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How Will You Win in the Hidden Sales Cycle?

Hidden Sales CycleThere’s perhaps been no influence more profound in shaping the customer journey than the social web. I say the social web because influence extends beyond social networks to really account for the wealth of information that your buyers use to become educated customers. In the words of one IBM senior marketing manager: “Buyers have gotten really good at answering their own questions.”

Four Reasons Why You Should be Thinking About Customer Journeys

customer journey from desire to delightWondering why you should be thinking about customer journeys? I've got four reasons.

Beef up Your Content Marketing with a Content Pyramid Approach

Beef Up content marketingAs summer approaches, many of us will hit the gym in the hopes of being swimsuit-ready by Memorial Day. While dragging ourselves out of bed for a 5-mile run before that 9am meeting isn't much fun at first, the more we exercise, the easier it becomes. That’s because we're building up our endurance and creating a habit of early-morning runs. In fact, over time, our bodies even start to wake up naturally in anticipation of that runner’s high each morning and we start to miss it on days when we skip our workout.

Only 13% of Companies Personalizing Mobile Experiences

Businesses personalize websites according to on site behavior more than any other factor.

Only 13% of companies have added personalization to their mobile experiences, an Econsultancy report has found, and another 33% aren't even planning on adding it in the next 12 months.

Following the Influencer Trail with Traackr's Influencer Network Analysis Tool

Social influence moderation platform, Traackr has announced a new tool for its social media marketing platform: the Influencer Network Analysis (INA) which monitors the social influence journey over social media.

Gartner Highlights Up and Coming Digital Marketing Vendors

Four vendors who are making an impact in the digital marketing industry have been highlighted in a new report from Gartner.

Altimeter Group Report: How Can Companies Feed Their Content Marketing Needs?

How can a company supply the proliferating channels looking for constant content marketing? A new report from the Altimeter Group has some suggestions. 

Content Strategy: Why Branding Matters

There's a lot of discussion lately in the content strategy space about branding. So, how relevant is it to an overall content strategy?

SDL Appoints Grant Johnson as New Chief Marketing Officer

Customer experience management company SDL has updated its executive team by hiring Grant Johnson, formerly of Pegasystems, as the company's new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

CXM - A Strategy That Really Needs Smart Technology

There's certainly been much written about Customer Experience Management (CXM) of late, but little about the related technology gap.

Marketing Automation: The Basics

Digital marketing is a complex machine. There are a variety of tools from engagement platforms to analytics that are designed to improve the customer experience and better a company’s revenue results. But how these tools are used can vary. One of the most significant processes (and tools) within digital marketing is marketing automation.

Nielsen Vizu Report: In Online Advertising, Brand Ads No Longer Direct Response's Little Brother

Online advertising seems tailor-made for direct response marketing, given its measurability and ability to land an immediate sale. But now online channels are growing up in their capability to deliver media content and audiences, and the majority of online marketers in 2013 are fairly evenly splitting their digital spending between brand and direct response advertising -- even though there’s still a lack of consistency in effectively measuring ROI across platforms. That picture of the evolution of online advertising emerges from a new survey report by Vizu, a Nielsen company. 

Web Experience: The Functional Heart of Web Design

The fact that GOV.UK has won a top design award shows that the benefits of functional web design are finally being recognized. 

Box Edit Lets Users Create and Alter Documents in the Cloud

 box_ios_logo.jpgBox's latest PC-based feature update allows users to create and edit documents within the cloud, avoiding the need for discrete downloads, juggling apps and version conflicts. 

Got Message Amplification? Create a Gaggle of Influencers

There are many things we can do to help our social media presence get more attention. From content marketing to community building to social advertising, but when you think about it, it comes down to not just amplifying your message, but getting brand influencers to share on your behalf. But getting your influencers to share isn’t always easy. The folks at Gaggle Amp want to change that. 

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