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Customer Experience: Why Are Ugly Websites So Successful?

"Techmeme has redesigned," Gabe Rivera founder of the popular technology news site wrote in January 2012. "Drudge Report is now indisputably the web's ugliest news site."

How to Predict Article Popularity Pre-Tweet

A recent HP Labs study examines how to predict the popularity of an article prior to publishing it online or promoting via social media. The researchers were able to estimate ranges of popularity with an overall accuracy of 84% by considering only article content features.

Mobile Content Strategy: Is Less Always More?

The most prominent advice about mobile content is to be concise. The content for web should be short, but the mobile content should be even shorter. While this is certainly true, some take this "shortening" to another level.

Being concise doesn't mean that the content shouldn't make sense and actually become useless.

Web Content: Should Links be Underlined?

The most important thing is that a link is clearly understood to be a link. That way, when you scan the page you can immediately identify the links.

Smart Content Reviewed: Text Analytics & Semantic Content Enrichment

Spurred on by an online debate about the distinction between text analytics and semantic content enrichment, I turn in this article to the pressing question: "What does semantic content enrichment mean?" 

What Screenshots Can't Tell You: How NCR Made NNG's Best Intranets

I took a peek at the article last week reporting on the NNG 10 best intranets of 2012 with some curiosity regarding what would be reported and I found something that was infinitely more interesting to me in the user comments.

DAM Lowdown: Bowling Assets, Video Files, HPC, Clustering, Managing Photos

Product updates, a look at moving digital assets, how Brunswick Bowling and Billiards leverages Widen's DAM solution and how 50 Kaliber Films manages 20,000 video files.

Customer Experience: Why Audience Navigation Usually Doesn't Work

Links cause most problems when they overlap and audience based links are particularly problematic.

With Tynt Acquisition, 33Across Broadens Reach into Publishing

33across.pngCareful when hitting Ctrl-C or Cmd-C. You might just be sending identifiable user data to a server somewhere. Such technologies have their uses in brand marketing, after all, considering the amount of content that users read every day. Social ad targeting company 33Across is now looking to apply the same technology to the publishing world with its acquisition of Tynt.

Content Strategy: Don't Ditch Your FAQ Page

This is my first column of 2012 and I’m going to start the year by being controversial.

The proverbial notion within content strategy is to vehemently protest the existence of a FAQ page on a website. Further, the FAQ page is the first page abolished during a migration and redesign. There’s a certain amount of snobbishness that goes along with this advice: “Do they have a FAQ page?” Sniff, sniff. Roll of the eyes.

The New Google Analytics: Visitor Flow Report

As a follow-up to my previous article, Overview: The 'New' Google Analytics Platform, I'm providing a series of articles that dive into each of the platform's new components in more detail. For this article, I'm going to spend some time going through the Visitor Flow Report, a feature that can help you assess website engagement.

There is No Mobile. There is Only Zuul

What? Zuul? Why is this fool going Ghostbusters on us? What does Zuul the Gatekeeper who, accompanied by Vinz Clortho the Keymaster, is only loyal to Gozer the Destructor, have to do with Mobile? It’s actually quite simple.

Web Content: Tips for Writing Great Links

Start with the link, not the sentence. Often, all you need is a nice clear link. No summary text. The link should be the first thing you think about. You should only add surrounding text if absolutely necessary.

The New Rules of Marketing: Hire a Journalist

In 2007, David Meerman Scott suggested an unconventional angle to online marketers: Hire a journalist. It took about five years, but that shift is finally happening, and in some of the biggest organizations around the world. If you think your marketing strategy might need a good shakeup, read on. 

A Content Strategist's Guide to Making Lists That Don't Suck

Despite my darkest fears, the villagers never came after me with torches and pitchforks last week when my article proclaimed that “top X tips lists are beyond worthless”. The biggest criticism came from what was a completely unexpected source; an oversight on my part in the headline. I boldly proclaimed that “top 10 lists suck”, forgetting to insert the word “tips”.

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