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Create Interactive HTML5-Based Content with Easy WebContent Presenter

Cloud-based software company, Easy WebContent has released Easy WebContent Presenter to help both small and large organizations create more interactive web content.

Web Experience: The Functional Heart of Web Design

The fact that GOV.UK has won a top design award shows that the benefits of functional web design are finally being recognized. 

Content Marketing Report: Marketers Push Forward on Engagement

In 2013, content marketers are putting more content in more places as their budgets increase, a Content Marketing Institute report found, and the companies who follow this pattern are following the best practices in the industry.

Forrester Report: How to Create Thought Leadership to Help Your Brand

A new report from Forrester Research gives advice on how to develop thought leadership to help your brand. 

Content Strategy: Understanding Social Top Tasks

Why do customers follow Cisco on Facebook, Twitter and community forums? That’s the question Cisco wanted to answer in order to better tailor the content they provide on these platforms. To answer this question, Cisco came to Customer Carewords to leverage our Top Tasks methodology. 

Reply & Elaborate Your Content Strategy With Relaborate


Are you a social media manager looking for ideas for topics you can post about online? Are you a content manager who is trying to simplify the process of creating, updating and publishing blog posts, while incorporating edits from contributors? Then look no further than Relaborate, a new content creation platform.

Content Strategy: Content Empty Versus Content Full

Content full brands are those on which customers need more detail. Whereas with content empty brands, the less customers know the better.

Building Smarter Mobile Apps to Fuel User Engagement

We are in the midst of a mobile revolution. Consumers are becoming savvier with their mobile devices and are expecting more from their digital experience. Traditional desktop activities -- such as entertainment, shopping or banking -- are now being experienced on tablets and smartphones.

3 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Results

Sure you’re smart. You’re part of the 91% of B2B marketers that do content marketing, right? You understand that content is a must for engaging buyers before they’re ready to buy, and building brand trust for when your sales team starts reaching out to them. And chances are good you've been doing content marketing for a while now -- so to quote Dr. Phil: “How’s that working out for you?”

Content Strategy: Anyone Can Add, It Takes a Professional to Take Away

Humans and technology are much better at adding than removing. That needs to change. Debuts with Pay Per Use Content Delivery, Takes on Amazon CloudFront

Websites needing to speed up dynamic content delivery now have another usage based content delivery network from a company called (and it's patterned a bit after Amazon CloudFront).

What Works in Social Media Marketing?

Curious as to why companies are using social media and just how effective are their strategies? We were too. The results of a recent study by Ascend2 called "Marketing Strategy Report: Social Media -- What works in social media marketing and how to make it work for you" indicate that companies are getting more strategic about their social media marketing efforts while embracing elements of content strategy.

Content Strategy: The Problem With Trying to Get Attention

Customers today have less and less attention to give. On the Web, they’re doing research, trying to complete tasks. They don’t like being disrupted.

LinkSmart Drives Engagement, Improves Website Linking Strategies

logo_linksmart_sml_lgt_blue1.pngWe put a lot of stock in linking. Inbound marketing practically thrives on linking. Linking helps SEO, our credibility as authors and gives people additional context as they read. But when was the last time you checked on whether or not those links performed well? Are people clicking on them? Are they even the right links? Enter LinkSmart and its total link management solution.

What the Right Brain Brings to Content Marketing

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” -- George Bernard Shaw.

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