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Do Humans Dream of Electric Sheep? Preparing for the Future of Content Delivery

In the next 25 years or so, the world is going to be a dramatically different place. Computers will become as intelligent as humans. Our experience of the world will be much more dynamic and driven by intelligent connections between online information and real life. As a result, every aspect of information delivery will change. 

New Piktochart Release Makes Infographics Interactive: Adds Links, Clickable Tabs

As great as creating infographics are for conveying complex information visually, they are still fairly static, and while there are a variety of tools that have made it easier for non-designers to create their infographics, the functionality available has been pretty limited. One of our favorite platforms, Piktochart, has released an update that aims to make infographics more interactive and engaging.

Web Experience: Content Is Not an End in Itself

Content drives the Web. But measuring its direct value is very difficult.

Top Three Weekend Reads: Facing Complexity, Agile or Waterfall Marketing

This week was all about taking a problem and applying lessons from other disciplines to answer it. Whether the topic be the sales funnel, content marketing or facing the challenges of Enterprise 2.0, our contributors used their unique perspectives to tackle the questions.

Ignoring the X in CXM is Ignoring the Future

There’s an old saying that goes “learn from the past, prepare for the future and live in the present.” This is typically good advice -- and as the new year kicks off, and as marketers start to plan for 2013, we would do well to heed this advice.

What Marketing Can Learn from IT about Content

Marketing sets the tone and pace for content strategy, but there’s a great deal marketers can learn from their IT counterparts.

Navigating the 3 C's of Customer Experience - Step 2: Content

Content managers, our time is now.

Tell to Win: Good for Business, Good for Customer Experience

Who better to talk about the power of storytelling than someone in the entertainment industry? That’s exactly what Peter Guber, chief executive officer of Mandalay Entertainment Group and co-owner of the NBA's Golden State Warriors did. His most recent book, Tell to Win, isn’t new -- it was published in 2011, but it came across my desk at a peculiar moment.

Digital Savvy CMOs Talk About the Future of Digital Marketing

Think having a Chief Marketing Officer is just an empty figurehead, created to shift blame onto when companies fail to meet their online goals and attract the attention of new customers? Think again. 

Struggling with Content Marketing? Here's What to Do Now

Chances are pretty darn good you’re already a content marketer. But do you find yourself sometimes hitting a wall?

Content Marketing with Google Analytics

I think we can all agree that Google and other search engines are putting a very large emphasis on content development in 2013 and beyond. Better stated; want to show up better in search engines? Write more content!  

Attention B2B Marketers: Are Your Twitter Followers Worthless?

Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that something was wrong, but were afraid to investigate further and find out? Sure you have, and so have we. Well, you can’t hide under the covers any longer, it’s time to come out and face the truth. 

Content Marketing + Web CMS = Better, More Targeted, More Effective Content

Many companies and organizations are making a significant investment in content management in terms of technical resources (including Web CMS and analytics) as well as in time and human resources (such as IT, Communications and Marketing departments). But are they investing the same time and effort in their content strategy?

In 2013 I Wish ...


For marketers to embrace content marketing as the third strategic pillar alongside marketing automation and CRM as key enablers of their marketing strategy -- to scale demand and lower their overall costs of sales. -- Aaron Dun,  Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Percussion Software


Top Three Weekend Reads: Business in 2013 - More Mobile, More Content, More Fun

While no one can predict what 2013 holds for the enterprise, there are some educated guesses to be made and this week we were lucky enough to have some experts weigh in with their vision.

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