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2012 Will Elevate the Experience in Customer Experience Management [SPONSORED]

Sponsored ArticleIn 2011, we saw the category of Customer Experience Management  (CXM) enter the scene. No longer was the web only about information sharing; we watched it explode to include an intricate set of social connections and mobile apps.

In 2012, we will likely see Customer Experience Management evolve into a deeper and more sophisticated engagement with any user engaging the riveting technology advancements in the online world of social, mobile or web apps.

Social media may have started out as a place for people to connect, converse and collaborate, but for the savvy marketer, it quickly evolved into an untapped treasure trove of potential customers.

For the enterprise, social media offers an even bigger opportunity in 2012 as it makes its way into productivity applications where users will desire the same friendly, accessible interface in their daily tasks. The experience for the savvy business user will look to social media as a common ground.

Why shouldn’t an employee’s training certifications be as easy to identify as their hobbies on Facebook? With advancements in gamification and leaderboards, healthy competition for stickers, badges and awards could find their way into the workplace.

2011 also saw the emergence of "B.Y.O.D" -- IT had to make a decision on which devices they would support. Just as social media is more than a marketing channel (it is becoming a way of life), mobile goes beyond the apps.

Marketers who dipped their toe into the mobile waters in 2011, will continue be able to take advantage of the "always on" customer in 2012. Mobile marketing has an opportunity to expand into value-add apps that prove both productive and engaging for all information seekers – on any screen, anytime, anywhere.

Companies like Emergency Medicine Physicians (EMP) have modified the user experience to provide one-click access to popular content across many different mobile devices. EMP measures the length of time each doctor spends on the site as an increase in productivity. Doctors can tailor their one pane of glass to include their favorite "apps" and the browser and mobile experience are transparent. EMP’s goal was to simplify for empowerment.

If this resonates with you, check out the EMP case study here.

2012 offers a multi-channel experience that engages each user to his or her fullest potential. Success in Customer Experience Management depends on the ability of the organization to place a sophisticated understanding of the customer at the heart of every business interaction.

Stay tuned here as the story evolves.

Customer Experience: The Greatest Period in Human History

The Internet is helping us move towards a more educated, prosperous, healthy and wealthy world.

The New Google Analytics: Using Multi-Channel Funnels

As a follow-up to my article a few weeks ago, Overview: The 'New' Google Analytics Platform, I'm going to provide a series of articles that dive into each one of the new components in more detail. For this article, I'm going to spend some time going through a very cool new feature: Multi-Channel Funnels.

A Look Back at Content Strategy in 2011

My, how content strategy evolved during the past 12 months. In 2010 we spent our time talking about what content strategy was, while in 2011 we spent our time putting content strategy into action and then we kicked the tires and tried to figure out what made it work well, and what makes it fail. While digging through the archives, we uncovered a few common themes for content strategy in 2011.

The New Google Analytics: Navigation & User Experience

As a follow-up to my article a few weeks ago, Overview: The 'New' Google Analytics Platform, I'm going to provide a series of articles that dive into each one of the new components in more detail. For this article, I'm going to spend some time going through the look and overall navigation of the new Google Analytics platform.

Content Strategy: 3 Predictions for 2012

I have been thinking about this column for weeks: what will be the big trends in 2012 in content, content strategy and content marketing? You know what?

My crystal ball is cloudy, my tea leaves are clumped together and my tarot cards are ripped.

I just have no idea. Do you?

Customer Experience: Great Web Brands

SurveyMonkey is a great web brand because it is both very reliable and extremely easy to use.

New Frontiers in Collaborative Experience Management

As the end of the year approaches, people the world over naturally start thinking on the year that has passed and the year ahead. These thoughts typically center on the big changes of the past year and how they might portend to the year ahead. CMSWire is no different, as the theme for December is diving deep on how collaboration, information and customer experience management will change in 2012. As usual for me, I have a little bit of a different take than the rest of the pundits and as I'm not afraid to go out on a limb, I'm gonna tackle all three at once!

Web Customer Experience Management: More Is Not Enough In 2012

2010 was the year that businesses were introduced to the idea of managing web experiences in the sense that they were encouraged to actually do something about it. 2011 has been the year that organizations tried to do that something -- with varying degrees of success.

E2.0: How to Increase Productivity in the Digital Workplace

When an employee is on a salary, managers don't care about their time. They think it is elastic. This is why intranets perform so poorly.

Connecting Content and Data to Achieve Data-Driven Marketing


When you think of your website, do you see design or content? If you see content, chances are you want to get the right content to the right audience at the right time. In order to effectively achieve the holy grail of targeted content, you need to first identify what users want. In other words, you need data.

Customer Experience: The Customer is the Advertiser

The customer is the marketer; that's what social media is for. The customer is the advertiser; that's what Google is for.

Percussion, Elcom Offer Insights, Content Opportunities #gilbane

GilbaneConference.jpgWhile at Gilbane Boston 2011, we've met with vendors to get the inside scoop about their newest projects and greatest insights about the state of web content management. In a world of rapidly increasing data, customers demand more meaningful content, while companies demand better control over how they create, share and manage it all. So what do you do, and how do you manage it all? 

Context, Agile Infrastructures Key to Managing Mashups #gilbane

Context, Agile Infrastructures Key to Managing Mashups #gilbaneYour website is dead. But your content lives in other formats, across other devices. What is currently available is only the beginning -- the world is changing, and as a result the way we interact with information is changing. In the session, Managing New Kinds of Content Mash-ups, Stefan Schinkel of Hippo walked us through the endless possibilities that content engagement afford us.

Overview: The 'New' Google Analytics Platform

If you're currently using Google Analytics to track your website traffic, you may have noticed a New Version tab on the top of the platform. You've probably been intrigued enough to give it a click already, but if you haven't yet, go ahead! This is Google's new interface that has been in beta for the past year. They've officially announced that everyone will be switched over to the new version in January.

With this article, we'll go through a few key components related to the change. Future articles will explore in further depth each of the new features of Google Analytics.

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