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How to Build a Community Like Disney

Customer Experience, How to Build a Community Like DisneyOne of my favorite clients recently told me he wanted his community to be like Disney. 

How Communities Can Help You Get "Unstuck" and Delight Customers

customer communities, customer experience Call centers in their current incarnation were developed to solve customer issues in the most efficient and scalable way possible, assuming that customers wanted to call or email companies. Today, we have way more channels than phone and email, and the “call” can come from anywhere -- putting employees nowhere near a call center in a position to directly interact with the customer. Sometimes, customers don’t even want to talk to the company -- they want to tap into existing knowledge or talk to someone else.

The Evolution of Social in SharePoint [Infographic]

Say what you will about SharePoint -- over the past twelve years, the platform has added more and more social functionalities. From wikis to blogs to discussion boards to enterprise social media network integration. Of course, social is as social does, so SharePoint alone can't improve interpersonal communications and knowledge sharing.

Forrester Wave for Social Depth Platforms: Lithium, Jive, Acquia, Telligent

communities, Forrester Wave for Social Depth Platforms: Lithium, Jive, Acquia, TelligentNot sure when we started calling social community software "social depth platforms", but Forrester's latest Wave has hit the street and there are some well known social platform providers topping the list. 

Interview: Moxie Software's Megan Murray on Building Customer Communities

Moxie Software customer communities Interview, cxm, customer experienceCustomer communities fill different roles for different companies -- they act as a source of feedback and innovation for businesses; as training centers for onboarding new employees; as a form of customer service, giving customers an outlet to answer their own questions about a service or product. But how are these communities formed? And what can be done to ensure they thrive?

Loni Kao Stark on Customer Journey Mapping: Social, Contextual & Crossing Channels

Loni Kao Stark on Customer Journey Mapping: Social, Contextual & Crossing ChannelsManaging the customer journey is challenging for even the most seasoned marketer. Here Loni Kao Stark shares some of her insights into getting and staying on track. 

Salesforce Communities to Arrive this Summer

Nearly a year after announcing it, Salesforce has given a summer release date for its Chatter based Communities offering.

This Week: The Adoption Obsession + 4 Steps to Lead Your Community

Leading Your Communities
Communities are the perfect way to improve collaboration and engagement. Here's what one community manager learned about growing a successful community. You should also have a read of these 4 steps to lead your customer community.

The Adoption Obsession
Put aside the adoption metric and focus on user experience metrics that demonstrate the real value of new technology.

Big Data, Cloud & BYOD in the Enterprise
Some vendors, like EMC, say the convergence of cloud and big data will change the enterprise computing game. Others, like Dell, are banking on the growth of mobile and support for BYOD in the enterprise.

Secrets to Marketing Automation Success
Create more sales-ready leads in a shorter time with better results.
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Create a Community Opportunity [Infographic]

This month we've discussed how you know your customer community is working, ways to grow it and even why communities matter. But are you leveraging the opportunity that communities afford you and your organization?

5 Tried and True Ways to Grow a Customer Community

What do you trust more: advice from a friend or advertising?

This Week: Got a Social Business Strategy? + 5 Signs Your Community is Healthy

Plan Your Social Business
We talk about it, businesses strive for it, but we've a long way to go before "social business" becomes just "business". And while we're here, take a minute to consider the "problem" with social according to Symon Garfield.

Is Your Community Successful?
Here are 5 signs your customer community is working, and 3 community adoption issues you might need to work through to achieve success. 

Managing Your Records the Right Way
Most organizations aren't doing records management right. Take a look at one journey through a records management implementation to gain some insights and best practices.

CXMChat Tweet Jam
With our Google Hangout successfully completed (watch the #CXMHangout video replay), we'd like to switch your attention to our upcoming April 24th Tweet Jam. The topic -- Building successful customer communities. Stay tuned for more details.

Learn the Secrets of Marketing Automation Success
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This Week: 6 Key Elements of Customer Communities + Tips for Better Social Collaboration

Community Building
Customer Communities are a key part of most marketing strategies. But should you build your own community? That's a question you need to ask yourself. Check out our infographic showing 6 key elements of communities.

Early Days for the Digital Workplace
A recent study shows that the workplace has far to go with social, mobile and cloud. For those working on social, here's how you can make social collaboration features more meaningful.

Information Driven Innovation
Technology plays a key role in information driven innovation. Take some time to think about how your data can drive business value.

Google Hangout on Communities
Want to learn more about customer communities? Join us on April 11 at 9am PDT, 12pm EDT for our Google Hangout on the role of communities in customer experience strategy. Get your details here.

Understand Big Data's Impact on Web Experience
If your email system isn’t talking to your CRM, and neither are connected with your web front end, are you really ready to tackle a Big Data project?
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Creating and Engaging Online Communities [Infographic]

This month we're discussing ways to successfully create and engage online communities. No matter where your community is online there are basic elements that you should employ to ensure it sits upon a strong foundation. We explore these elements in an original infographic.

DotNetNuke Social Integrates Communities with your Website

One part of your Digital marketing strategy is to have a presence on many of the popular social networks. Another is to have your own community tied tightly to your website, something DotNetNuke now supports.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Updates: Experience Manager, DAM, Mobile, Social #adobesummit

We could spend all day today just talking about the new products and product updates coming out of the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit, and we likely will. Here's the first kick at the news covering the Marketing Cloud.

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