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Content Strategy: 3 Ways to Integrate Your Social Media Strategy

The more you integrate your content strategy with other disciplines within digital strategy -- SEO, social media, usability and information architecture -- the more successful it will be.

Customer Experience: You Don't Need a Mobile Strategy

Mobile is a platform. It is a tactic, not a strategy. What you need is a strategy for the connected customer.

3 Reasons Your Mobile Web Content is Failing and What to Do About It

The mobile web holds enormous potential for business success. From the perspective of customer engagement, customer service and increasingly for commerce, its role within a business’s overall online strategy is continuing to grow.

However, despite investing a lot of time and money in mobile web strategy, many organizations aren’t yet reaping the full benefits -- and there are several common reasons why. Here are three of them -- and some suggestions for how you can avoid them.

Customer Experience: Navigating Through Crowds and Experts

We compare in order to make the best decision. To do that we need to consider the opinion of both experts and crowds.

Google to Re-target Content Farms? #PubCon

At the giant search and social media conference Pubcon in Las Vegas, Google’s top Spam cop Matt Cutts said in his talk the company is getting out the knife again.  He reported Google is looking to discern “…what are the things that really matter, how much content is above the fold.”

You may remember the last time Cutts’ team went after low-quality content was with its Panda algorithm, also known as Farmer, that targeted content farms gaining top search hits on “shallow” content.

Customer Experience: The Vital Importance of the First Click

If customers get the first click right they have twice as much of a chance of completing their task than if they get it wrong.

A Different Perspective on Netflix: Your Content Strategy Sucks

There has been a lot of press over the last month or so on Netflix’s pricing and product missteps. Starting with the 60% price increase and the subsequent user revolt,  closely followed by a mea-culpa by Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO, which in the 10th paragraph introduced the world to the Qwikster spinoff that lasted less than 3 weeks before the culmination of which was a full retreat from the product split.

Google Releases Mobile Optimizer for Site Owners

The "mobile web" is a blanket term for the type of web surfing done on mobile devices, whether it be a smartphone or tablet device. A huge issue for the mobile web is lack of content and websites that are optimized for these devices, which have smaller screens and touch interfaces. Some innovative web publishers have launched mobile sites, but Google wants to assist the ones who desire a mobile-enabled website, but lack the resources to build one alone.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Decline of Outbound Marketing

Social media is a powerhouse of change for several areas of customer experience. In regards to marketing,  the social web has provided a less expensive, more communicative alternative that's poised to replace traditional methods -- billboards, TV spots, etc. -- altogether. The following infographic from Voltier Digital highlights how things currently stand.

Customer Experience: Pavlov's Dogs Are Waking Up

There is a growing resistance to traditional marketing techniques. Today's customer is more logical, less emotional.

This Week: Communities Are Key for Customer Experience Strategies

As we wrap up this month's focus on Customer Experience Management (CXM), we leave you with some great insights on bridging the gap between Content, Community and Commerce:

We also took at look at a Customer Experience Maturity Model and 3 Ways Content can help improve the online customer experience.

The final results of our poll: What is your top customer experience priority today? are in and it looks like developing customer and users communities is the primary focus. Check out the full results.

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Mobile Content Strategy: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

If you’re working on a mobile content strategy, then you are probably holding your head in your hands. Maybe you’ve got a target hanging on the wall and are banging your head against it. The changing landscape in mobile leads to frustration for all of us. However anxious you may feel, there are five major pitfalls you need to avoid when creating a mobile strategy.

Give your Multi-Channel Content Insight

Give your Multi-Channel Content Insight  Multi-channel is the new social media. Everywhere you go, it’s multi-channel this and multi-channel that -- and for good reason. It’s not just the website you need to write for. It’s mobile devices, tablet devices, social networks, micro-blogs and more. All of your content must cater to these formats, while delivering a unique and tailored fit for your users. Once you’ve mastered that (you have, haven’t you?), it stands to reason that you’ll need to measure it all and analyze what it means. Think that traditional web analytics will do the trick? Think again.

The Customer Spring: Empowered Customers Rise Up

The customer is not captive anymore. The customer is active. They are in control.

Customer Experience Advice from the Experts: Make Sure Your Site is Working at Top Efficiency

Three C's comprise the backbone of good customer experience management: content, community and commerce. This week we've got expert advice on how to improve them, with a particular focus on content. 

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