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Content Strategy News & Analysis

Attention Content Strategists, Your New Career is Calling

Woe unto you, content strategists, who have been unlucky enough to end up in a niche discipline that most enterprises look at as a luxury (if they even recognize it as a separate and unique discipline at all). Jumping from one freelance gig to another like a traveling jongleur, simultaneously hoping to find a home, and dreading the thought that you'll end up as a common minstrel in a corporate communications job writing the dreaded corporate-speak content pieces that employees ignore at best and hold in contemptuous disdain at worst.

Addressing the Real Digital Content Problem - People

It is a generally held truism in the digital marketing community that “content is the biggest challenge to manage.” But according to a presentation from Erin Scime, Associate Director of Content Strategy of Razorfish at the recent MIMA Summit, people are the root of the problem when it comes to creating and executing a digital content strategy.

Weekend Reading: Collaboration Needs Trust

skydiving_shutterstock_79760971.jpgWorking collaboratively involves a leap of faith. You enter into a project hoping that everyone will not only carry his or her part of the workload, but will work together to make the project come to fruition. 

Trust came up in quite a few of our features this week. Always a necessity, it is becoming more of a challenge as the number of people working remotely increases. 

What can companies do to foster trust? Are there any tools that help? Read on to find the answers.

Content Strategy: Distracted Behavior is Good for Content Producers

If you’re involved in the business of digital content, then you know you contend with distracted consumers, multi-screened attention and multi-threaded conversations. You probably have thousands of post-its on your desk reminding you to use odd numbers in your headlines, refer to pop culture, tell stories, use video, don’t use video, etc. to make your content stand out.

Content Marketing Increases Among B2B, Challenges Still Remain

If ninety percent of content is screen-based and nine out of 10 organizations now market with content -- what does that say about the state of content marketing?

4 Website Areas to Optimize for Smooth Sailing Experiences

E-commerce retailers face the constant challenge of standing apart in a vast, churning sea of online competition. It’s not enough to simply stay afloat; the real goal is to own the waters. In other words, while you’d like to stand out enough to grab online visitors’ attention, what you really want is to ferry them through to their final destination: making a purchase.

How Bill Nye the Science Guy Would Monitor Social Media

There is a scientific method that can be applied to monitoring social media. Businesses must first learn about their efforts and then fine tune them to prove their time and money is well spent.

You Say You Want to be a Media Company

Many companies say they are different because they are a true media company on the Internet or that they aspire to be a true media company. But what does that really mean?

Content Strategy: Herding Content with Editorial Calendars

flock_of_sheep_shutterstock_73353415.jpgIs your content running wild like a flock of sheep? Has some of it been out in the pasture allowed to graze for too long? Is it consistently being attacked by wolves? Choose your breed of wolf here, business partners, lawyers, writer wannabes? 

Let an Editorial Calendar help you protect and bring your content strategy under control.

Five Strategies to Increase Product Visibility in an Oversaturated Market

With another holiday shopping season upon us, maximizing product visibility in the e-Commerce market is one of retailers’ biggest hurdles. Keyword-rich product descriptions are important, but that alone won’t be enough to differentiate your product lists from your competition’s this holiday season.

Most Marketers Are Curating Content, Whether They Know It Or Not

Most Marketers Are Curating Content, Whether They Know It Or NotMany companies are actively sharing content with their customers in an effort to better assert themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Sharing others' content is often referred to as content curation -- but Pawan Deshpande, CEO and founder of Curata, says that you won't hear companies describe it that way.

Book Review: The Tao of Twitter

tao-of-twitter.jpgAs a social media strategist I hear a lot of reasons why people hate social media. And while most people have begun to find familiarity in Facebook, it's always surprising to hear how many people still bemoan Twitter. Of course, the early users of Twitter did the microblogging network no favors by repeatedly tweeting out photos of food or reports about what they were doing “right now” (you know who you are). But even as we’ve been able to move past that and use it for a plethora of more useful things, Twitter is still very much misunderstood.

Web Experience: Avoiding the Dirty Magnet in Navigation Design

A dirty magnet is a link that attracts people to click on it promising to bring them somewhere that it won’t.

If links were married most of them would be getting divorced, because so many links don’t keep their promises. A broken promise is just as bad as a broken link: it gives you the wrong expectations; it brings you to the wrong place; it wastes your time; it frustrates and annoys.

Taggstar Helps Improve Your Web Experience With Interactive, Engaging Images

A new app, Taggstar, vows to "bring your images to life" by being as interactive and shareable as possible, taking the customer experience to a whole new level.

Content Strategy: Keep Pretending Conversions Don't Matter

Did you know you are bombarded by 5,000 messages a day? And that it takes seven to nine interactions with a brand before you even begin to recognize it? Because of this overwhelming onslaught, are you only seeking recommendations from those within your social networks?

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