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Yahoo and CNBC Strike Content-Sharing Deal

yahoo logo 61512.pngYahoo and CNBC will be sharing content, according to an announcement by the companies earlier this week. The deal is another step in Yahoo’s plan to acquire more content, and to generate more original content, as it positions itself as a premium media network.

Web Experience: Designing for the Obvious, the Boring, the "Of Course"

Making things that are simple and useful is often the result of a lot of boring and tedious work.

Compendium Teams with ExactTarget to Ease Repurposing Marketing Content

compendium-logo.JPG Content marketing platform provider Compendium and cross-channel marketing solutions vendor ExactTarget are integrating their applications in an effort to ease the process of repurposing marketing content for use in email and digital campaigns.

New Google Analytics Updates Focus on Content

In April, Google Analytics released a number of updates designed to help users better understand their social impact. By being able to measure their social reach more accurately, Google Analytics was on the right track. But as we all know, being social isn’t so much about the tools you use, but rather the content you’re sharing. This week, Google Analytics rolled out a few more updates designed with that in mind.

Web Experience: In Defense of the Committee

The brilliance of the individual and the stupidity of the group or committee is one of the most poisonous ideas in modern society.

Mobile Content Strategy: 7 Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

Thumbnail image for shutterstock_78547861.jpg Mobile strategy is becoming increasingly complicated. As the choices of devices expand, users increasingly continue to access content from their mobile devices. What does this mean for you and your organization’s overall content strategy?

Web Experience: Navigation and Search Are Twins

Well-organized websites are easier to search and navigate.

Facebook vs Google Display Network Online Ad Smackdown: Who Comes Out On Top?

When it comes to online display advertising, two titans clearly dominate the marketplace: Facebook and Google Display Network. So if you are looking to place an online display ad and only want to use one outlet, which is the better choice?

Web Experience: Beautiful Does Not Always Mean Usable

It's good to make your website or application as beautiful as possible, but not at the expense of usefulness.

3 Keys to Influence Understanding and Leveraging Social Capital

Not all brand influencers are created equal, say the folks at Awareness, a social marketing software provider in its recent report 3 Keys to Influence: Understanding and Leveraging Influence. Most companies can use the report to guide them through the sticky maze of online social influencers and learn how to identify and leverage their clout.

DAM Lowdown: Forrester Wave, Brandspaces, Maturity Model, a New Partnership

This week, we look at the Q2 2012 Forrester Wave Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience report, what went down at the Henry Stewart DAM event in New York, a partnership between ADAM Software and ConceptShare, how to measure maturity in the young DAM marketplace and a new white paper from Widen.

Web Experience: Bridging the Content Management Chasm

There is a chasm between those who create content and those who consume it. The Web allows us to bridge that chasm.

Friday Hookups: Is Your Customer Relationship in Danger?

This Friday, we offer up a little relationship advice. With spring in full swing, love is in the air and we’re all feeling a little flirty and looking to spice up our daily routines with more passion. But with it so easy to stray nowadays, how can we ensure that those with whom we are engaged stay committed and loyal? Knowing the signs of a wandering eye can help, as can showing a little interest yourself. We’re talking about your customers, of course (this isn’t Cosmo) and thanks to folks at Maxymiser, there’s now a handy infographic to help us identify the 5 Signs Your Online Customers are Cheating On You.

If Web CMS Implementations Fail, Blame the Users #CMSX

ss120509-bd01.jpgIf your latest Web CMS project is total disaster, you should definitely blame the users.

These careless people probably weren't there to inform your closed door meetings and they probably never did a proper review of your requirements and design specs. The nerve of them -- going about their daily lives simply ignoring your need to develop relevant user stories and process flows.

If only they knew what you know about how things should work, everything would be just fine.

The Real Reason Why Intranets Aren't Working

A great many of the content and tools for employees are badly designed and managed because management does not respect employee time.

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