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Confab 2011 News & Analysis

Telling Stories, Developing Strategies for Content #confab

confab-oddsize_blog.pngContent strategists love to tell stories. ConFab 2011 may bill itself as a content strategy conference, but it’s more like a two-day storytelling festival. Stories are content strategists' strongest tool and weakest asset.

Attendees Learn Why Content Matters at #ConFab 2011

confab-oddsize_blog.pngMost content strategists love content, because we love words. But most companies ignore content because the link between words and revenue isn’t always obvious. At Confab 2011, the Content Conference was organized strategically so that attendees were first rallied and supported, then schooled in the business application of content strategy and how we can appeal to a company’s financial side when pitching the merits of better, more efficient content.

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