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Web CMS: CrownPeak, Magus Partnership Promises Web Governance in the Cloud

A new partnership between SaaS Web CMS provider CrownPeak (news, site) and Magus (news, site) targets governance-concerned organizations managing their web content in the cloud.

What is Your Digital Worth? Empire Avenue Raises $1M to Tell You

What is Your Digital Worth? Empire Avenue Raises $1M to Tell YouEmpire Avenue (news, site) aims to free us all from what it calls "digital slavery" with a twist on social influence measurement. And while the approach has been seen by many as controversial, a recent injection of over one million big ones indicates it might not be that crazy after all. 

Social Media Marketing 101: Content, Context, Curation

Last week, we helped you define your identity. Today, we seek to give our identity the words it needs to thrive in the marketplace. The way we says things, where we say it and to whom we say it can be the difference between shouting our message blindly from the rooftops or whispering it to an empty room. Ideally, we aim to be somewhere in the middle, talking in our own voice, conversationally to a room full of interested people.

Marketing Professionals Prefer Email for Personalized, Targeted Messages

Targeting is not an alien concept to marketing professionals. But as businesses get more intimate with social media and CRM applications, does this mean that social media marketing is also increasingly becoming personalized? A recent survey among marketing professionals gives us a few insights into how firms target and personalize their marketing messages.

Customer Experience: What We Can Learn From Yahoo

 Yahoo is an extremely popular website, yet its stock has performed really badly. Why? Because it sells stuff (banner ads) people don’t want to buy.

Customer Experience: The Changing Role of Marketing

 Marketing has become everything you do. Everyone in your organization is a marketer.

Google's Page Speed Service Raises Concerns Among Webmasters

Google (news, site) recently unveiled its Page Optimization Service, promising anywhere from 20% to 65% page speed improvement. Currently on a free, limited trial, the service supposedly improves page delivery and loading time by distributing the load across Google servers worldwide. But at what cost?

Poll: 45% Indicate Mobile is Key to Customer Experience Strategy #CXM

This month we polled you, our dear readers, on the importance of mobile in your Customer Experience Management strategy. The results are in and what we see is that mobile is rapidly taking a seat right next to your normal websites, and will likely soon move out in front.

Faster is Better With Google's Page Speed Service, Currently on Free Trial

Website loading speed is often a big issue with web publishers. Performance is dependent on a lot of factors -- traffic, server load, compression, size of the content and the like. Google (news, site) wants to help webmasters take the load off their minds (and wallets) with an optimization service called Page Speed Service.

How to Harvest a Strategic Enterprise Content Strategy

How to Harvest a Strategic Enterprise Content StrategyPreviously we’ve addressed how to merge content strategy and enterprise content management. It’s no secret that, as more platforms emerge from which to engage customers, vendors and employees, the more challenging that creating and managing content becomes. But it’s not just content; it’s sentiment and feedback that is also crucial to the process. Enterprise content strategy will always be about the content, but for it to be successful, there must be elements of analysis and reporting, as well.

Content Strategy: Building the Perfect Content Inventory Tool

The content inventory is a vital piece of the content strategy puzzle. If you could have the perfect tool for creating a content inventory, what functionality would it feature?

Content Strategy: 5 Tips on Working with an Information Architect

As content strategy continues to emerge as an important UX discipline, alongside usability, interaction design, visual design and information architecture, content strategists will work with other UX professionals, closely and under scrutiny. What makes this challenging is that for many UX professionals, content strategy is still murky. While working with a content strategist for the first time, many UXers may not truly understand your role.

Here are five tips for maximizing your professional working relationship with an information architect (IA).

Web Engagement Management: What You Know, Who You Know, & Who You Don't Know

Marketing in today’s economy with today’s tools requires a shift from the traditional. It is becoming more and more obsolete to think you can identify your desired “target market” and exclusively deliver content, messaging and communications to them. Most companies’ brand identity and messaging have become more decentralized as social networking continues to evolve in a sprawling viral manner. Marketers need to control what they can, and monitor, manage and address what they cannot.

Master Your Content Using the Content Management Lifecycle

Get a good grip on your content management process by following the content management lifecycle.

Customer Experience: Measure Negative Behavior, Not Just Positive Behavior

The Web is not just another medium, another channel. More than anything it is another culture, another way of living and thinking.

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