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Telligent Gets a New CEO and Not So New CTO

telligent_logo_2009.jpg Interesting news in the pipeline for Telligent (news, site). Founder and CEO Rob Howard has released the reigns of the company he founded almost 5 years ago to Patrick Brandt.

Well, released the reigns -- sort of. Howard has been appointed the new CTO of Telligent. A position that he feels right at home in.

Web Content Management For Telligent Community Server

Web Content Management For Telligent Community Server If you are looking for a community solution, then Telligent (news, site) is one of most well known. But it may not contain all the functionality out of the box that you would like -- we're speaking of content management here.

So it's good to have partners like Four Roads to come alongside and fill in the gaps in functionality. CMSWire took a look at the content management capabilities this company provides Community Server, known as CS Publisher.

Telligent Capitalizes on the Social Media Boom

Telligent Capitalizes on the Social Media Boom

The global economy may be imploding, but the flow of investment capital into the social media space shows no sign of recession. Intel Capital continues the trend by taking a US$ 20 million stake in Telligent Systems.

in.telligent 2008 - Social Computing Conference

Telligent social computing conference

Microsoft did it for SharePoint, Clickability did it for their CMPublish platform. Now it’s Telligent’s turn. Time to plan for a new conference. It’s called in.telligent 2008 and it’s happening in Dallas, Texas October 20-22, 2008. An opportunity to put your social media learning to use.

Social Media Integration: MOSS and Community Server

MOSS and Telligent Community Server 2008

Ever since its release, there have been questions about SharePoint’s (MOSS’) fitness as a web content management solution (see our article series on MOSS WCM).

While the jury may still be out on this question, it does not appear to be deliberating on the question of SharePoint’s social features. Microsoft is continuing to improve its community features, they have also been working closely with a partner, Telligent, who can provide this functionality as a direct SharePoint integration.

Funny thing is, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these two products doing the tango. SharePoint Solutions has a service offering that does the exact same thing.

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