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DAM Lowdown: DAM Events, Managing University Assets, Picturepark SDK

This week we plan for the upcoming Henry Stewart DAM Conferences, look at the role DAM plays for university advertising assets, check out the Picturepark SDK public release and learn how to use -- not abuse -- digital assets on websites.

#info360 Under the Big Top: Content LifeCycle Management

 #info360 Under the Big Top: Content LifeCycle ManagementIt’s hard to believe that it was only a year ago that we attended Info360’s Conference in Washington, DC. That’s where we were introduced to Huddle and got up close with Aaron Levie and learned how to manage content chaos and collaboration at the enterprise level. This year’s show, billed as North America’s largest and most comprehensive enterprise content event, will take place in New York from June 12-14. And we’ll be there to cover it.

Don't Demonize. Monetize: the Genius of APIs, the Trend of Platformification

I pulled many valuable nuggets out of Alan Cooper's talk at SXSW, like the one that explains the rise of the sniper app. Near the end of his talk, I asked him why the business, UX and design communities are not embracing the current trend in API proliferation (a.k.a. Platformification) and what can be done to help designers and content strategists see that APIs are yearning to be designed.

Web Experience: From Built to Last to Built to Change

The Web facilitates continuous testing and improvement. Great web designs are responsive and flexible. They allow for rapid innovation based on feedback.

This Week: Social Business Insights & 5 Steps to Effective Content

It's been one of those weeks where a little bit of everything was vying for our attention. A little digital asset management, a little content strategy, a little social business, a touch of SharePoint -- you get the drift.

Here are some riveting reads for your holiday weekend:


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Demandbase Gets Strategic About Real-Time Identification

Demandbase Gets Strategic About Real-Time IdentificationPersonalization is all the rage these days, for better or worse. However, to help its customers capitalize on the trend, Demandbase, known for its B2B real-time personalization and targeting platform, has launched a Strategic Services Program designed to implement real-time identification faster, and more effectively leverage its capabilities to optimize B2B web marketing efforts.

DAM Lowdown: WoodWing Integration From Modula4, NetX 6.1, Conference Reports

We recently attended AdobeSummit and DrupalCon, Modula4 announced integration platforms, NetXposure 6.1 rolled out added functionality and features and the PublishingNOW! DAM-based publishing platform was unveiled.

5 1/2 Ways to Optimize Your Online Form


Marketers devote a massive amount of resources in both time and money to customer acquisition. After all, that’s the creative fun stuff, right? Yet, many marketers don’t spend any time on developing an optimization strategy to increase conversion rates! Getting prospective customers to a brand’s website is great, but why not take it to the next level and focus on getting users to take action on your site?

The Community Manager's Toolbox: Managing Visual Content

We all know that a picture has the ability to be worth a thousand words. With the rise of popular visual content platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Lists and Storify (to name a few), content is finally moving beyond words to help build connections. As a community manager, how can you begin to leverage the power of a picture to enhance relationships and promote your brand?

CXM: Does it Pay to Fool the Customer?

For many years, there has been an unwritten rule in business that while the customer may be king your number one objective should be to turn them into a pauper.

One Customer Experience Strategy, Two Platforms #gartnerpcc

When you write about the state of social business, like we do, it’s hard to notice the little things taking shape within the enterprise. At Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration, those little things are taking center stage and making a big impression. Something caught my attention about how companies are approaching two familiar platforms: Web Content Management and Social Media.

Metalogix Takes Over Syntergy's SharePoint Replicator

Metalogix said it will purchase Syntergy and integrate its suite of products, including its popular Replicator web platform, into Metalogix' SharePoint content life cycle management solutions portfolio. Syntergy will continue to operate "independently," keeping its Open Text /LiveLink business but Replicator for SharePoint will become part of Metalogix.

Content Strategy: Pinterest & Storify Turn Content into Commodity

Ah, the Holy Grail of content strategy: content as a commodity. For years, those of us in digital strategy have known that content is both king and a commodity. But it’s been difficult to get others to see our point of view. However, two new interesting social sites make content feel like a commodity by the very nature of the way they present said content.

DAM Lowdown: WebDAM Collaborates With Box, DAM for Sports, Extensis Open API

This week, the DAM Lowdown looks at Extensis Portfolio Server 10.2, ADAM Software's tool for integration with Adobe Creative Suite, digital asset management for the athletics industry and a DAM Conference in New York.

Web Experience: Is There Such a Thing as Content Strategy?

Strategy is defined at a senior management level. Good content can help implement that strategy.

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