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CXM: Does it Pay to Fool the Customer?

For many years, there has been an unwritten rule in business that while the customer may be king your number one objective should be to turn them into a pauper.

One Customer Experience Strategy, Two Platforms #gartnerpcc

When you write about the state of social business, like we do, it’s hard to notice the little things taking shape within the enterprise. At Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration, those little things are taking center stage and making a big impression. Something caught my attention about how companies are approaching two familiar platforms: Web Content Management and Social Media.

Metalogix Takes Over Syntergy's SharePoint Replicator

Metalogix said it will purchase Syntergy and integrate its suite of products, including its popular Replicator web platform, into Metalogix' SharePoint content life cycle management solutions portfolio. Syntergy will continue to operate "independently," keeping its Open Text /LiveLink business but Replicator for SharePoint will become part of Metalogix.

Content Strategy: Pinterest & Storify Turn Content into Commodity

Ah, the Holy Grail of content strategy: content as a commodity. For years, those of us in digital strategy have known that content is both king and a commodity. But it’s been difficult to get others to see our point of view. However, two new interesting social sites make content feel like a commodity by the very nature of the way they present said content.

DAM Lowdown: WebDAM Collaborates With Box, DAM for Sports, Extensis Open API

This week, the DAM Lowdown looks at Extensis Portfolio Server 10.2, ADAM Software's tool for integration with Adobe Creative Suite, digital asset management for the athletics industry and a DAM Conference in New York.

Web Experience: Is There Such a Thing as Content Strategy?

Strategy is defined at a senior management level. Good content can help implement that strategy.

Facebook App of the Week: ShortStack

Most apps on Facebook are about ongoing commitment; they are driven by a need to maintain attention and bringing back visitors. ShortStack, an increasingly popular Facebook App, takes such factors into consideration, but also places emphasis on getting people there in the first place. A visual enhancement and marketing tool, ShortStack helps you build campaigns and design Facebook pages, assembling just the right colors, images, and catch-phrases to draw in customers and turn them onto your playing field. Let’s take a look.

DAM Lowdown: Hasbro Upgrades Legacy System, Speedier Social Marketing

Hasbro is spending millions to update its legacy DAM system and wrangle assets for more than 1,500 brands. Also this week, Widen rolls out Media Collective 6.0, how to streamline social marketing with DAM and an interview with Createsphere panelist Jason Perr.

Content Strategy: 5 Ways to Use Google+ To Improve SEO

The time has come to embrace Google+ with open arms and while it takes a bit more effort than merely creating a profile to extend your influence, the payoff can be huge. Today, we look at five of the best techniques to boost your Google+ profile and improve SEO. A few smart moves and you’ll go straight to the top.

Agility Cloud CMS Unveils Template Solution for Online Magazines

agility_logo_2011.jpg Agility CMS announces a turn-key online magazine publishing solution.

Customer Experience: Why Are Ugly Websites So Successful?

"Techmeme has redesigned," Gabe Rivera founder of the popular technology news site wrote in January 2012. "Drudge Report is now indisputably the web's ugliest news site."

How to Predict Article Popularity Pre-Tweet

A recent HP Labs study examines how to predict the popularity of an article prior to publishing it online or promoting via social media. The researchers were able to estimate ranges of popularity with an overall accuracy of 84% by considering only article content features.

Mobile Content Strategy: Is Less Always More?

The most prominent advice about mobile content is to be concise. The content for web should be short, but the mobile content should be even shorter. While this is certainly true, some take this "shortening" to another level.

Being concise doesn't mean that the content shouldn't make sense and actually become useless.

Web Content: Should Links be Underlined?

The most important thing is that a link is clearly understood to be a link. That way, when you scan the page you can immediately identify the links.

Smart Content Reviewed: Text Analytics & Semantic Content Enrichment

Spurred on by an online debate about the distinction between text analytics and semantic content enrichment, I turn in this article to the pressing question: "What does semantic content enrichment mean?" 

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