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Marketing Automation: The Basics

Digital marketing is a complex machine. There are a variety of tools from engagement platforms to analytics that are designed to improve the customer experience and better a company’s revenue results. But how these tools are used can vary. One of the most significant processes (and tools) within digital marketing is marketing automation.

Nielsen Vizu Report: In Online Advertising, Brand Ads No Longer Direct Response's Little Brother

Online advertising seems tailor-made for direct response marketing, given its measurability and ability to land an immediate sale. But now online channels are growing up in their capability to deliver media content and audiences, and the majority of online marketers in 2013 are fairly evenly splitting their digital spending between brand and direct response advertising -- even though there’s still a lack of consistency in effectively measuring ROI across platforms. That picture of the evolution of online advertising emerges from a new survey report by Vizu, a Nielsen company. 

Web Experience: The Functional Heart of Web Design

The fact that GOV.UK has won a top design award shows that the benefits of functional web design are finally being recognized. 

Box Edit Lets Users Create and Alter Documents in the Cloud

 box_ios_logo.jpgBox's latest PC-based feature update allows users to create and edit documents within the cloud, avoiding the need for discrete downloads, juggling apps and version conflicts. 

Got Message Amplification? Create a Gaggle of Influencers

There are many things we can do to help our social media presence get more attention. From content marketing to community building to social advertising, but when you think about it, it comes down to not just amplifying your message, but getting brand influencers to share on your behalf. But getting your influencers to share isn’t always easy. The folks at Gaggle Amp want to change that. 

Comments are Free: Disqus Makes Service Free for Users

Commenting platform Disqus today announced a change in price that should make its users smile: the commenting platform is free and it's looking to make you money through content marketing.

PaperShare Improves Customer Acquisitions with Real-time Publishing Engine

PaperShare, a real-time web publishing company has announced its moved out of beta and is publicly releasing its cloud-based, real-time publishing engine.

Content Marketing Report: Marketers Push Forward on Engagement

In 2013, content marketers are putting more content in more places as their budgets increase, a Content Marketing Institute report found, and the companies who follow this pattern are following the best practices in the industry.

Forrester Report: How to Create Thought Leadership to Help Your Brand

A new report from Forrester Research gives advice on how to develop thought leadership to help your brand. 

Content Strategy: Content Empty Versus Content Full

Content full brands are those on which customers need more detail. Whereas with content empty brands, the less customers know the better.

3 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Results

Sure you’re smart. You’re part of the 91% of B2B marketers that do content marketing, right? You understand that content is a must for engaging buyers before they’re ready to buy, and building brand trust for when your sales team starts reaching out to them. And chances are good you've been doing content marketing for a while now -- so to quote Dr. Phil: “How’s that working out for you?”

5 Ways to Bring Your Content Marketing to Facebook

Social media has become a top resource for content marketing. This article teaches best practices for bringing your content marketing efforts online and to Facebook.

Content Strategy: The Problem With Trying to Get Attention

Customers today have less and less attention to give. On the Web, they’re doing research, trying to complete tasks. They don’t like being disrupted.

Traackr Introduces Social Media Marketing Platform that Targets Influencers

Influencer marketing technology provider Traackr is launching a new platform designed to deliver actionable insights based upon identifying influential people and content on social media sites.

What the Right Brain Brings to Content Marketing

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” -- George Bernard Shaw.

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