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How To: Getting Started in User Experience (UX)

I have seen the question on Quora. I have seen the question on LinkedIn. I have seen the question on so many different online properties that I have lost count. The summarized question is: "How do I get started in learning about UX (User Experience)?". I have yet to see an answer that makes me believe that someone could take it and really move forward into learning the field and ultimately get a job. The biggest problem is that I don't find the question to be phrased in a way that a highly experienced UX professional can meaningfully answer without completely reframing the question.

Asking "How do I get started in learning UX?" or conversely "How do I become an expert at UX?" assumes there is a simplistic answer and belies a overly simplistic view of the wide range of disciplines that make up the genre of User Experience.

Content Strategy: The Perils of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) tactics often make it harder for customers to do what they need to do. 

Characters Welcome: How to Tell the Right Story #CMWorld

Characters Welcome: How to Tell the Right Story #CMWorldStorytelling has become a critical component of content marketing. Never has this been more apparent than at Content Marketing World 2012, where many of the speakers are helping us develop our inner storyteller. However, the types of stories being told have become rather interesting. Deana Goldasich told us to make the customer the hero, while Jenny Magic encouraged us to make our competitor our arch enemy and the customer the damsel in distress. Why is it so important for us to make our customers, competitors and companies characters in our own stories?

Overheard: What's New, Exciting in Content Marketing #CMWorld

ContentMarketingWorld_Logo.jpgI live, breathe and write about content marketing. I also attend a lot of conferences. This week I am at Content Marketing World 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. Because I sit through many keynotes and sessions, I have high expectations. I need to be engaged and learn new information regularly. This isn’t to say that I know everything there is to know about content marketing, but I have heard a lot of the same things. However, there is a difference between hearing the same old things, and hearing the same exciting things. Here are just a few of the exciting things being overheard at CMWorld. 

Marketing Automation Provider Pardot Upgrades Platform for Personalized Web Experience

pardot_logo.jpgB2B marketing automation provider Pardot has upgraded its platform with features that it said makes sales initiatives easier. 

Is SharePoint Integration a Mandatory WCM Requirement?

There are a lot of opinions about Microsoft Office SharePoint, some favorable and others less so, but no matter the camp you sit in, there is no denying it’s ubiquity in our organizations.

Journal from an Intranet Voyage: Assembling the Crew

When we last left our band of intrepid explorers of employee experience, I had explained our "big tent" strategy of inclusion along with how the cupcake approach to product strategy would be used to counter inclusion's seemingly inseparable compatriot, longer timelines.  We had just successfully avoided the pitfalls of a consensus culture and were now looking forward to identifying and selecting a vendor for a strategy engagement.

Great Mobile Sites Take More Than Just Writing

Thumbnail image for Mobile Site_McCarthy.jpgAs we all know, mobile and smartphone internet traffic is growing, but is still a minority of all web use, about 15-25 percent depending on the industry and has doubled in the last 12 months. So as the vast majority of internet users still get their access from a computer, you may be tempted to just stick with your website as is.

6 Ways to Repurpose Content - Even if You Think You Don't Have Any

Fresh content is great for social media, but sometimes deadlines, budget or writer's block get in the way. Take these tips to repurpose existing content from your business for social media.

Note to the Cord : Apple is Coming, Prepare to be Cut

The cable and satellite companies still seem to be in denial of the fact that dematerialization is coming. In the same way that encyclopedias have been dematerialized, their fate is upon them. Just like day planners have been dematerialized, their day of reckoning is at hand. Just like film and cameras have been dematerialized, the end is nigh. Apple TV is coming for you, cable and satellite companies, are you ready to join Encyclopedia Brittanica, Franklin Covey and Kodak in the not so exclusive club of irrelevant and waiting to expire?

Pinterest, Photo Sharing and What it Means for Customer Experience

Last week, Pinterest opened their site up to everyone -- no invitations required. And while the content sharing service’s popularity has soared, many companies are still trying to figure out how Pinterest fits into its marketing strategy. Thanks to an infographic released by Netbase & SAP, we can better analyze the online conversations taking place across Pinterest over the past year.

Content Gardens: The Content Lifecycle

shutterstock_72539902.jpg Content management is like having a garden. Everyone appreciates a beautiful garden, but few want to toil in the heat that makes it all possible.

Journal from an Intranet Voyage: Tents and Timing

In my last journal entry, I chronicled the beginning of my enterprise's efforts to re-envision the company intranet and detailed our team's strategy to change the conversation around the intranet program and its priority relative to projects with more compelling returns on investment. We had just received approval to develop a strategy engagement with an outside firm and we were just starting our efforts to share some of our thoughts on a vision with a wider audience.

The Psychology of Personalization: Needs, Wants and Influence

Recently, we told you that half of digital marketers believe the ability to personalize web content is fundamental to their online strategy. This Econsultancy report highlighted four steps to perfect personalization: seek consent, gain control, earn trust and deliver incentives to the targeted audience.

According to a white paper by Baynote, these steps speak to the psychology of needs, which drive all of our behaviors, including the relationships we cultivate and the objects we consume.

Content Marketing: Start With Your Story

shutterstock_40849351.jpg “Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom.”

When companies venture into the content marketing world, many of the conversations center around the audience, the delivery and the metrics. All important and worthwhile topics, yet there’s another, more crucial element that needs to be the foundation of your content marketing efforts -- your story.

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