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Content Strategy: Why Review and Remove Are Such Critical Web Skills

In the history of evolution it is generally better to complicate than to simplify. But complication can hit a wall.

Book Review: Creating the Conversation Company

The first thing you notice when reading The Conversation Company: Boost Your Business Through Culture, People and Social Media by Steven Van Belleghem is that it’s as much about the customer as it is about the company. By seeking to transform company culture to become more collaborative, creative and well, conversational, an organization must focus on delivering a successful customer experience.

Content Marketing: The Changing Role of the Web CMS

Content Marketing used to be a buzzword for a few evangelists. Today, it’s going mainstream faster than Twitter.

InboundWriter Releases New, iPad-Friendly Version of Its Content Optimization App

inboundwriter logo 62712.pngWriters who use Apple’s iPad now have another tool at their disposal. On Thursday, InboundWriter announced the new release of its content optimization system, which now works on the popular tablet.

LinkSmart with New Publisher Focused Link Management Platform

A Colorado-based startup led by the former CEO of DailyCandy has emerged from stealth mode. LinkSmart uses text links to help sites increase traffic and drive visitor engagement.

A Look at the B2B Content Delivery Funnel

Want to make better decisions when it comes to your content strategy? Demandbase and the Content Marketing Institute have partnered to released a guide and corresponding infographic that illustrates the Content Delivery Funnel. Both are designed to point marketers in the right direction when deciding which technologies to use in their content marketing programs.  

Mobile Content Strategy: Five Analytics that Really Matter

If you’re paying attention to your mobile content strategy, you may be confused about which analytics you should be tracking. Mobile is a different animal and requires tracking your users in a different way.

Uncharted Territory for Content Delivery: Smart TVs

shutterstock_92706382.jpg Smart TVs have been here for a while. Leaders of the market -- Samsung and LG -- have put a lot of effort to push this concept into the mainstream. Microsoft stepped into the game just weeks ago with its Smart Glass technology that connects X-Box with smartphones and tablets. And more and more vendors are trying everyday to change the very foundation of the TV as we've known it for the past 90 years.

This movement has brought with it some challenges to the content management industry such as: how to deliver content to the living room?

Don't Localize Your Content Unless You're Going To Do It Right

Quality localized content increases sales, reduces support costs and increases customer satisfaction.

What Facebook Can Learn From Donald Trump

If Zuck was on the Apprentice I think The Donald would fire him in the first week. I'm not one to put Donald Trump on a pedestal and any reader familiar with my search for authentic value would probably be surprised to see me writing something positive about him, but there is one thing he's got figured out a whole lot better than Facebook.

Yahoo and CNBC Strike Content-Sharing Deal

yahoo logo 61512.pngYahoo and CNBC will be sharing content, according to an announcement by the companies earlier this week. The deal is another step in Yahoo’s plan to acquire more content, and to generate more original content, as it positions itself as a premium media network.

Web Experience: Designing for the Obvious, the Boring, the "Of Course"

Making things that are simple and useful is often the result of a lot of boring and tedious work.

Compendium Teams with ExactTarget to Ease Repurposing Marketing Content

compendium-logo.JPG Content marketing platform provider Compendium and cross-channel marketing solutions vendor ExactTarget are integrating their applications in an effort to ease the process of repurposing marketing content for use in email and digital campaigns.

New Google Analytics Updates Focus on Content

In April, Google Analytics released a number of updates designed to help users better understand their social impact. By being able to measure their social reach more accurately, Google Analytics was on the right track. But as we all know, being social isn’t so much about the tools you use, but rather the content you’re sharing. This week, Google Analytics rolled out a few more updates designed with that in mind.

Web Experience: In Defense of the Committee

The brilliance of the individual and the stupidity of the group or committee is one of the most poisonous ideas in modern society.

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