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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Decline of Outbound Marketing

Social media is a powerhouse of change for several areas of customer experience. In regards to marketing,  the social web has provided a less expensive, more communicative alternative that's poised to replace traditional methods -- billboards, TV spots, etc. -- altogether. The following infographic from Voltier Digital highlights how things currently stand.

Customer Experience: Pavlov's Dogs Are Waking Up

There is a growing resistance to traditional marketing techniques. Today's customer is more logical, less emotional.

This Week: Communities Are Key for Customer Experience Strategies

As we wrap up this month's focus on Customer Experience Management (CXM), we leave you with some great insights on bridging the gap between Content, Community and Commerce:

We also took at look at a Customer Experience Maturity Model and 3 Ways Content can help improve the online customer experience.

The final results of our poll: What is your top customer experience priority today? are in and it looks like developing customer and users communities is the primary focus. Check out the full results.

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Mobile Content Strategy: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

If you’re working on a mobile content strategy, then you are probably holding your head in your hands. Maybe you’ve got a target hanging on the wall and are banging your head against it. The changing landscape in mobile leads to frustration for all of us. However anxious you may feel, there are five major pitfalls you need to avoid when creating a mobile strategy.

Give your Multi-Channel Content Insight

Give your Multi-Channel Content Insight  Multi-channel is the new social media. Everywhere you go, it’s multi-channel this and multi-channel that -- and for good reason. It’s not just the website you need to write for. It’s mobile devices, tablet devices, social networks, micro-blogs and more. All of your content must cater to these formats, while delivering a unique and tailored fit for your users. Once you’ve mastered that (you have, haven’t you?), it stands to reason that you’ll need to measure it all and analyze what it means. Think that traditional web analytics will do the trick? Think again.

The Customer Spring: Empowered Customers Rise Up

The customer is not captive anymore. The customer is active. They are in control.

Customer Experience Advice from the Experts: Make Sure Your Site is Working at Top Efficiency

Three C's comprise the backbone of good customer experience management: content, community and commerce. This week we've got expert advice on how to improve them, with a particular focus on content. 

Document Management: The Imminent Rise of Voice Content

Microsoft recently completed its $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype. Many have speculated on topics such as continued support for iOS and Android devices, or the potential for Skype integration to boost lagging sales of Microsoft smartphones. I'm wondering something quite different: Will voice content finally grow up and be counted among the other types of documents produced by Microsoft Office and managed by content management systems (CMS)?

WEM: Dodging Common Lead Generation Mistakes

These days, lead generation is more than just producing a list of names. It’s a delicate balance of art and science. With marketers juggling a wide range of responsibilities, who has time for trial and error? Set yourself up for success by avoiding these common lead generation pitfalls.

Inbound Writer's Search Intelligence Solution Gets Plugged into WordPress

InboundWriter_Logo.gifLast week we talked about InboundWriter’s social writing application and its impact on web content. This week, Inbound Writer gets plugged-in. The launch of a new WordPress plugin (made possible by with help from Eightfold Logic, an inbound marketing innovator) enables InboundWriter users to access real-time search intelligence within one of the most popular blogging software platforms.

How To: Conducting a Website Content Audit

To ensure that your website is working at top efficiency, and has content that engages visitors and converts them into paying customers, you’ll often need to conduct a website review. Learn the first step in this process, the website content audit.

Amazon Publishing to Launch Book Line, Cutting Off Publishers, Agents

Amazon Publishing to Launch Book Line, Cutting Off Publishers, AgentsAmazon is adopting a new business model, and it might hurt longtime relationships with publishers in the process. But will this be the future of publishing?

Content: The Fuel for Your E-Commerce Engine

To have a successful e-commerce site, content is critical. This content can take many forms including images, manuals, feature descriptions, recommendations and more. The key to successful commerce and accelerating purchase decisions is to understand the customer decision journey and target content to the user to help them navigate that journey as quickly as possible, with minimal distractions. By focusing on the customer journey, it will be easier to understand and prioritize the content requirements for your, or your partner’s, e-commerce site.

Content Strategy: Data is the New Content

It’s official. "Platform Fever" has past the niche strategy phase and is the new fashion rage. 

Customer Experience: Telling the Truth is Not a Marketing Sin

People are no longer so easily fooled by happy marketing and communication spin.

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