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13 Content Marketing Tools That Can Improve Your Content Marketing Processes

Customer Experience,13 Content Marketing Tools That Can Improve Your Content Marketing ProcessesYou can use your web content management system to do content marketing, but are there better tools out there to fit your needs? Robert Rose, and the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), analyzed 13 new solutions for content collaboration. Here's his take on this disruptive market.

Create Customer Connections with a Content Marketing Mix

Customer Experience, Digital marketing, Create Customer Connections with a Content Marketing MixYou can’t turn a page today without reading another article extolling the virtues of content marketing. With good reason -- content strategies are more creative than ever. Brands and publishers are putting more resources behind original content, sponsoring helpful information on top of or next to editorial, and leaving no Internet stone unturned to partner with the most compelling influencers and bloggers.

How SMBs Can Improve Content and Social Media Marketing Strategies

customer experience: content marketing smbs

Social media is an important part of small and medium sized business (SMB) marketing strategies and these organizations should be making sure that content and knowledge come first.

5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Campaign More Successful

As we wrap up our content marketing theme this month, it’s helpful to put some of what we’ve learned into perspective. While we can conveniently group content marketing strategies into two categories -- one for B2C and another for B2B, at the end of the day, it’s all about creating compelling experiences.

Three Keys to a Competitive Content Marketing Strategy: Message, Medium, Membership

Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Three Keys to a Competitive Content Marketing Strategy: Message, Medium & MembershipMost of us fight the daily whack-a-mole war on email and try to split our time judiciously between multiple devices and infinite amounts of digital content. There is no shortage of it. The result? Scarcity of attention. 

Content Marketing, Now for Brands and Publishers [Infographic]

You may have noticed a recent content marketing trend -- publishers are marketing more like brands and brands are taking a cue from publishers. Thanks to sponsored posts, native advertising and a digital landscape upon which these types of content marketing strategies can be planted and cultivated, the way brands and publishers market themselves online is changing. 

Inbound Marketer HubSpot Introduces New Content Optimization System, Signals

HubSpot - Signals, marketing automation, digital marketingFor inbound marketers, three of the most important tools are content, contacts and analytics. This week, inbound marketing provider HubSpot announced the next generation of its platform, with updates to all three.

Discussion Point: What Does 'Brands as Publishers' Really Mean?

brands as publishers, content marketing, customer experience

Brands working as publishers may be a necessary digital marketing component for many businesses, but try explaining that to the hard headed executives sitting at the boardroom table. Well, we've got the solution. CMSWire recently gathered a group of experts and asked them how they explain the concept of "brands as publishers" to their organization/clients? Their answers will certainly help you effectively reach those at your own business.

Content Marketing is the Alchemy of Intent

content marketing, customer experience, digital marketingAberdeen’s 2012 Marketing Lead Management: From the Top of the Funnel to the Top Line report noted that, on average, prospects receive 10 marketing touches through the course of a successful buyer’s journey (one that ends in “closed-won”). This means that the part of the mission that was once near-exclusive to Sales -- that of shaping the buyer’s vision -- is now shared with Marketing, which is assuming an increasing share of responsibility. Content marketing now plays a critical role in shaping buyers’ vision in the “hidden sales cycle;” it’s the alchemy of buyer intent by using education and entertainment to move buyers from latent need to requirements.

Weekend Reads: Social, the SharePoint Yammer Way + BPM for Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Social Business, Weekend ReadsWhat's that in the air? A bird? A plane? No, it's SharePointpalooza. Our month long focus on SharePoint's evolution continued this week with a few looks at the SharePoint Yammer conundrum and a question about how a changing user demographic could shape SharePoint's future. Our contributors also offered insights into how the customer voice is shaping marketing and told us that if you think mobile is all about usability, it's time to change your assumptions. Read on.

Today's Publishers: A Look at How Branded + User-Generated Content is Changing Marketing

Customer Experience, Content Marketing,Today's Publishers: A Look at How Branded + User-Generated Content is Changing Marketing It wasn't very long ago that publishers were responsible for the creation, curation and distribution of content. They held the keys to what was said about brands, products, trends and more.

Incorporating the Customer Voice in Content

Customer Experience, Content Marketing, Incorporating the Customer Voice in ContentDigital marketing is all about content -- any marketer will reiterate that content is still king. Your website, your SEO strategy, your PPC campaigns, your social media strategy, your customer lifecycle programs, your marketing automation strategy -- they all rely on content.

Content Marketing for B2B and B2C: More Alike than Unalike

Customer Experience,Content Marketing for B2B and B2C: More Alike than UnalikeThe words “motivate” and “emotion” share the same Latin root (mot, or move), and that’s an important thing to keep in mind when writing any piece of content. 

If Brands Are Publishers, Consumers Are Subscribers

Customer Experience, Content Marketing, If Brands are Publishers, Consumers are SubscribersIt’s inescapable these days -- every company must deal with the extraordinarily rapid developments of using content to facilitate better consumer engagement. Because if they don't, consumers are two clicks away from researching a better price and / or finding a competitive experience that’s more personal and relevant to their lives.

Weekend Reads: The Value of SharePoint On Premises + Providing Remarkable Content

Weekend Reads, Information Management, SharePoint On Premises, Be Remarkable or FailAnother busy work week, another all star weekend reads. This week we talked about the value of on premises vs. hosted SharePoint deployments, took a look at creating remarkable content experiences and explored the relationship between collaboration and productivity.

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