what its goals are.

Magnolia 4.5: Mobile Templates Plus Support for CMIS

With a focus on APIs over new features, Magnolia International Ltd.’s latest roadmap announcement now includes yet another version of the 4.x release, with a target date of November 2011. This is a managed upgrade approach from the Swiss-based CMS maker, looking to lessen the pain (and perhaps risk) of moving websites and future CMS development to a full-blown Magnolia 5.0 version.

Alfresco, WeWebU Offer Open Source Transactional Content Management

Alfresco and WeWebU announced a global technology partnership that will result in an Open Source alternative for transactional content management. 

Nuxeo, Ephesoft Join Forces to Make Paperless Processes Possible

nuxeo2011.jpgOpen source enterprise content management platform provider Nuxeo and open source document capture provider Ephesoft have announced a partnership that will enable users to automate document management workflows starting with capturing the document.

Alfresco, Ephesoft Partnership Offers CMIS-based Open Source Capture-to-Workflow Technology

The technology partnership announced by Alfresco (news, site) and Ephesoft (news, site) brings together the best of a number of things. With it, you get document capture, enterprise content management, CMIS, open source and all brought together for intelligent PDF capture and search and workflow development.

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