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Weekend Reads: SharePoint's Storied Past + Building Your Mobile Strategy

Thumbnail image for CMSWire weekend readsThe work week is over and Saturday is here! Whether you are sitting down with your morning coffee or trying to cool off from a morning run, what better time is there than now to catch up on all the features you may have missed? This week, we kicked off our month long focus on the evolution of SharePoint and the transformation of brands to publishers. We also looked at the whole collaboration picture and talked mobile strategy. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads.

The New Marketing Imperative for Brands: Publish Original Content

Content Marketing, customer experience,New Marketing Imperative for Brands: Publish Original ContentThe early days of online marketing were a lot like the Wild West -- anything goes.

Reported: Facebook to Introduce Feedback Option for Hidden Posts

Customer Experience Facebook Hide Feedback

Facebook members will soon have the ability to provide feedback on why they choose to hide content on their newsfeeds, according to recent reports.

LinkedIn Introduces a Sponsored Updates Feature

Customer Experience: Linkedin Sponsored Update

Following the example set forth by Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is now offering its own sponsored content, giving companies the chance to better promote services and establish their business.

Content Strategy: Who is Doing All This Work?

Customer Experience:Content Strategy: Who is Doing All This Work?Workflow. Two four-letter words put together. Workflow is the process your teams follow to get the job done.

PaperShare Gives Content Marketing Actionable Analytics

What does content analytics mean to you? It's more than just page views and click throughs. It's also about engagement. But how can you effectively evaluate your content so it can drive future content creation and optimize content marketing? The folks at PaperShare have launched Actionable Content Analytics, which puts all of the data about your content’s performance across all your channels into one place. 

Interview: Mobile Posse's Greg Wester, Jon Jackson on the New Mobile Home Screen

Mobile Home Screens, mobile apps, customer experience

In today's digitally connected world information is constantly being updated, so there's always a market for products that can manage this influx of news and activity. As more people use mobile devices there needs to be a way to manage information that doesn't involve downloading a variety of apps or add-ons. One such tool, the Home Screen, is designed to replace a mobile device's user interface so when someone unlocks or turns on their phone, they see a steady stream of social updates instead of a background with apps.

Responsive Design on Mobile Devices Not a Panacea

Responsive Design on Mobile Devices Not a PanaceaResponsive Web design, despite its buzz worthy status in the design world, is not the right fit for every website. Know the risks, and rewards of this critical design principal before investing in such a tactic.

Report: Digital Marketers Need a Better B2B Strategy

B2B Marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, cxm, customer experienceThere are many issues that marketers can face in business to consumer, or B2C, marketing, but this isn't the only strand of marketing that companies need to work on. According to a new report from the CMO’s Council Content ROI Center, many businesses are lacking proper Business to Business (B2B or BtoB) marketing strategies.

UPDATE: Marketo's Automated Customer Engagement Engine Going Live June 28

Marketo Customer Engagement EngineMarketo is planning for a June 28 launch date for its intelligent Customer Engagement engine, a module that enables users to create automated content marketing campaigns that aim to make engagement across the customer journey as easy and pleasing as warm apple pie.

How People Read Online [Infographic]

Now that reading online involves a bevy of social actions, from sharing to commenting across a plethora of devices, how many of your site’s readers will make it past the first paragraph?

The 3 Stages of Content Marketing to Make Your Results Take Off

3 Stages of Content MarketingEverything has stages. Rocket launches, careers and life to name just a few. So why wouldn't your content marketing efforts?

Web Experience: Content is Critical for Web Success

The Web is content. Without content there is no Web. However, only a small amount of content is useful. The rest gets in the way.

Customer Experience: Communications and Marketing Professionals at a Crossroads

Much of what communications and marketing professionals were trained for is not just redundant but in fact counterproductive.

How Will You Win in the Hidden Sales Cycle?

Hidden Sales CycleThere’s perhaps been no influence more profound in shaping the customer journey than the social web. I say the social web because influence extends beyond social networks to really account for the wealth of information that your buyers use to become educated customers. In the words of one IBM senior marketing manager: “Buyers have gotten really good at answering their own questions.”

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