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Office 365 is a Disaster Waiting to Happen


I'm hesitant to add another blog to the pile about Office 365, because there are more than enough talking heads out there prognosticating.

But I spent the last week at the Houston ARMA Spring Conference talking to clients, vendors and other service providers. And I realized that -- unless something changes -- Office 365 is an information management disaster in the making for organizations.

Here’s the gist of why I think so.

3 Things to Consider When Migrating to a New Portal


Moving your website to a new portal is comparable to moving into a new home. It takes a lot of time, planning, effort — and always proves harder than you expect. 

You have to clean up beforehand and make decisions about what you really need to take with you. You want the move itself to go as efficiently as possible. You want to make sure the movers don’t miss any of your things (like, say, your data).

You need a compatibility plan for older items: just as an antique sofa might go from a parlor to a modern living room and the locations of tables and chairs need to be reconfigured in the new space, your legacy data needs a new place within your modern portal’s framework.

You’ll have to figure out how to keep your current system running smoothly during the move. And you’ll want to make a list of everything to be done, so you don’t miss anything. Since there’s often quite a bit of confusion around portal migration, here are some key considerations when you’re ready to take the plunge.


6 Key Considerations in Content Migration

web cms, content migration There will be many questions asked during a content management system (CMS) migration, but key among them is: How are we going to migrate content quickly and efficiently? This article will address some key considerations to help your content migration journey from “old” to “new” go smoother, quicker, and without loss of sleep.

SharePoint Migration? 14 Vendors That Can Make It Happen

So you’re SharePoint environment is up and running. All you need now is the right SharePoint migration tool to get your content into it. If you haven’t worked out your migration strategy, forget about looking at migration vendors. But if your migration strategy is in place, you have SharePoint migration tool options to consider. Let's have a look.

SharePoint 2010 to 2013: Plan Content Migration Now #SPTechCon


For organizations contemplating the upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, there doesn’t seem to be a concrete answer to the “when” question. Upgrade now? Upgrade later? Upgrade at all?

AvePoint Perimeter, Accellion SharePoint Features, Metalogix Replicator 6.1 Announced At #SPTechCon

SharePoint, Metalogix, Accellion, AvePoint, information managementIncreased mobile applications. Better SharePoint productivity. Harmony between different SharePoint platforms and versions. The calls are being heard this week at the SharePoint Technology Conference in Boston, and some vendors announced new offerings they say can help.

Percussion CMS Gets Live First: Website + Content Migration

Percusion CMS Gets Live First: Content, No Website Migration, wem, web  cms

Let's paint a picture. You are ready to take your website to the next level, but your organization falls somewhere between looking for the benefits to move to a Web CMS and reducing the costs related to that move. Percussion's newest patent pending feature, Live First, could be the answer that you need. 

5 Things You Should Know Before You Migrate to SharePoint Online


You've been thinking about it -- moving to Microsoft’s hosted version of SharePoint. Before you make that final decision, make sure you know about these five things.

SharePoint Content Migration + The Sins of Your Past

If you think that talking about SharePoint migration challenges is like a broken record, think again. Not only are their new challenges with each new release of SharePoint, but migration isn’t just a one-time activity. Smart organizations know it’s an ongoing task. But more importantly, with the last release of Office 365, SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013, it’s even more critical to have a good migration strategy. Let me tell you why.

5 Tasks For Successful Migrations To SharePoint 2013

In the past week, Microsoft released a new version of Office 2013 and a new home subscription version of Office 365. The next big release will be the general release of SharePoint 2013, even if we still don’t know when. To help companies that are planning to move to SharePoint 2013, or migrate from an earlier version, Dell has put together a few tasks that should get you into the right planning mode.

Metalogix: 60% of Enterprises Plan SharePoint 2013 Upgrade, 40% Still Using SP 2007, 2003

It’s been a big week for Microsoft with the launch of Office 365 and Office 2013, even if many of the details have been out in the open for a while. SharePoint 2013 is next on the list, even if we don’t know when. In preparation for this Metalogix conducted a survey to find out what the state of the SharePoint landscape is at the moment.

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager v7.3: Enhanced Cloud, Migration Capabilities

With the release of TERMINALFOUR Site Manager 7.3 the company continues to build out its web content management system with developers in mind. Last April in v7.2 it focused on making the product easier to use, integrate with and host. In v7.3 the focus is on scalability, migration, website and online management, and self-service capabilities.

SharePoint 2013: Make the Most of Your Upgrade

SharePoint 2013 is expected to be available to the public in the first quarter of 2013, and you may be wondering when is the best time to upgrade from SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.

Migrate From Any Version to SharePoint 2013 with New Metalogix Content Matrix 6.0

Metalogix has announced a big change to one of its core offerings as its Migration Manager tool is now called Content Matrix. Is it a marketing move with just a cool new name or will it offer the easy to use features so many people need in a SharePoint environment?

BA Insight's Longitude Connectors Compatible with SharePoint 2013

Content connector and enterprise search company, BA Insight will use its Longitude Connectors to connect the newest version of SharePoint to about 30 different business related enterprise systems, upon its release in November.

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